Analysis and Perspective On Matt Lauer Firing - Mike Igoe


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Stunning news from NBC this morning long time today host all metal our. Fired for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Mike I go is joining us former TV reporter for channel to the NBC affiliate in buffalo now communications professor at SUNY for don't yet. Mike what was your reaction when you heard this. I think that they can certainly solutions how quickly NBC reacted if you read the statement and NBC president. Detailed statement they got. Was Monday evening news on Wednesday. And that clearly changed the whole tone compared to what's happened in the past when you think are Weinstein into the world and certainly Bill O'Reilly what it's obviously it seems that the you're talent in Portland comes and sexual harassment and sexual discrimination in the form of sexual misbehavior. It did does that surprise you at all when you think of bill Riley Roger Ailes or some of these instances even really Charlie Rose that kind of took a Dade to unfold. A with Matt Lauer how big of a name he was and still is that this was. Don so quickly is that surprising. Well but that it need to consider what's gone on an engineer Harvey Weinstein can't control of Bill O'Reilly to choke again in deeper deeper deeper in ordinary people like O Reilly and whatnot we're protected because they're great revenue generators for the networks but now the network to see you know boy oh boy this thing gets out of hand we start losing advertise and whatnot. And the economic losses much higher so obviously zero talent so important and that's going to be turned. Is this a new silica a seismic shift here that were kind of witnessing right now cultural moment for the country. Oh for sure you know sexual harassment ethnic sexual harassment laws have been on the book straight years of the state of total of course many companies have no policies but you know it used to be seen that the victims. We're coming in and now that old trend is changing the direction that people are taken seriously it's become more of a pirated goods from companies all across the United States and hopefully around the world as well. Do you think there's a reason we're seeing this in the news media I guess as often as we're seeing it in. Why Hollywood and in Washington. Well I think people who work in the news media this year more high profile would certainly have a lot more re actually different types of people and also I think it's easier creative person for information out there faster. Press and the climate is so media nowadays. Everybody wants information so quickly and people should also have to stop them on the trail beacons. Now is a former TV guy Mike had to be a scramble for the network this morning as they were going on the air with this can you imagine. Yeah especially you know you know Savannah Guthrie apparently was you know pretty much held here is now local machine shaken up but just when you get a music that somewhere with three years. Regardless of what happens when the bees sexual behavior in our serious illness and had to shock. And kind of a mixed feelings because on the one hand your duties in this person to report the news of another and you feel betrayed on the French equivalent inserts it. Ever typical put on your professionals say and do it that difficult situation god bless them and I respect. The do you see do you think we'll see Matt our again or will we just have to wait for the details of this complaint to come around Sinn yeah -- us understand more. You know Brian Williams the anchor. Was discredited for low lying about in the Iraqi war coverage you know they kind of pooh poohed that incredible that's aggressive but still serious matter. And they kept put a whopper loud and they put him back and Mitsubishi I don't think you can see anymore Biden had it. Wow and and tonight I mean of all days for this to happen tonight is that big NBC Rockefeller Center Christmas light Matt Lauer was like. Missed the central hosts a bad thing for years. I noticed that many of the media coverage has been hit a great point there is certain irony that this happened and they have you know Rockefeller Center tree lighting. Pretty interest. Current Mike I go joining us so former reporter over channel two of course the NBC affiliate here Matt Lauer fine here by NBC this morning has hosted The Today Show. After a quote detailed complaint. Came forward from a coworker and NBC in a statement saying that they believe. Even though there's only one complaints that there may be more instances of this happening. I traffic now this morning Ellen just texted the south there's an accident on the two and ninety west beyond main street. In the right lane hey now's your chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate.