Analysis of 142nd Assembly Race; Kathy Hochul - Carl Calabrese


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Political strategist Karl calabrese joins us now on the line Carol thanks so much for joining us so want to start by giving your take on this special election. Taking place from Western New York tomorrow for an assembly seat that is just gonna go back on the ballot in November. While I have a special election when it's just gonna be back on the ballot in a few months. Well it well I'll be back on the ballot and that this is a short period of time however. And these communities that have not had an assembly member during this kind of hit two at this scurry around to. Figure out how to get bills passed without. And assembly members and they got good job in Nigeria reaching the system with using other assembly members to keep built in progress. All. Remember in Albany although the budget is obviously important. Huge numbers of bills get passed in the last week of the session so whoever is elected and steps in the bad seat all will probably be able to. To take those build that other members have been. But moving through this committee system and pick them up and have a good chance of getting them passed and that last week when literally hundreds and hundreds of those circuits so. The community that has got an assembly and over a billion anxious to get. Carol any idea how much a special election. Ends up costing. This is that really depends every races different. Every campaign is different in terms of how the candidates decide to spend their money. We have not seen. I don't believe any TV advertising in this race and for some radio advertising I hate. Both candidates have probably. Spent some money on mailings but he's racist primaries or are funny creatures okay. If it's all about turnout in the in the very trying to be your own people are thinking about getting out. And so my only tend to be spent on grassroots efforts to black cheaper than television and radio and so candidates are wise to spend their time in the morning. Figured out how to identify the voters motivate their voters with a right issues and then get those voters out. It's kind of it is not used to vote so that's the key to winning armored those three items. If these two candidates have for this assembly seats at that suffer special election tomorrow art to run again both of them. In November is there were I guess on. A little bit of an advantage in having run for the seat before whether it's say in name recognition or something like that. Our reason why they would spend the money now instead of saving it off for November. We shouldn't mention one item that whoever name recognition who also are being calm and in terms of odds. Incumbents tend to get reelected. 100% but you certainly have an advantage being in combat and again you'll look at that trying to get some bills passed in Albany late in the session. That they can take credit for and use going into the November election so. Certainly an advantage to win the seat now in loan as an incumbent with maybe a couple of bills to your your credit come November. Carl wanna switch up things in and asked about Kathy local who seem to be thrown under the bus last week by Governor Cuomo when he said that. She'd be a better candidate for congress to run against Chris Collins than Nate McMurray. Now in the time since that we've been hearing about this which is really over a week now Kathy local hasn't said anything what is at silence city you. Well I don't believe shoes thrown under the bus Susan. The governor stated a political back at the US. A hundred Republicans under Democrats who would be the strongest candidate for and against the congressman Eric Collins. 95. Get the vocal that that's just a political fact that not to disparage any other candidate but get the local Wednesday. And very very skilled. Politicians both at the retail level. Grassroots door to door meeting people and at the strategic level so there's no question that you're gonna beat an incumbent congressman. You've got to hit your best a list. In get these days. She actually is quote if you liked by the eight closely OK so I'll remember. Nobody I ever heard anybody bring that into this into the governor's remarks. There may be some personal. Expect to be government to market with a look at politically wherever the relationship between the governor and violence. Is pretty dead adequate day some people would describe it the blood feud. The two of them criticize each other often has quickly goes in the personal effects. I think the only thing that would make the government. Happy election night then winning a third term as governor would be here that. I think Collins got defeated. If he could do that would yet be vocal. Be pretty epic governor in November so it is built on that dismissed that aspect of this. Does all of this talk put the local Democratic Party in a tough spot they have the candidate they've been backing but you know over here is. On wall that we keep Kathy hope called her run that might be better we get to abandon our guy that's got to be tough spots ambient. Oh I read the article before I finished that I accept this is gonna have this that I would kick up some thought of a local level and churn up with bit. I'll be the candidate that is that corporate. Are going to endorse I can take kindly to that he he hit back to the governor and in fact he. You support to criticize governor. That Cynthia Nixon the government probably report has been using don't think that didn't go unnoticed by the governor. What what about can't they do you think because she really hasn't sent anything she is she considering possibly. What I'm hearing is she hit considered it and said no and passed on. And told a party to go in their original direction with their change of course to quit politics but as of now she has decided she would like to stay on the ticket. Again there's definitely a lot of considerations to go on here and there may still be going on but as of today. She's the one particular the government. Carol we appreciate the insight it's Carl calabrese political strategists talking about. While Kathy local what's going on in neck congressional race and also the special elections tomorrow. Where the winner will have a seat for a few months.