Amidst the Fury of Hurricane Florence - Jim Ryan


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Let's go live to Wilmington, North Carolina this morning. Correspondent Jim Ryan is there Jim what's it like. Ice together there wins have been howling here for the last several hours bringing them with them heavy rain. That's flooding has been so much an issue here in Wilmington that in uber up to the northeast of accurate had the flood. Conditions there is extreme sport hearing about it some 150 calls to the police there. At for help from people who have been trapped but I water. At worlds who's seeing some wind damage record Wilmington in a lot of trees were knocked over the worst and he's yet to come though. The storm has not yet made landfall but the eye wall has crossed the landfill won't be much longer before we actually have levels. Yes a land fall coming but that's not to say that harsh weather is an already dare I mean how much worse said the expecting to get were already hearing about. A power outages in kind of people stranded on roofs things like that. The exact well as soon as this the land fall comes and the weakening again that's go to signaled that things will start to improve at least. In the short term noted that water will continue to rise up there at the rivers and they and the flood stages. Will will you know come later today but. You know we will be looking at least at weakening wins that's a good sign that the storm will finally be passed. Jim where are you riding out the storm. I want topical parking Roger downtown Wilmington and it looked like it looked around the all over the city. So all the lights in most of the places where am looking are still on. Where you Mara is their a lot of activity are there people still lies in whether it's houses things like that. Not many I'd seen there is an apartment building down the street Orion. I know that I've seen people out of balconies earlier tonight at least that's the storms there poignant but today they are there are still a few people round up any. Again that I think most of the evacuees. In the outlying areas if they haven't come to pirate site I write Els. Your account has decided to pack and go farther inland ferry. And at worst is yet to come including the storm surged more flooding right. Absolutely right you know. I've seen some green flashes on the horizon is as transformers blow up but the other is still the storm surge to come. High tide will come later today and that's signaled potential for more flooding to. And there waiting for me to that storm to kind of hover around the area the Carolinas. Are you gonna be hunkered down that same spot are you being told. Don't try and move around town to town. Well I've been told it yet but I suspected. Once the sun comes up and people feel if this roads are blocked I'd suspect it will be if my team down. Trees here in the stadium that rode him to other communities be blocked by debris as well art that's Jim Ryan stays safe Jim. He's joining us life from Wilmington,. North Carolina.