Amherst Bear Shooting - DEC Response From Ryan Rockefeller


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We're talking about the death of the Amherst Bair has been wandering around not just Amherst but the north towns for the past couple of weeks. Ryan Rockefeller is joining us live with the State Department of Environmental Conservation the DEC. Brian what is the DEC's reaction to the decision by Amherst police to shoot and kill the bear. Well ill with bird like flew. Who gather you know. We can confirm that the yearling male that was served on the 990 ending when he is this is likely the same bear that has dispatched. By the Amherst police department on Monday July 9. And you know we we incur much confirm that because to report sir that the beard that was dispatched you know have an injury to his right front leg. The. You know police department has. Has a responsibility to ensure public safety in the pervert within their jurisdiction to dispatched. It'll slow late that they deem is. Threat to public safety and though you know live they have that right and they need to make that decision and you know we oh lead that would denounce. I direct them to do so and then they don't need our direction to do so armed it's obviously unfortunate. The current but. You know they're sometimes it is not. A better way at a situation and that's what the members police department decided. For everything you've seen and there heard about the Spiro of the last few weeks do you think it was public safety issue that it was a cause for concern. You know I'm not I'm not really loans decided that today I wouldn't. There on the ground. They evening. The reports are that there were many. People outside. Neighborhood kids whose late evening. And the bear is coming in very close proximity to many different residences. And it was a new or location where. Let me be some of the residents were not even aware that there is to bear. They are around so I really can't can't say to them I was not there. I've heard this over and over it. Could the air have been tranquilize. And some medical attention and given to its leg. To to the second question first that it's very difficult to rehab adults. Allow black bears palisades and possible and I'm not a veterinarian. And obviously would have had to be looked at by a veterinarian to decide whether or not. It even had a chance being rehab but I mean bear wild animals especially adult bears. You know or herb gears that are approaching adulthood you know this was not a cub. Is very difficult third degree have they haven't and the captains type situation. They're very resilient and it's possible of this. They're could've I mean that's so and it may have completely. Recovered from a group is injury hit me in May not have either. There's Ben many bears observed in the wild. And have made it around for many years three land. And took the first question. Move them all played lovely so is a risky. Endeavor. Do both humans involved in the any animal you know roughly anesthesia so. With humans and there you'll see in many tests then we know what folks that are allergic to and then what types of medications and was loudly if we really do not. So there's always a large Driscoll are mobilizing animals. And top of their free ranging animals. Such as as there just out of the landscape. Can. Can move cover a lot of ground between the time that it would be. Start to live in a little mobilizing drugs into the time I would lose consciousness and you know I would I would be afraid and scared and and can literally take off on let Beilein runs than anything essentially whether that would be a person or throw it it's gonna. Partly built through so. During free ranging wildlife in the suburban area like especially a large. Mammals such as a black bear. Would be very there's undesirable. But boy you believe that the bear could've survived its even with the injury and that's something I've heard from a lot of people over the last 24 hours that you know we're talking about a wild animal here you know they're built to survive. Sure they while rises amazingly. Resilient and that I've seen many different species of always. You know. Become injured in twenty different ways and you can tell that they they overcame those injuries because. But no injuries were healed and though they were there are still just surviving and in doing quite well even in very good body condition and in black bears are on the top of that list as far as being. Survivors so I would not be surprised at all that the bare bones. Able to recover from the injuries. Do you consider. What happened with the Vienna with despair the shooting of the bear is that considered euthanasia. You know lay. It is and then moved it in me happy again I'm not I was there's so. The I guess these videos of the Bay Area and immediate head. General softened to a even worst condition when the injury. It's in the united then. Moving as well as they had been before and it says it again itself into a more dangerous area where became more about a threat to the Republican. Much less able to move around because of the injuries then then yes and it really necessity. Our Ryan we appreciate the time it's a Ryan Rockefeller wildlife biologist with the state DEC joining us talking about the Amherst bear that's been traveling around the north towns. Over the last the three year weeks or so. Shot and killed by Amherst police yesterday Rockefeller says he believes the bear could've survived just fine with his injury Amherst police say. They believe it was a public safety issue.