Amherst Bear 930in716 July 11, 2018

Wednesday, July 11th

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It's 930. In 716. When the terror. Moved itself to a position of the officers offices to euthanize it safely they did so then die earned a year. You know police department has. Has a responsibility to ensure public safety in a pervert within their jurisdiction to dispatched. It'll saw late that they deem is. Threat to public safety. Your first police are not what we qualified recourse while. I'm Tim linger on 930 in 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. That a vase of black bear that was meandering about the north towns over the past several weeks. Has certainly captured the hearts and attention of many western New Yorkers we haven't seen this story with this much reaction. Well in quite some time. And after the Amherst police department announced Tuesday they euthanize the pair by shooting it late Monday. While the reaction has been fast furious and indeed mix. Unfortunately practically weak field affair was struck by vehicle and that. The very suffered an injury to his way. Amber's police captain James MacNamara tells WB and what happened in inhibited appears to have visited the bears' ability to move. In the normal path that it would on the ninth of July we are called again. To be. Client Hopkins area. But the fairways observed several times. Once again we observed it it was moving freely allowed access to continue to move on which noted that it was injured and it appeared that it's normal routine. Its ability to get out of town get out of the public area highly dense it's obvious touch me there was inhibited on the ninth. 8:30 PM. The there was observed in the area Renaissance in Covent Garden. We're protected by several citizens. We arrived and observed that there it was in how several yards over many people they are pretty join the race whether. Doing their properties. About. Yeah officer at that time observed it. It appeared in movies. It is out of several yards. It was hindered its movement was senior began it was the same very that it previously and observed in your body more vehicle accident. And the officers at that time believe that there was a danger to the public concern about public. When there. Moved itself to a position the officers offices to euthanize it safely agents you'd know. How exactly how that injury man. Now the point. Where they decided. He'd taken down. And Adair had did not have the use of one of its way it was. Operating entryway was dragging. The way. We think it's clear that it did that we didn't euthanize the bear due to its injury as a humane effort. It appeared the bears' injury was preventing it from you know the coveted mirror that natural ground that would cover. And get out of a populated area. If I'm understanding you correctly because it only at Houston freeway could not leave airy and it it really wanted to buy it. And there's. We can confirm that the yearling male that was served on the 990 ending when he is as the likely the same bear that was dispatched. By the Amherst police department on Monday July 9. In you know we we can pretty much confirm that because the reports are that the beard that was dispatched you know have an injury to his right front leg. We wanted to get the perspective from the new York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Susan rose and Brian men's around ski spoke with. Wildlife biologist Ryan Rockefeller. You know police department has. Has a responsibility to ensure public safety in the pervert within their jurisdiction to dispatched. It'll slow late set they deem is. Threat to public safety and though you know live they have that right and they need to make that decision and you know we now lead that would denounce. I direct them to do so and then they don't need our direction to do so armed that I was there unfortunate. The current but you know they're sometimes it is not. A better way out of situation and that's what the members please permit decided. For everything you've seen and there heard about this Spiro of the last few weeks do you think it was public safety issue that it was a cause for concern. You know I'm not I'm not really wants to decide that today. I wouldn't. There on the ground. That evening. There reports are that there were many. People outside. Neighborhood kids who delays he's being. And there is coming in very close proximity to many different residences. And other than the new or location where. Well maybe some of the residents weren't even aware that there isn't fair. They are around I really can't can't say to that I was not there. I've heard this over and over it. Could the air have been tranquilized. And some medical attention and given to its leg. To to the second question purses it's very difficult to rehab adults. Allow black bears palisades and possible in another a veterinarian. It obviously would have had to be looked at by a veterinarian to decide whether or not. Eighties and the chances of being rehab but I mean there are wild animals especially adult bears. In horror Beers that are approaching adulthood you know this was a cub. Is very difficult third to rehab eleven and kept it tight situation they are very resilient and it's possible of the they're could've mean so and it may have completely. Recovered from a group is injury hit me in May not have that are there is and many bears observed in the wild. As have made it around for many years and and three land. And took a first question. Move and Lavoy as loudly so is a risky. And better. Two bowl humans involved in the any animal. Anesthesia so. Which humans are there because in many tests that we know what folks that are allergic to and look at some medications and was loudly if we really do. So there's always a large risk over and mobilizing animals. And top of their free ranging animals. Such as a spare just now landscape. Can. Can move cover a lot of ground between the time that they would via. Start it was you know that a mobilizing drugs into the Tenet would lose consciousness and you know I would I would be afraid and scared and. And can literally take off on Beilein runs and anything that's essentially whether that would be a person or road it's in the. Possibly go through so. During free rein in violation of suburban area like to have such a large. Mammals such as a black bear. Would be very undesirable. But boy you believe that the bear could've survived its even with the injury and that's something I've heard from a lot of people over the last 24 hours that you know we're talking about a wild animal here you know they're built to survive. Sure the well life is amazingly. Resilient and I've seen. Many different species of always. You know. Become injured in and where to be different ways. You can tell that they. They overcame those injuries because of injuries were healed and they are they are still just surviving in and doing quite well even in very good body condition and. And black bears are on the top of that list is first being survivors so I would not be surprised at all that if the bare bones. Able to recover from the injuries. Do you consider. What happened with the the end with a spare the shooting of the bear is that considered euthanasia. You know lay. It is and then moved in mean happy again I'm not I would taxpayers so. The I guess he videos of the Bay Area that may be and got himself into even. Worse condition with a injury. And in the united then. Moving as well as they had been before and it says it again itself into a more dangerous area where became more about a threat to the Republican. Much less able to move around because of the injuries that and then yes. Really connect. You know it's it's always disappointing where and shall we like this happens and the public at large due to absolute ignorance. Just below saw a group of us about 78 years ago what happened Hammerschmidt apparel rocket at the argue an artist. Rich Davenport with the New York State conservation council he was listening with interest to Tom Bauerle showed Tuesday. Called in to offer some much needed perspective and expertise. There was a public meeting that was held in response to the better be destroyed acting against 2010 also alarms or dollar. It was held territory at all Maria sweet old row we have a whopping four people or that or not registered to people despite all the outrage. The big game biologist region are what they're doing a presentation I'm living with there. Check the current Auburn is now retired yet to pick a disability retirement but. He was a nurse specialist Richie the last. Aaron that there was a trauma they immerse or woman or so one armor conservation committee that asked why shouldn't the amber police camp trick or church. And it was then tko and explained. That the training you have to go through in order to get certified the costs are too much for the police. The police are not experts in estimating the size of appear arm in the field. So you're gonna have missed on this dosage we also got to realize that these animals they're pretty protected in species. What are there whether dear what Turkey doesn't turn out only state laws or regulations that government. What you can and can't do with music. There's federal laws well that or its top shall. If I can tell you straight up. That can Spiro. Absolutely did not McKee EC it's natural. And I can tell you straight off. That your first police are not what used to all aren't recourse while. Well that that I believe. About the DEC. A people in the DEC. How many I mean is there like one guy in the whole state who's gone through the proper courses in trading. You know every every big game biologist for each and classical training at all. As well as wild like technicians. In the process to check the stop all even careful consideration the well worn. They need to be very very competent or location of a bear market take too much turn aren't. Number to the big game biologist and we all fight while like technicians bulky that the Allegheny office to check out. The medication. People kept Syron are they Alter the document people have to tell exactly what the dosages. And there's a time limit or two bogeys on the stopwatch it's out of the refrigerator. It's starting to future so the longer retreat to find the pair. Little less likely to sort dosage is going to be effective. They also have to rely on a lot of different reports now which won't rare typically stuck or can be over two years old. I'll know what clubs to their proper cheaters and checked out there aren't. Sort of released a literature that we are certain weeks and will report to pick up that it was small rehearsal he knew what proper dosage would back. But there was no way to get there are once they get their before they discharge. Effective medication they have to go through that verification process again. What reaction we got our bill okay epic yet tractor polls are very good. Now they got to make sure that they get the air and to get to get a good spot because we don't have like 23 dart just increased in there so I get pretty close. And he also being what you Rochester it prepares open tree remember the report trampoline belt church actually it's triple post do you keep your order several. You can weigh in on the bears Saigon the WB EN FaceBook page it's a busy place packed tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.