AMC Movie Theater Marks Downtown Progress - Mayor Byron Brown


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It's showtime for Buffalo's AMC movie theater at the market arcade downtown buffalo mayor Byron brown is joining us live. Mayor it's been four years since the last theater closed how big a void was it not to have this. For instance and brought Bryant are looser look toward their former ministry or so or over the last years. You aren't any of cedar downtown are all unfortunate to partner with the benchmark group. And AMC theaters are blue murder company in the world to bring aid state of the art movie theater fact downtown Ottawa. You know it's been a long time since this AMC theater was first denounce and people have been getting hungry for it you've been inside is it worth the wait. It is absolutely worked Kuwait clutched power meter record in seats. Online ticketing our chicken lawful say larger it's flat bread pizzas. You know all of the other kinds of foods which you can find in movie theaters. Our Coca-Cola freestyle machine with more than 120. Trade options. Are this is definitely stated we are in it it's definitely worth the wait it will be a great movie experience. Wow wow all that people will wanna leave you know. That we also hear mayor that that didn't go ahead. That they will definitely wanna hang out with this period. Yeah but now. They've applied for liquor license are you in favor of that. I am in favor back you know that's another part of the experience. Use. You know stated we are 21 century. On the end so I think that process is moving forward and I accuse order. Now looking that's what this does today area around main street on used to if I go down there at nights. Around mainstream may be too Mohawk gore. Big ditch or one of the places in that area. Typically you can go there find a parking spot on main street along where the metro runs without too much of an issue on a weekday night. This might change that with how many more people will be act that theater where are you hoping people park. Well this is our. You mentioned Bernard takes six to 600 and that the seat theater. So it will bring them or are more people in downtown buffalo it's open seven days a week. Cooler are there additional all options should people. Our absolute they can park cities all sport or ramp up parking ramp. Which is at pearl street or less shipped or are they can also park in the and then he bank. Lot. It is six surface parking lot. Or actually. She's cute age auctions archery down and Seoul are 41 street parking options in the evenings. All throughout found room for. Our rate mayor what would you wanna see and others eight movies that are opening later today Mission Impossible or. May be sent out a good choice for an elected leader. Well are our most important Mission Impossible also. Equalizer to a great movies sure it sure eight screen theater. And something that people lie and actually or short their retreat. Hey can't say I have -- without asking you about Chris Collins Sedin and my 27 now buffalo is not in that district but. You play a big role in the Democratic Party as said the state. Democratic Party chair was wondering if you have any role in the effort to keep Chris Collins on the ballot. This morning there are many people that believe. I'd bet coached her own name should not be removed from the crowd. Art spurt there are a number of entities that are going to challenge yeah. I'll let you colonel. The Democratic Party has an excellent candidate in lake Murray. When are we. Well. Do you yourself have any role in that effort. It shouldn't let I could have some or. It created each state or eat too. Concurrent storm that could change. But it is my understanding the number of education and entities are looking at content staying are a couple of congressmen can't who's going to be removed from the bureau. And earlier this week you announced along with Brian Higgins so my new development happening at the north on block Rick I can now said there it's been one of those areas work. You go down the canal side and look around everything so nice and then. They look at the north are block and it's kind of this antique construction zone. That nothing's been going on that's expected to change when do you expect it to look a little nicer on that particular block. Are yeah that's all gonna change and congressman Higgins and and Senator Kennedy assemblyman Rory and were able to make announcement were Governor Cuomo when he or million dollars. Additionally. Being spent our waterfront and downtown buffalo. Are indifferent waterfront venues across the city and region. Our I expect in our in nineteen. Are there that will change. For more on the block it's going to be an investment of about ten million dollars. That you really screwed up that that area are in and add to our momentum that we're leaving at canal side. I was downtown arm out waterfront so it's very exciting announcement. And it shows that the investment from the state you endorsements from the private sector are you moving forward buffalo went up to reach. Title be great to see some action on that hit. And out of the bids go out this fall mayor thank you we appreciate the time that's buffalo mayor Byron brown.