Amazon Has Designs On Arizona - Daria Albinger


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Emma son bringing some new jobs to Arizona and they're also bringing some new benefits to those who shop at whole food let's bring in correspondent Gary halting your. This morning at Jerry we have Paul foods here in western new York and there are some good news for those shoppers right. Absolutely not played but by the end of this summer you're going to be able to use that prime membership. To get them craters and anything that when you shop at whole that it. Now what will that look like because I think a lot of people here were excited we get our first whole foods in Western New York just I mean a couple months after Amazon purchased whole foods. So are people gonna start to see some deals and maybe knock it that. Hope paycheck experience. You're not that that's one thing that whole foods has been trying to roll back that image and Amazon's bottom a year ago the weight and it's going to work. Is that if you are prime member. Of Amazon you'll get an extra 10% off the sale prices. And you'll all get them special deal on certain items. That will only be eligible. Can prime members and the way that you're going to do it is he'll show in the near app. Children the end of the Q cut that Vicki caught on here ask if you have the Amazon app or you'll give them your phone number like cute how when you use your frequent shopper card. That a lot of places and they to could go to court to protect a number and you'll be able to do the same thing I think Derrick and you'll get there is still. Hey sounds pretty cool. Yeah it's up to thank you remember right now it's only restored in Florida. But uncommitted gonna roll it out to all the whole foods stores by the end of the summer. I will be watching for that to you and how they continued their ads fulfillment centers around the country the latest one is an Arizona. Yet it is that the big what kids going to employee 7000. Plus employees into not out with more than that. I think that they can get back there and the dunhill police more than 7000 people in Arizona. On the whole Arizona benefiting. Greatly from Amazon this new facility is going to employ more than 15100. People on the Internet YouTube you're. What kind of several put. Open up aren't you also considering more. You are but one thing they're not considering ironically. In Arizona I have decided the second headquarters. Yeah have they narrowed that down I know Amazon's visited all those sites. They visited the 29 and from what I understand one site one city and I did immediately gave me I apologize. I'll have picketed health vocalists and I and I like it I'm Natalie you know in the next. In a few seconds and I don't remember which one it is but they have been traveling to the sites. And they did their winnowing balanced a little bit. They're not they wanted to get to happen or which one is going to be able to lead if you look at the odd you've got three ranked in the Washington DC area tell them what kind of come. And our whoa we're all interested in finding out where that second headquarters will be located Gerri thanks that's. Correspondent area all playing her.