All things Superbowl and Olympics 930in716 February 5, 2018

Monday, February 5th

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It's 930. In 716. I'll look back it all things Super Bowl I'm so happy for our fans on his system it's been. Something that I live every single day and you know more about the team I just all I wanted was to bring the championship. To the most deserving fans and sports. The celebrations. Again it was really awesome this is Christmas right now of course the commercials or. War remember this. But yeah. It's time to end. It's time that. What makes a good idea and those things looked at those clean clothes were also just been informed. But I think what was great about tight is that it was really one cookie says. Story one cohesive narrative that ran through all of their appearances they're on their spots and a look ahead at the next big event. The Olympic. It's okay. It's probably my last Olympics so I'll get a soak up every second that I haven't. Really enjoy it. I'm Jim winder on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Well we all know the Eagles won and in dramatic fashion and the celebrations were quick to unfold. As captured here by KYW. News radio in Philly. Yeah a long time coming. Well. Eagles fans are certainly flying high their team coming home with the Vince Lombardi Trophy emblematic of Super Bowl bragging rights the birds beat the patriots 4133. In a nail biter finished and in the locker room the team was certainly buzzing hey what do news that bank and spoke with the team's owner about his big moment. For the first time member of the Eagles are Super Bowl champions and owner Jeffrey Loria said he's happy for the fans who waited so long. I'm so happy for our fans and is just such spin. Something that I live every single day and you know more about the team I just all I wanted was to bring a championship. To the most deserving fans and sports. Lower once again have high praise for his team's character and resiliency. This season which the team lost several key players on its way to the championship it's impressive weapon carrying and trust me. And camaraderie. And high energy. And focus and discipline can do that question first overall title which lord called an obsession has finally come to an end we've poured in Minneapolis Imad buying ten K a YW news radio. Eagles fans once again took to the streets of Mayfair to celebrate these huge victory NK YW Andrew Kramer was. Right in the middle and. Drug zero and Super Bowl fifty. It was absolute pandemonium. At frank pretty tough man. All the words to describe the scene many. There are thousands of fans hugging and high fighting each other all throughout the streets look. How bad this city did this. Police said that that celebration around one hand. Now before the fans got to spend hours though soaking in every moment of this momentous occasion in Mayfair injured Kramer came and Libyan news radio. Moments after the game ended fans also spilled into Center City streets are covered jubilation unfortunately as the night continues some of that pandemonium turned to pandemonium. Here's K one K white Lebanese Christian Johansson with more. That was really off on this is Christmas right now re on has been waiting thirty years for this. Finally got one. Tennessee note and no doubt that as the holidays dads I've had a time. The moment. Maybe there was this period in my eyes there's a bed. He's among thousands who meandered through city streets around broad singing dancing and cheering LIN. Get out to broad street celebrated with the residents setting celebrations turned into chaos is some pulling down light poles around City Hall flipping a car near brought him all night. And spring. Feeding on wall and I've got. In Center City Kristin Johansson came by W news radio. As much interest is always in the commercials as in the game and Susan Rosen Brian as a row ski broad and expert Julien Gallagher from the Martin group. In studio to pick through those commercials. Call grandma I'm afraid Brandon is a little kinda. But do nothing else is an American okay. Jessica. That's with Anthony Hopkins the Alexa loses her voice and what did you think of absolutely love the Alexa loses her voice. It was a really great and sends using it. Celebrities throughout the ad we had something for everybody has courses we just heard Anthony Hopkins let's. That voice no matter what he's saying always has a little bit of madness and it I'm Milosevic had Carty be Gordon Ramsay so. Really something for everyone. Of really great add to sometimes funny ads they don't necessarily tell you a lot about the products. But Amazon election ad was a great way of showing you how the product works what happens when it's not working how much we love. That this is how the product works yet so really fun really funny. Something we were talking about on Friday was that. Unlike years in the past it seemed like this year there just wasn't as much buzz media about the Super Bowl ads we didn't see. As many before hand as we may be had in years past did you notice that at all heading into the game well I think in general this year I would say there is kind of theme of a safety as kind of just went too as a safer place there weren't as many creative risks definitely to weekend. And I think that that the buzz is kind of a little bit last around that as well as a result I think brands are a little bit leery of taking risks right out to its ill. Political environment and just how easily controversy seems to be stirred up. And so they're just was a little bit less of a buys in general are honest and not as many league dance and may be before the game to do you think a lot of them just. Wanted to hold them until the game. Well I mean you just seeing some. Some brands are holding up after I think it was VW the force at which was around 2011 which is a little boy that his parents yet I fear it will play exactly. On account of McCain does status quo to release before hands. But the thing is you're paying 59 bucks a spot there's kind of a balance yet figure do you wanna get some of that as before hand. Are you really wanna save back kind of big reveal your bank five million dollar moment for during the game itself. I think summer as are starting to play a little bit more of a teaser so for instance tide which is a big winner of the night. Aids is an un released any of the spots before hand I just had a little bag of of the tees are kind of alluding to how last year's spot land but we really catch the revealed the concept itself of everything can be tied adds I was saved for the game yet right. All over the game tied if that's got to be a win when you can not only have your commercial but then have to you know use thinking about their product throughout all the other wants to exactly design you're not getting just you're thirty sectarian during the game you're getting you know your 32 by you're getting those they had those 152 kind of and leader in the games spots in each corner McCain. But then perhaps more importantly if people like you said thinking about your products. Wondering as they're watching each commercial come out are is this an actual. Parkmerced or is this tight dad and as sleep that's when. And I think that's something I can even imagine tied in coming days they can still. Keep playing with nasty eighty something on social media is it now that we're watching commercials as it kind of freshen all of our minds that wherever you see clean clothes Huckabee tied add. Any idea how much they spent last night time. You know I don't have an idea on the numbers and obviously they did over you know they weren't just buying standards spots I have to dig into the candidates I have had to understand what they're sponsorship and oil investment Kennedy one of the most expensive prize. Of the night right for one and company absolutely and I think what was nice about at and T so it wasn't expensive by the you're by no means on the the only advertiser it was really kind of seeding spots are up thinking also side it's real race on terror attacks but I think what was great about. Tied is that it was really one who he says. Story one cohesive narrative that ran through all of their appearances they're on their spots where something like. Two and it was a little bit more and he went off spots cheap rents for a spot that they didn't necessarily have. Eight I tied it can act of them so I'm sure it was a big investment banking it was also a really Smart investment release are where could you know we have somebody Chiming in too many ads for movies you know. Aside from brands so big opportunity for movies it seems like we always see day year after year absolutely it's it's a great night to kind of build up buzz with movie lies trailers. And I think the ones related to do really well and they're out. The evening why is now console. I think it's just outside not a Star Wars are gonna no big deal that I was just so Wheeler right death. So that solo spot it's it's a huge movie it's a huge franchise it's a huge night I think that seems like. And natural thing it and I kind of that attic story. Condit sits at that epic night something like and Jurassic. Stress it's Jurassic world world we're now carry a zero for me to. That it's just feels a little bit more like a street movie trailer it's a little bit less exciting you saw some products science for instance when it Jeep ads. To have that Jurassic Park her back with Jeff Goldblum. But in general I think that the movie trailers that really do well are those ones that are very anticipated and lake solo. And that really kind of have vagueness that matches the bigness of the night but otherwise Anderson a movie trailer isn't necessarily. The most exciting it's going to be the funniest ad it's not going to be necessarily the most launch. Exciting for me had the big surprise was that the new JJ abrams' movie the cloverfield trailer you know you see that you were maybe expecting and then at the end they say drops enough like available on Netflix right after the game I now a lot of people expecting that so that's a great way to get some bust him. Right I think that was a win for Netflix we saw and you know now. Sort of proceeds television. More or. Offerings that are only available on the streams serves as beginnings advertising more. So we did see the cloverfield on on Netflix lease. Amazon prime advertising for a they knew Jack cranes series. We saw I'm castle rock coming on Hulu so the other definitely it's interesting because NBC would never air. A competitor competitors. Competitors commercial whether it's CBS do you see bit interesting needs these players that are really taking a big chunk of that entertainment market. All right on to the next behemoth sporting event it's a biggie the Olympics the 2018 Winter Olympics beginning this week in young change South Korea. The opening ceremony kicking off Friday. Alex Stone will be and Byung Chang covering the Olympics and has a preview of this year's games. Wind teen USA wants into the Olympic Stadium in beyond saying you will be the largest ever team at a Winter Olympics 242. Members including 35 time olympians who have been competing for over twenty years each. Snowboarding cross country in speed skating 107. Women and 135. Men. Among the within seventeen year old mom ain't buying any short track skater who is full of smiles and ready to compete. I just get a guy that's your ex just do what I can. Tiny as the first African American woman to qualify for an American Olympic speed skating team she won the 500 meter races at December's Olympic trials by he says she's been getting advice from other athletes about handling the pressure. They just told me diet it's totally normal. Do you like fast and to feel the pastor of the Olympics and I have to do it exists do your best and just go out there and do right. It's true she was born in 2000 in Ghana she says it's a huge honor to be representing the USA in 2018 I. Inspired. I was young I think American athletes or any other race and maybe you didn't. Late males she does is China's where large hi any other sport that they don't that they think that. And then there's Nathan chance figure skating phenom eight years ago at the age of ten he predicted he would be competing in the 2018 game. Air quality got into urban vote not to let in the back to the big you know eight to leave it here I am at eight I agree update. No really not thought of that happening in big topic on game night at the mighty. Jenny has been on fire leading up to beyond Chang in cross country there are three sets of siblings competing noise popular curling you know those rocks and rooms for the first time men and women will compete together that will include the brother and sister team that's batted back and Hamilton. In snowboarding Shaun White is back in competition this year he scored a perfect 100. On Steve's Lindsay Vaughn makes her return. So I think maybe it's probably my last Olympics so Logan had soak up every second that I have. Haven't really enjoy it. On its name was everywhere when she won gold in Vancouver but she missed out on the Olympics four years ago in Russia because of a knee injury this year she's hoping to come back and show she's still got it. Actually been waiting a very long time eight years has been. Pretty brutal way or another they. Back on the ice hockey will be a whole new beast on the men's side without the NHL sending its players of women haven't won gold since 1998. In Nagano Japan held to do it began forty years later. And it will all be very personal for Olympic freestyle skater gas can wording on freeze twists flips backwards flops he battled for years ago and then came out as gang. Cameron he will be the second openly gay athlete for the US team. Triple. Hard look at reps in and out to be thinking. Community and I wanted to wealth they're after his success at the Olympics in 2014 he says he decided it was time to stop mind of one of the kind of come out and hopefully be a beacon of light for any kids that Minnesota's new thousands as a result of coming out his fan base in sponsorships have grown. In the mountains of South Korea up it'll all be on the line mix of competition in politics all happening less than a hundred miles away from North Korea. I stone CDC games. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.