All things Super Bowl 930in716 February 2, 2018

Friday, February 2nd

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It's 930. In 716. All things Super Bowl. On the podcast. Your morning temperature in Minneapolis Minnesota. Nine to below zero but while the weather outside may be frightful. The commercials on the year are expected to be hot. I think humor gonna be really big this year. Sprint did it really great job with them artificial intelligence I Amazon did wonderful with the lack saluting her voice. But maybe not quite as hot. As the pizza and wings will. Do probably 36000. Parse individual wings adjust to or something. And not quite as hot as the Super Bowl halftime show. We have broadcasters we get a little nervous when Justin Timberlake is performing got the Super Bowl because we remember what happened a few years ago what the whole thing would happen. It's facts and. I'm Tim maker on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Let's start at the site of the Super Bowl Minneapolis the Twin Cities. Ryan bureau spending some time with Susan rose and Brian masse around ski. Yeah they're they're pretty much in good shape right now these two weeks off have been great for the patriots they've been able to heal up the Philadelphia Eagles also kind of in the same boat they've got a couple guys dealing with the illness actually right now that they're trying to get fluids into it. And practicing at full status many of them practicing at limited status but. Are expected to be good to go how about this this morning Hugh your morning temperature in Minneapolis Minnesota nine to below zero. And there is no forecast that keep it by the Super Bowl will be played indoors but it's got to be keep a lot of people indoors and it's pretty funny here guys watching all of the reporters at Southern California and and around the world. I come into work today with nine below temperatures out that at their grumbling a little bit about that whether Ari gronkowski he's got cleared right. He did get cleared and in fact today during questions it seemed as surprising to him that anyone would think that he wasn't going to play. In Sunday's game he said that that coach bill Bill Belichick. Hedge. Already planned out she here in the inside of these this strategy and armed they were essentially just kind of working through the concussion protocol we get to that point he had been practicing but very limited in doing so at a red Jersey wasn't. Involved any hits or anything like that but at. He's been given the green light so he's ready to go. Our rights around Gradkowski Grady go the media I guess they're ready to go there you know moving slowly from the cold. What about Justin Timberlake we heard from him yesterday. He seems so I'm pretty excited though there was a lot of focus on tumble radio listening to him talk. Yet it that the man crush of the romances people were bringing up. You know that they're friendly and deadly text back and forth and and Justin Timberlake. Admitted to the crowd although it was kind of forced to do so that you love Tom Brady. I was kind of a light moment obviously but he says that he texted time just before the AFC championship game that I go to the Super Bowl are you going to the Super Bowl. Didn't get a lot of insight as to what he's performance will include although he did hints at a question from a twelve year old boy that. There may be a song or two that. He is the planning and getting in there and also I said that's we're gonna see something that we've never seen before the Super Bowl so there you go to talk about a reunion and I only you know win. Within sanctity talk about Jesse Jackson. That was the question that came up you know what what are the plate and usually these are kind of you know where you bring on special guests and I mean you got to fill half hour show essentially. He said he thought about that he thought about Janet she actually thought about Jay-Z thought about Chris Singleton who is single with this new album he thought about it sink but. Now the focus is just an is that Tennessee band to that. He says needs to be kept propped up in and he thinks that this is their special moment to shine so as of now doesn't seem like he's got any special guests but who knows. You know let's pretty cool to hear hey I'm wondering if everything's kind of filling in now you know all the media's been there all week for the big Super Bowl week bagel week leading up to the game but so I'd imagine a lot of fans who've been traveling they're starting to ease their way into. Every day more and more people they come around radio roll over at instead of Mall of America and it's just stacks people wanna see. You know all of that the media working and actually wanna see all the celebrities that walk through they wanna see all of the athletes that walk through you'll hear cheers occasionally ever would wearing jerseys it's almost like an NFL convention that's going and it's pretty cool. While will bundle up they're minus nine that's incredible there's got to be a windshield to right. Yeah I didn't check into that was put out assumed 20/20 month when he below somewhere around there more on that Justin Timberlake halftime show. Well you know faith they have to keep this under wraps. Matt wolf has an entertainment contributor for ABC news. Of course is not gonna come out and say I'm gonna do this I'm gonna perform that and I'm gonna do adapt just like this I mean you know that's part of the mystique of the Super Bowl halftime show. Reporter asked him yesterday well you know what about a little we'd be shooting up with anybody now. We have broadcasters we get a little nervous. That's what Justin Timberlake is performing got the Super Bowl because we remember what happened a few years ago what the whole thing would happen its facts and so. He starts running down a list do you like I thought it is day. I thought of course stable and I thought it Janet Jackson and her when cal I go boy critical again but. He is getting is gonna pull it out solo with his band the Tennessee kids. I think it's going to be a spectacular show because if you seen Justin Timberlake concert the dude delivers every single time. Yet he seems like we're talking about this earlier yet Bruno Mars a few years ago that I think was one of the first Super Bowl halftime show us a while that everybody could agree on now was pretty entertaining. And Justin Timberlake seems like one of those guys that. Everybody always says when they're coming home from one of the shows yet it was worth the money. And that was going to be my next point you jump me on that one but yet you all this money per concert tickets these days right. You wanted to be sure you don't wanna leave these things feeling empty if I'm gonna pay a 120 dollars for YouTube tickets. I want to see the greatest freaking you too show ever and they deliver they have a way of connecting with the audience and Justin Timberlake. It's the same thing he eclipses all and every single one of the shows and he believes it's. Out there on the stage I've never been disappointed I don't think America is going to be disappointed when the show comes around on Sunday. What do you think about pink and the National Anthem. What would absolutely love it tickets at the top of her game right now I mean if you Starr at the grammys last week's and absolutely fantastic performance. She's another one. That pretty much just leave everything on stage one your dome would want or shows I think it's going to be great Super Bowl upset of either team by the way. I am going to be watching this for the entertainment. Bought it when it comes to the National Anthem everybody loves to bet on whether it goes long or whether it's a short National Anthem what do you think when it comes the pink singing the song. She's got to leave it out there again I think she's gonna do it justice I think you're gonna find it very memorable national and maybe not as. Memorable as Whitney Houston so many years ago but I think it has the potential to be right up there from. Of course there are two other aspects of the Super Bowl we talk about all lot food. And commercials. Let's start with those Super Bowl commercials Shelley. Jack Schneider is with the advertising agency fifteen and takes a closer look at the phenom that is. Leaking this Super Bowl commercials before the actual game. Thing. Like where they're using Chris Pratt and extra. In the Miller Lite commercial oil tanker picked it up late I'm. Not that strategy where where he comes out in advance and then showed up again later. As just an extra. They get up for a lot of people so pre releasing content like that it's probably good technique. And get people excited in those commercial especially in the industry in advance. The production chemical into it. Zach you study these things and you've been watching them now. What should we be watching for on Sunday. You know I'd love the battle just like within the actual game between the actual brain until Pepsi Coke. On the how to build brand battle it out. Think along those lines are really unique strategy of how these corporation to position themselves and market. One word talking about this some Monday there were brands in particular who you can look at now and say. You know what I think these guys are gonna be a real big winner. I'm not I think Budweiser did a great job they've all had come mom put it really great. You know first impression forward. They get a really great job with their water campaign. I think it resonate through drugs and emotional play. Where they'll bark off really trying to play off of buying their product will go directly to that but why it took initiative and really put up emotional I'm I think it's going to be more tactful in that particular rivalry. You don't always seems like puppies and kids. Are the big winners on Super Bowl Sunday. They're going to be ads with puppies in kids. You know I'm I'm sure it the year fair amount of that beating kids I think Hubert gonna be really big if here. Sprint did a really great job with them artificial intelligence I Amazon did wonderful with the lack saluting her voice. And that any DeVito coming back as an Eminem and in real life I was pretty comic also. Let's finish it off with food of course it is buffalo and you can't talk Super Bowl food without talking pizza and wings of course. At Franco's pizza Walt Smith turned us says it's an ongoing and monumental effort getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday. There was only one time. That's JP super bull in a can facilitate fifteen years and that was Halloween appears on Halloween fell on Friday. But it's it's it's all about. The Super Bowl every year. How do you notice to people who normally just stick with pizza and wings that's what everybody wants or do people get crazy sometimes you know bunch of different subs or something like that. You will see Linksys Agassi wings is king principal. Yeah Halloween. We do let's say about 2000 pizzas. During the week with a little more it's a Friday Halloween. Super Bowl has a couple things going forward expert talked on a Sunday and sent us on every year. And down and wings there's also the other big factor that is different from an entity turn your will to probably 36000. Parse individual wing adjustment or Sunday that's three times following. So it's very close with Halloween with with Pete says but when it comes the wings in the friars. It's it's just out of control. How wings hurricanes are well what time does everybody wants their pizza and wings. Keep that really gets this in the stores between three and security around 435. It's it's it's completely capacity so the people in the building up debt primarily people who have ordered already. There's very little chance of what kind of squeezing in at that time. So people do. Get them all throughout that time period every year it's couldn't hear people try to get them a little bit earlier at a party early lead heading puppy. People parties are hopefully repression that is well. And out and get an earlier book where calm and don't let your talking about this tape. We all appreciate it you earlier the better and then you're guaranteed that you get your food. When you want it takes a lot of pressure off everybody your fairway. Now that's I understand it's always been edited an extra Sunday. I think it's more important never checked to keep your food. Keep your foot early. What do you recommend people order and what do you find that people usually put under orders for the Super Bowl. Kitty is going to be a very very big day for pre orders. We're gonna take up a lot of doors today it will take collapsed Merrill. They'll be a lot coming in Sunday morning as well but what happens is we have everything. In times but so every half hour orders only some orders and you'll put those times last. I think we're gonna make every attempt to accommodate every single order. But you would make it bounced around in my arm or you won't say we afford thirty Mike Seidman in expecting you know we're gonna just say look you pick up three. So if you order today you're you're in great shape and I would really strongly recommend that you could call I'm now aware of their team members or their their love to take your order today. Yeah I'm sure I mean to you basically preserving your oven spot. Right. Correct yet we jeopardy and apps for the capacity for a couple of hours every. But that every single arm type fighters taken opener Robin Zander friars. And see you mentioned wings are king on Super Bowl Sunday interested to hear to people's wing. Tastes change during the Super Bowl or do we still you know stick with what we usually like to eat you know hot medium and barbecue. The debt that would be. Yet again it's anything it's probably more general that you are not necessarily just getting something that you wanna try it for yourself but Terrell a hammer or cajun like a bucket and protect yourself. You're ordering your friend and ailing people coming over. So barbecue hot medium a mile. Can in this order are for all the biggest things actually. What about the top pizza orders is it. You know she's a pepperoni or does it go beyond that. Yeah we have all of our army is available ultimately we don't change debt but by far cheese and pepperoni it's it's the best majority is is going to be a pro cars going up they say it's it's. We are ordering for parties and for people. The people out of state Tennessee and get what almost a little like. Now do people volunteered to work on Super Bowl Sunday knowing how busy it is soared to you kind of have to drag people and say hey listen we need the help I know you wanna watch the game bots. Carol. Well how do the talking to one person is a volunteer work on Sunday though Adobe air are being one of the stores. Trying to stay out of the way in just trying to keep things moving around the net and extending an air but I I definitely can help the next setting and but it's kind of mandatory when you hire somebody did a few days of the year you have to work and literally everywhere and definitely working. You know I've had this kind of fun until. It is it is it's neat because it's so organ as we we've planned this for weeks and weeks ash and company price are planning the day after blaster tactic. But we plan everything out and screws it in the stores for the past two weeks. Doing some logistical. Kind of operational changes and getting sheltering in moving around that we only do for this one day. Bombed they get to where you have here's your spirits where it billion forms whatever they want where. And you know we have it's just aren't it has its itself castigate it literally a gift or probably are unknown and actually you know a B 8 o'clock in it like an hour went by. Come Monday we'll find out whether Boston has another routine Super Bowl celebration. We're a Philly melts. Like cheese steak. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.