"All In" For NY-27th Run - Stefan Mychajliw


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On the line joining us now is step from high elude the Erie county comptroller who. Threw his hat in the ring two. Replace Chris Collins on the ballot in the 27 congressional district Stephon thanks for joining us. It didn't take long for you do are released a statement saying your interest did in running. How well long were you buying up this opportunity to be able to jump in that quickly. Well I think the entire universe changed this week with a very unfortunate. Event that happened tonight in the district. And so I talked like Haley talked to my wife indicted and soul searching and sought. I could be the best candidate. To defeat it McMurray in November we could lose this seat if we do not pick the right candidate. And I had some bloody battles here in Erie county winning three. Very very tough races and of blue district. I'm very conservative on pro life I support the Second Amendment and the concealed carry permit holder. Card carrying member of the NRA. I leave in the district. And myself I can actually vote for myself on Election Day campaign compared innate McMurray. And armor he picked a fight straight to him he's job killer he spent his professional life. Exporting American jobs to China and Korea. We can now utter radical liberal extremist. A vote for the impeachment of president trump on day one and so I'm making my case. Not a donors I have 300000. Dollars in commitments. Over the past 24 hours by the finance team in place said the campaign team in place. Possibly if I am honored enough to turn it. This nomination and I'm going heard it from those eight county chairs that we can flip the switch hit the ground running and be victorious in November. Seven why should this go to a seasoned politician. And not a newcomer who doesn't have political baggage. Cute and it's going to be a political brawl on this'll be a Donnybrook. Donna brock's. And you need someone whose battle tested at the different sides need McMurray is a brawler blocked. Again he is a horrible record of exporting American jobs overseas. Other Democrats are not going to let this fecal quietly now because there's an open seat. And so I have been battle tested like never had in your car right easy race in Erie county. I've won in and Obama presidential year is a conservative Republican in a blue district. And you need someone who's been battle tested. And I'm the only campaign the race that has banned when it comes to waiting to how we live in a very blue district and I am very conservative record. I plan on going to Washington to be president trounced biggest cheerleader. I use sound passionate about this it begs the question why then. Were you not so interested in challenging Chris Collins in a primary early Iran when all of this surrounding insider trading. The oh weather was a congressional investigation was swirling around its name even without the indictment. Us Republicans ever very difficult time winning races in Erie county in our region just because of our massive democratic. Disadvantage. For Downey to one in the city buffalo 21 in Erie county and have won three times. The last thing we should be doing is fighting each other we have a big enough battle it comes to fighting Democrats. And so when Chris Collins suspended his campaign. I can my hand the reigns because I believe I in the conservative that can win this race I would deepest respect for nick laying ruby in the seven other. County chair I'm working incredibly hard bringing up the phone and meeting with people day in and day out blocker burn their respective earn their trust. But I think we're going to be unified front to make sure that radical extremist and he McMurray is not our next congress person because. Mark my words can be won if Democrats take the house they will vote to impeach president trump and we cannot have that in Washington. So you weren't concerned at all before last week on Wednesday about the investigation surrounding Chris Collins. You know I'm I'm a little busy running Erie county is your CFO what is Erie county comptroller and then when the universe literally blew up in changed. I'll that's when my focus turns to this open seat and I firmly believe I'm the candidate can and will win. I in November we have to have a a battle tested season. Politician that's been through the wringer of many big battle this is going to be a war in November. And I'm going to put the paper on the knuckles coming up punch hard comic take a lot of punches but I'm used to it you know what. I'm gonna win in November from the candidates. How much money Stephon is it's going to take to win this race. Let's agree part of my candidacy is because of my name recognition of being the top elected Republican over the past few years and Erie county. In my time as a broadcast journalist here buffalo. I'm 1990s very high so and RCC and Washington will not have to spend a million dollars. Just building up my name ID are unlike other candidates. So we can hit the ground running on day one I've already have a 100000 dollars in commitments. And I will have the resources. To engage in a knock out drag out brawl and a punch hard and I will win. What is the most important thing for whether it's you whether it's somebody else who wants Oprah presenting this district is it to issue mentioned before. Advance the president's agenda or is it to bring the local agenda of that district to Washington. It's still incredibly important that no matter who they now many years and I do hope it's me. That we keep radical leap McMurray out of it cease a liberal extremist at a very conservative district. I can vote for myself of that district I wonder where he's going to go from south on Election Day he can't. He's a lot of touch with the voters in the district that he didn't even live there campaign headquarters. Is out of the district I think the most important thing is that we need to win this race for our community. And our country. President comes tax cuts. That a positive impact on taxpayers across the 27 congressional district. And we need to make sure we send a conservative Republican. To Washington to support the president's agenda of cutting taxes. And being tough on China and Russia. Upholding. Basically unfair trade deals with a decimated our communities and be really tough for foreign countries on here. Do you believe the decision on a candidate will be made. Locally and not nationally by the NR CC. So I think ever everyone involved is respecting the process this is an election at eight individuals. On and that's like so incredibly important. They have the deepest source back. For those eight shares it's going to be their decision I'm working incredibly hard contacting them calling them emailing writing notes. Not to show them that I in the conservative candidate there can win. You know again. Three countywide races interfering blue county is difficult I never had. A free pass easier race and this race for congress is going to be a battle but I mean battle tested I won three times. And I hope I can earn the respect and trust of these chairs onto my fourth. Raced here to be honored and humbled to represent the people of the 27 congressional district. Step Tom we appreciate the time that stuff from hi Lou Erie county comptroller he wants in in the race to replace Chris count.