"All In" For Congressional Run - Carl Paladino


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I'm all in NY 27 that was the tweets Saturday afternoon. From Carl Paladino Carl is joining us live this morning colonel why are you running for Chris Collins a seat. Because the way I feel that it's very important to have somebody. Take that seat who is. Support to support the president knows states. You know over the last five or so years of your political career your focus has been on. The city of buffalo whether it's serving on the school board in the city of buffalo no talking about other issues with in the city of buffalo. Why now turn your attention to a seat that doesn't include the city of buffalo at all. Well and when you go from the offshore area to. Or she can you actually. At abilities to assist the entire Western New York area and. From my perspective. My. My home has always been the city and its environs of rocket and this is part of him fired two rounds Serbian. And my beliefs and education. And stays there. Understanding of of all the major issues that are confronting this country right now. And standard and. Acrimony with president trump. Lead me to believe that many of these candidates that hurt him in some analysts will not stand strong. For this president was doing such wonderful job and him will continue to do so. From from the perspective of continuing to. Fight for issues including. Schoolchildren awful. I'd commitment likes to. Will continue to do and so. Carly was reported over the weekend that you don't live in the district is their residency issue. Now I don't think there is they have also. No Orchard Park and it isn't mr. Why do you think you are a better fit than some of the other people who are thrown their hat in the ring. Because of my disposition. Sort of values. Integrity character. I think they've shown in the past and willingness to fight each other's power. That's. I want a sudden the best person to Washington to represent a 27 and its people. These people suffer all the common problems of. The American people in general. So populist. Era and it's time to make sure that these people have and the families have every every best opportunity. Send their kids to college and then to tip their children stay at razor families in the area was. Jobs here that can accommodate these children. Apparel stem from a pilot told us earlier this hour that this is going to be a political brawl and the candidate has to be. Battle tested do you agree with that. So fun as getting his energy from that could actually this state chairman who I have I have criticized constantly as being a person. Inept in the job and who shouldn't be there. And right now that's where stuff and its energy from and makes silly remarks like it. Absolutely key is all sorts of fighter Western Europe. A then the true fighter I've shown people Ali stand on the issues and impervious to. Two fear over our. I'd say it was so in my mind I think it's important if somebody in congress. Letting the other people involved in the Republican caucus. Understand that they should be speaking a little bit more defensive as advocating for the president. Carol you just mentioned Ed Cox having some influence here. What about Chris Collins himself is he still pulling some political strings trying to pick his successor. Not to my knowledge no different fixes chris'. Maintain a neutral should. Who do you think we'll wind up making this decision on who replaces Chris Collins on the ballot will it be somebody from. The national committee will be kind of a statewide. Vote or will it really beat those party chairs who are in the district. There's very. The national. Political. People will have something to say but it's gonna come down to. Are eight local county chairs. Who I had suggested. That they do a poll and examine the results of the poll to determine. Who do people in the 27 district want this. What about money. How much money do you have for this race how much will it take. You know people also ask about money and I'm all in for whatever it takes to win this race. Carl we appreciate the time that's Carl Paladino he says he's says she disarray there. All in whatever it takes to win this race in the race to replace Chris Collins on that ballot.