Alabama Senate Race Ends In Upset - Carl Calabrese


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Let's welcome in Carl calabrese political strategist to working with messier Alomar Tucci calabrese & Associates and their work of course talking about. The Alabama senate race the outcome yesterday in that special election Karl. I've been kind of looking at this Alabama senate race the same way you look at that bills and colts game. From Sunday with all the snow on the field it was hard to really did a good evaluation of anybody with all the things surrounding this Alabama senate race. Is it are you really able to tell anything about people's moods going forward. Yes signal prior to go to an elegy by the way yup you heard all the coal fired election but often crimes who the political on the overstate the reach and that could happen here. This was a it went for the Democrats no question about it. But only 25%. Of eligible voters turned out. Are you surprised to be given all of that. They key employers around this great that only 25% turnout is amazingly low. I don't understand air America where it was very heavy which in the small and local race certainly. Benefit beat the Democrat. Which it did. I'll let you know there's so much going. This is unique race. What I don't wanna understated the Democrats have momentum now or in one area particular and they motivate their base voters to get out. They're based bloggers have ordered their eyes. And that's a problem that Republicans are gonna have to deal look we're in 2018 the vehicle color and get those people out as well otherwise you're very pick your. Carroll was it really a big win for the Democrats or was it. The wrong candidate for Republicans. Hope certainly want him for the Republicans. Notes follow older close Susan and during the time the Democrats were attempting to then they'll frank and John Conyers is what was going dot com picnic yellow pit reporters were saying you know we should beat the Icrc. 18 decided. It jettisoned those to officeholders. And take that position that's where he began to to sleep in the whole. But you're that was pretty good scripture that it crept in now if you call when I was on your show America days ago I predicted there. Wants host who were gone a couple of things would happen. One is that Democrats revive the war when in the race or hour and an issue. And try to par the hole poker party. Secondly the charges about the president you'll chart about president reemerged all at the content base. Looking ants this race and the outcome over in Alabama and though and kind of what it means for Democrats moving forward yesterday we heard from. Alex Castellano who said that. If the Republican Roy Moore were to win. That might have benefited Democrats more in the long run. Having more kind of via a face that Democrats could put on every campaign and around the country. Or would you have agreed with that sentiment that maybe it's best for Republicans that more lost the seat. Well there's there's certainly some logic in there and I think. In other parts of the credits. They had been hoping for just that outcome that we are more wins it becomes the face of the Republican Party a little off the debt now. They're still gonna Kreider with the war record but it off your office will do well all older brother state and never had any church. Sexual harassment against you can be up to where he will raise they are more into it. So you are that they'll they'll tried expectancy at. With the inauguration corner and bit I think the kind of fundamental issue there's a civil war going on with the Republican Party now. And cook he gets sorted out the corner present problems because it seems like now that its establishment candidate cannot win a Republican primary. An insurgent candidate can't win the general election. Tool that. Then ship it worked out both sides can be gathered our society integrate that into bowl when the primary in order general. May seem more flawed here that's going forward. Apparel wanna get this in before we have to elect to go but how they feel about this. Feud between the president and Kirsten Gillibrand and these allegations against him. Who else was that I I'm not surprised about anything anymore I think that that is what this administration that it's literally you know that this is. Pick your typical flight if there's always something. It's distracting going. I would say this is yes senator Joseph were in those air presidential audition straight people think she does. She'd gotten that these were so the World Series and everybody thought about what seven group in the US senate if that was the war that there's been children. Now in that keeping them mine I was thinking that this morning if the president never. Put down that tweet yesterday. Is Kirsten Gillibrand talked about and all I mean she made a little bit of news on Monday in calling for the president's resignation but it wasn't anything groundbreaking. No Hillary is exactly what what makes a groundbreaking is the president decides to climb into the race and take off the gloves and that's why are reports like it let's look at set I think. So political step which typically put. Yeah if she is if in looking at an opportunity for her you write or that's Karl calabrese political strategist with. Messy yellow mark Tucci calabrese & Associates.