Al Franken Plans Senate Announcement Today - Brad Mielke


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Will Al Franken. The democratic senator from Minnesota resigned today correspondent Brad milky is watching developments in the story what do you think Brad. Good morning to that well we do not know what this announcement will be but we do you know senator Al Franken. Or make an announcement and now we're learning it will come on the senate floor. And it's open for business around 930 elderly spokesperson says there's no set time for him to make this announcement by. All indications right now from the hill with seem to be that that Al Franken can simply not survive this he's been clinging to his political life. For a few weeks now but yesterday seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back as he stopped first Gillibrand quickly joined by half a dozen other female senator. And then. Other Democrats men Republicans got in on on the act right now you've got nearly forty. Senators Alpert and colleagues think he has no place alongside them. How many accusers does he have and what was the tipping point at Marcum out yesterday. Yeah I mean it's almost hard to keep track of the numbers I I know of at least eight. Accusers so far. And or which are on record in the end the fourth one actually does it came out yesterday she had a story about him uncomfortably. Grabbing a handful flash near her waist during a party. That she was attending a says young milk and it's. As a young media professional. That you've got several other women remember there's the the Iraq War veteran who says that he grabbed her back. Oxide during a photo op several women. Actually gave a version of that story but it was this anonymous accuser yesterday who said that Al Franken forcibly kissed her after a she wasn't stopping by his radio show before he was a senator that it seemed to be the moment that the dam burst that was the moment Kirsten Gillibrand. Came out with her FaceBook post saying enough is enough and that's were other senators started getting on board as well. It would be striking wouldn't it if this infect takes him down. And then Roy Moore is elected next week in Alabama. We IA and Democrats are seeing their conduct fundamental difference right now they're highlighting that the difference between themselves. And the Republican Party you know Mitch McConnell has stopped to really bad mouthing Roy Moore is much saying well I'm not an Alabama voter. You do not see a lot of Democrats saying well I'm not a Minnesota voters I'm not gonna speak on on Roy Moore. And you know Roy Moore is accused of of of molesting a fourteen year old girl sexually assaulting a sixteen year old waitress of dating numerous. Girls who were who were teenagers who were technically eight but now look back and I'd go pop. I didn't seem appropriate. And the RNC by the way the Republican National Committee has its. God now officially on board with the way bull Roy Moore along with the president they have endorsed and they are sending money. Down his way and the Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez says. There are differences between Democrats and Republicans and this is one of them she can see the way to try and highlights as moment. Artist correspondent. Brad milky following senator Al Franken.