Air Force Toilet Seat Prices: "Sky High" - Elizabeth McLaughlin


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This one Connor I do toilet seat covers really cost 101000 dollars. Well I was senator Chuck Grassley pushing for at the Pentagon's oversight office to investigate whether the air force. Is actually paying 101000 dollars for a toilet seat cover used on a military plane. Let's go live to correspondent Elizabeth McLaughlin this morning to get the latest on this one way where is this right now Elizabeth. Hey good morning it and they'll. The great news for years senator Chuck Grassley and that the airport is no lobbyists spending and out dollars for a pilot see how else but. But they have in the though this story is really green light for many issues with. Bare hard and the way in which the airport and try to get so I at a cheaper price. Now oh okay. 101000 dollars for a tour what is this toilet seat made out like gold covered diamonds. Right you would think it may have a back Hillary or not. Well really it will be at their reasoning what cops and thousand dollars because that actually stop being pretty by your written on the back packing and that's why. No new licensing agreements and contracts. Every time airport will get to where beat a gag it would have to go back we're coming actor without Shaq bound airplane at. And Reid made it or pilot be so inventive. You know wrapping up he probably line it would be a much more in depth up now the airport the thing you know we need it and relax. They're out is actually read eat pray at this cookie cover for. Out. 3-D printing what we went lately it still costs 300. Dollars per toilet seat. It felt hot and I remember these are typically made for planes that went for at C five transport aircraft no day and you are doing it for a lot of lack. But there's a long way to go and how they can make. Third party mean actually heals a lot easier and more port or not. Now. What else to they have to pay high prices for I think they can go to Home Depot and get a toilet seat. That would you know what you did there or something like that 300 dollars so they were paying 101000 now other planes paying 300 it's this kind of opening the door to what Susan said what else are we paying. Way more than we should for. Well I think you're gonna start seeing it specifically the airport here trying and and every service trying to find it to get these spare parts relax. They are trying to have their hands had on their back because of these licensing agreement that along existed so they're working with lawyers try to figure out. Okay how to leak after the third party in the me my Andy argued not all the research that the deadly in 3-D printing. To try to see what they can start making another example is active but in late. What about Andy eat I think what there is a hot cup so being kind of like the NC copycat. They've now hot and over 12100 Al and now they're trying to print it for again much much slack so anyway they can try to get around. These in these exorbitant cost at least eclectic penetrated view but you'll be better on the L like Chuck Grassley continue to go to the attic out of respect topic today. Eight what is going on here and how we do a lot. OK so that they're looking for ways to not spend 12100 dollars on a coffee cup if they heard a paper. Remember the event you have to go in plain epic but fatigue and so that there's a lot of but I think that's bad. I think we always the easiest stopping yet topic Byron local Wal-Mart grabbing apart. This is an eye opener that's Fisher Elizabeth thanks. That's Elizabeth bug Glock clan on the 101000 dollar air force toilet seat count I. I can't get over that 101000 dollars it's absolutely. Insane. Right but then to think. Well don't worry rats and ten house and house and it was we're 3-D printing now now the toilet seat only costs 300 dollars. You know how much I paid for my toilet seats peninsula probably took twenty you'll see something like bank. I mean I think we can just kind of wedge human there somebody texting and how much would they pay for squad tonight. That's a little actually worth 101000 dollars all of us I would say it's worth and I still only paid 25. So I don't know what is going 12100. Dollar coffee cup. That's incredible it's absolutely incredible and apparently it's going on that one of things there are 3-D printing for less. But I think that it costs more than the ten cents that we pay every day.