Aftermath of the BPS nurses decision 930in716 May 18, 2018

Friday, May 18th

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It's 930. In 716. I'll Buffalo's school board vote oust collided nurses from the schools. And forces a board member to resign when I learn my own charter school nurse was not going to be able to be in school any longer. I and what's next for those nurses. Everybody isn't guaranteed position within our organization. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Following the buffalo board of education vote Wednesday night to end its thirteen year relationship with collided nurses in the schools. There is an outcry from those nurses some parents and teachers as well. And one board member even resigned. Catherine Flanagan pre or eight of the park district the board member who replaced Carl Paladino. Abstained from the voting process is she is a collide employee and saw a conflict of interest. But as she watched the debate in the end the vote. She said she could not continue on as a board member and submitted a letter of resignation to the board privately so. I think many people that are. He was due January 4 I was there is pre or spoke outside of shy Children's Hospital Thursday where she's employed. Read her resignation letter and explained her position and decision. What we had heard from the board repeatedly was that proposal was disqualified due to being late which from my perspective it is. With something they knew on January 4. And indeed it required dragging out this process until the end of April. It is limited parents opportunities to be involved as partners at the table. And typically weighing a recommendation is going before the board it's part of that or stocks public site that appearance and a bigger reach out by several of the community members several BP TO members who reached out to me instead. It's not I'm bored facts you know what's going mind I did have an answer for that the RP was ordered my home at 9 PM on Monday evening which gave me less than 48 hours to review it myself. And it was not posted to the public site in till approximately 245 outlines afternoon which you know for working parents. Who may have Ben at work all day in and trying to come to the board meeting to participate anyway. When you get in and times are reasonably review the documents that that we were given at 9 PM on Monday night. On in thereby limiting their ability that parent's ability to community members of the stakeholders ability to really review what it was before the board. Absolutely. I said that all along I said that all along my first console to east in week. With one out of my IA colleagues here actually that was my very statement if this was Catholic how my response to reaction would have been missing the difference would have then I wouldn't have had a. Conflict of interests and their for could've better advocated. On behalf of my own child the children of the district the school nurse is. The buildings principles that this morning are calling me reaching out to meet today I think meat to express their concern over the situation. It wouldn't have mattered who it wise I still would have felt that this process is handled appropriately. You know it's buffalo were her family community. And we're working class town and you don't mess with people's ink comes you don't mess with people's jobs were were honest people and I think that everything about this just. Felt lake things were being hitting and not disclosed in and to be perfectly honest I'm not sure what adds. Because they never felt so helpless as a parent to be perfectly honest when I learned that my own daughter's school nurse was not going to be able to be in her school any longer. Right I cried because my daughter has a medical condition it's not terrible it's not devastating. But her nurse knows the difference between. Hearing needs to talk to Miami for I think it's on the phone and you need to coming got her something's wrong. And when I could an advocate for my child and I did feel so incredibly helpful list. And you recognize that this is huge conflict of interest and when I sat in that room last night. And heard some of the comments that were meeting to parents to community members stakeholders. It occurred to me that I could not know that taxes it never again. The only thing. And yeah. Yes but I didn't think that the board of the act this level of transparency. Think very much my perception of the board was is that there was some there was discord on the board and that in some part. That was relative to the person who I would is replacing. My experiences of our people who boarded an incredibly doesn't mean they were very kind very nice to me. I'm very welcoming I felt like I was respected I felt like. I hate. I felt like at times they could be heard I'd certainly need decisions as a board member they were not popular with in my community. I'm paid in stempel wheat from those things but they spelt. The skies again and it raised a conflict of interest for me at my very core this is not an alignment with my values in my convictions as a person as a community member in every. In that I believe I felt like this was the best decision for me to make at this point in time and he is saying that. The process what. I can't say that it wasn't honestly can say is it raises questions for me. Because they don't understand it was not able to get a clear answer as to why so much information was withheld and for that extended time period. It it it makes me question things and it makes me feel as though I can't knock that consciousness sit there and trust that everything that's being sent to me is being sad. With the highest level of integrity. Way bit better this year. It was very dancing and all the people that ruling on how. Absolutely as a matter of fact any RF PE. Item number six of the RPM last night I was hoping that somebody would ask this question they sat their silently I'm able to ask this question. Number six of the RFP states very explicitly that all. Late proposals late summation. Will be returned to the vendor on hope and my understanding is is that did not happen for quite house. That's a great question. And don't have a have a great answer that question is the mere fact last night I was thinking about. You know ms. Belton cotton and had several times good to meet you understand your honesty and you know what what the underlying issue with the underlying concerns are in I always appreciated that. It she would stop mean asked me that question so perhaps I would stop it and think about that. I don't know how you force someone to be transparent I think people I their value better they don't and are either going to be transparent or they're not. And and certainly last night I learned that. That there is much CBS or in terms of transparency. Have you heard back courts. I know I can tell you that when I candidate in team doctor never gold last night I was crying when I candidates' humor because I was really truly hoping. That somehow I wouldn't find myself in that situation. And I end. And she expected it very graciously. And and was very again very kind and years back well. Since September. Of this to me seventeen. I think it when they interviewed me there there it leads ultimately sixteen people. It's added a thousand times over girls 8000 times more and there were incredibly. Qualified people. I made that heat were vying for that seat is a matter fact I've spoken to several of them since this is his all happy used. And in our reality I trust that someone else who feels like me. You know. Perhaps won't have the same conflict of interest perhaps. We'll feel like they can fill that seat batteries and I've been able to this week. So we met with a staff immediately following meeting last night I was met with labor leadership as well and today we're meeting with the entire staff. At the end of the business day. Just to walk your options. Aligned his might Hughes stood dive Flanagan pre or his side Thursday and updated the sun we're the issue stands in its not over yet. Listen as I said last night a Sagan today at number one goal. Is to protect and nurses everybody isn't guaranteed position within our organization. We want those nurses work this room for these yes absolutely so. In the past years so you know because of the growth of our organization is fired over a 180 nurses. We have probably 15200 openings right now. So and there's there's sufficient room is just trying to please people it's. Yours is here now it comes from there or is it. Here's schedules again we have to follow. The bargaining agreement. As CIA eleven and nine that's actually where all the meetings this is process we'll do it with them to do any conjecture labor. So we have the folic Patrick but. You know again our goals of protecting sources that the Trixie seniority. At the bargaining agreement is about three inches thick so there's an awful lot of here is that you have we have to go through that we said. In a sense this kind of tumbled out three days ago we told labor Leo we told us that that will protect them matter what happens. And surprises that we've. Appeals process yes I guess through. The the city schools prop are key process there's an official he'll. And we're pursuing that as well as we're looking at their legal options as well. Your news come out last night at school board meeting on WB as well as you remembered it said that it was higher that was selected. Who knows that they know that we were under the impression that doesn't even accepted so I've known for its tires so there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. A lot of that might be you know history but. You know. It's the school district and the board he's held accountable for what happened. While at same time we need to take care it's very. It's an economic. Yes no question and we settle long only one has the chance to compete and we'll partners is up against any staffing agency locally. Across the country. If they if they move on to somebody else because were higher cost provider we can live it you know we know the quality of care but. If it's purely a financial decision because of your point is that they knew the number. You which is the exactly settled long day they should return the date on open it's dead o'clock today and now last night and again this morning they're they're using financial figures saying that we are much higher better. You know there's some exposure that her and we and we're gonna have to seek answers. Any lessons learned here and plug it listen we've taken accountability. For what happened terms of our parent. Electronic it was submitted on time. Hard cap it it was not be accepted that we apologize for that we hold ourselves accountable. All we ask for its school district to do the same thing which is if they expect us to file their feet. They should fellow there he is well they clearly did not. Thank you quantity. Prices. Well we began the process a week or so ago we fast we filed treatment creation request to get all the correspondence emails any other documentation. Meeting schedules anything associated with this bid. To find out what what's gone the last 306090 days. It the legal options we're looking at and then the official appeal process. Annoyances they take too long but again we can't wait around to see what happens at you know. Hands of government we have to act him and that's in the best interest burners news. Hughes doesn't expect any action on an appeal for about a week or so will be following back Monday. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.