Addressing the opioid crisis 930in716 May 14, 2018

Monday, May 14th

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Her it's 930. In 716. Another peek inside the belly of the beast that is the OPO laid epidemic. So one fortunately my son passed away last year. He'd married on February the fourth and on February the fifth he was found dead. We have not turned a corner yet when it comes to overdoses and the point I'm trying to make is there's a difference between overdosing you don't and dine and overdosing and surviving. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. On WB yen's hardline program Sunday host Kevin Hardwick went in depth on the OP oil crisis. Yes headway is being made but we're not nearly out of the woods. Kevin welcomed in Nazi Israel and Jacqueline at San Diego of save the Michaels in organization named after. Israel's son Michael who took his own life in the midst of populated diction. I came here from Arizona. Tandem. I saw sighing. A body obvious rails about say the Michaels and sometime later. I contacted Audi and Julian and want to get together and find out about their organization that the timing someone still alive bison as it disabled American veteran even. And he. Was disabled in the are me. And that's when he got addicted to hope you it's they start giving them drugs instead of taking care of the issue of her blown disks in his back. At the same time they started giving them maintain anxiety medication an anti depression medication and on the doctors had to create don't work together very well so unfortunately there are always. Given a medications in not checking with each other and so these student veterans often go undetected that their. Become addicted to OP Lloyds. And so my son became addicted to opium rights. And has been in and out of the BA many times the detox centers are not. Monitor properly these guys don't have the ability to stay too long term. I believe this is why god has brought me together with Ali because he's fighting for a long term care for these guys for all people men and women alike. You know and heat and most important and I notes about being with Heidi and Julie. Is that they hang out so much love for all of these people. He cares about their dignity he cares about who he cares about their families he cares about them he their clothes that everything. I have not seen at all in all of this in all this time that I have been fighting for my son for justice. Fighting for my son to get help I've not been able to find anybody that's really helped the person. From their heart never sold the way to Connie and Julie hang out. So one fortunately my son passed away last year. He'd married on February the fourth and on February 5 he was found dead. On this is still under investigation. I'm my son that the person. At the the issue was working at the life so. You know that's an issue and that wasn't taking care of by the VA evening news that my son was insulted that the VA by somebody. And that wasn't taken care of by the DA there are many. Many veterans that are not taking care of properly at the NBA and I'm able to seeing now that content and Julian stepped in and started this foundation. That the veterans are keeping getting help through where they weren't getting help otherwise so I think so grateful for Audi in Chile because he's helping so much. What audiences gave ET IT CU obviously a number says that the county legislature Emma Emma legislator and and we've taken several steps. In an attempt to combat the the epidemic. Is it fair to say I don't want to put words in your mouth and I'm sure you would not let you go where you're bound to isn't is it fair to say that you try to work through the system and get state and local governments to. To address this problem in a manner that would make a difference. And you became frustrated so you you decided just take matters into your own hands with the founding of sync the my. All's well I think. Let's go let's put it this way you and CEO of any government agency that can deal. Did you have to deal would bureaucracy. And bureaucracy gets in the way of treatment. That's obvious we all know it. Well what we've decided to do would say good Michael skews her. It is to cut to cut the bureaucracy and that's what we do very good. And get to the point immediately and get help immediate. I I see your ads running now on TV you've got to him he's got a good ad buy out there I don't know who. Put together the ads has done the buying but they've they've certainly got a strategy which which targeted me because I'm. I see them all the time when someone calls the numbers that that flash is up on the screen what happens. Well first of all. They get to compassion. Is that they have been lacking a law. The first thing that happens is we want to know if you need help right now are you okay. Do you what use would it what is it that you are using. And you have a place to state kingdom. If you are on the U wanna go to detox would you you know you need to go to detox and you need to go to treatment. And and where we start. Rolling. When a person calls. We don't care whether or not she got insurance. We want and all of you have if you need help right now are you ready to go to treatment right now this minute. This isn't that one of the problems again if you're just tuning in talking to obvious real. Save the Michaels also gentleman's and veto it and studio would mean. Isn't that what the problems that that that we found that this someone calls outline and then it's like OK can you. Make an appointment at two weeks from Wednesday in and you know when someone calls here and many times during that time of crisis and he got again a dead end and that's impossible that's been the biggest problem. And that's what woods has been one of the problems with hotline in Iowa I don't wanna knock down hotline hotline helps anything. Anything helps. The difference between the to hotlines it and it goes through several gates. What happens with save the Michaels as you go through one door when one door on the we are points of entry into the system. Which is in government bureaucracies that's not the way it goes and you have to go through several cuts go through several dates. And before you get treatments and sometimes may take a day to whatever. When somebody is in the throes of addiction and somebody is suffering from withdrawal symptoms of them. They wanna get help right now. I don't there's not a moment to lose when my son asked for help. The morning of June 4 he wanted to help that Maury if you wanna come back to on Monday and that's what he was told. To call back on Monday so Monday one so Michael went into the back bedroom and shot himself. That's one of the things that we are trying to stop as Fuld from somebody. Not being able to get help immediately is either going back to using again because the pain of withdrawal is so severe. And all taken their life. Fortunately we have made quite a bit of progress and with the help of all. The colony and I have to say something about that the recounting every county has stepped up tremendously. All in the last year compared to what it was 456 years ago when we started doing. Well well I gotta tell you as a as a county legislator having having dealt with the EU in the process having senior presentations. I I got to you that's that that's in large part because of your action. I mention of the families of flight 3407. A little bit earlier I don't think we would have and changes in the FAA regulations were it not for those him and I don't think. If if you end and people that you grow with you to legislative chambers didn't make us aware of this problem. You know we went to bed because we're we're out there in the community we're like everyone else and and you know some things we don't see and you brought this to our attention in news you dramatize it. Listen we have to take a a breakdown on but when we return. He Israel say the Michaels will be here along with Jacqueline is and Vito. Eventually after the bottom of the hour news with the owners will get around to lose some calls if you wanna call in. I give us a call at 8030938030930. A when we come back and wanna talk about the government rolled that net just in. A resolving the appeal it epidemic. But perhaps in causing it didn't and discussed that with IV and Jacqueline in the meantime. I'm Kevin Hardwick you're listening to hard line news radio 930. And welcome back to hardline Kevin Harvick here sitting out with a couple of parents who lost children. As a result of the OP Lloyd epidemic a lot of us have been affected by this. Most of us thank goodness have now been affected as directly as my guest. They are obvious real and gentleman's and veto you may know lobby from save the Michael's. Named after his son. The website by the ways save the Michael's. Dot org and phone number in case you. You were someone you know needs assistance is 9848375. 9848375. Although I'm sure that information is on their website save the Michaels dot org. I'm. You know. Jacqueline. You were son. Was. Became quote and this medicine directly because of the government he was in he was in the military. And military doctors are VA doctors prescribe this stuff for yes. I need supervise this last semester and honors thesis for one of mine all college honors students Katie hope to cut. And she she did her thesis on the open it epidemic in the return in response to it. And it was pretty amazing looking up at them the lead up to this and the government involvement. I mean began a couple of decades ago when when government starts saying hey doctors autumn. You know look at pain as a a primary problem in Natchez. Deal with the disease the deal with pain so. So they they incentivized. They require physicians to you know get involved in in pain management would in a way that they were nap before. And you know I was talking to a doctor of mine recently and he said you know government New York State government had in involvement in this. When they started reading hospitals and and you know they we we we go and we look at the rating if we compare one hospital to another woman thing your procedure we look for the five stars and restart whatever. And decade hospitals and incentive. To make people happy when they when they left and yes you you you give us a bunch of these drugs and you get this India will give them by stellar month Abkhazia. That was still work that was the work of the pharmaceutical companies. So in the mid ninety's with the lead to the leader was obviously Purdue pharmaceutical. They came out witted this. Smiling. To frowning face. And they convince congress that it's. The fifth vital sign was paint. And that was obviously. Including an you know liars strategy to sell more painkillers so. When you look went into a hospital and and you were treated in the emergency department and and you know what was the rate of your pain and you. Go army seventh ya you there were required to give you medication for four or pain and the medication became. Opiates. And the same thing when you left the hospital you you was close to rate the hospital and that's how government reimburse the hospital if you were satisfied. And got out of the hospital would no pain you've got a better rate of reimbursement yet technically. Interesting part about all of this is yes that is so true but my son. Was it patient back and forth and back and forth in and out of rehab at the VA and was patient for many other things mental health issues as well. But my son. Was working and he smashed his finger and he can't surgery and hand it steel plate put in and everything. Not some hope Somalis got. But he went to a regular hospital he went 288. An area where he didn't have to deal with the VA because they just wanted to give O'Neal. They can carry that he was addicted to them they didn't care that he kept saying I don't want to take the I don't want this instead. They casino that you have to have this you have to have the so my son decided to go and hip surgery how excited to be in have to pay for it himself because that this issue. Them. He has no. If it. Is it is it fair to say this through all of the work that you have done and the lobbying at the and the state. And local level. That maybe we've finally turned the corner here at least in in Erie county it seems like they did you know we've reached a peak. It used to be not a month went by when he didn't hear someone you know I have. My two youngest sons are 25 and 26 they've lost a number of their friends and it seemed that it was it was happening quite frequently I haven't heard about the any of their friends. Passing recently and I know that's a small sample my two sons but heavily heavily turned. And here I think we have turned a corner when it comes to the to. Death. And I we have not turned a corner yet when it comes to overdoses them and the point I'm trying to make is this a difference between overdosing you know and dined and overdosing and survived. What what is being done very good in Erie county as we have created a system. Where if you go into the hospital. You get treated wood the arcana obviously right away you get you would now I can all over the plate and a lot of people a lot of Kerry and art handles a lot of people are carrying our candy addict Erie county did as tremendous a great job in training. Thousands of people in the Erie county to to use our canned. We're using now a lot more on our canned two days among we will use him before. We are now are using may be at one time we were used maybe one or two doses we are used in five and six and seven doses of dark hand today to keep somebody alive. Because of defense and now. But we're not losing people at the rapid rate that we have lost so sorely are we becoming complacent then because we don't see the statistics. I think so I think so I think what is really needed now is to move towards treatment. And we're starting to do that with the help of somebody CD's the emergency departments we're now you can get. Medication assisted treatment and an appointment. To switch to outpatient treatment right away. On Wednesday may 23 a special twelve voices in twelve hours broadcast on WB and addressing the yield pioli crisis. Will welcome twelve in studio guests all day long. And and today with the lie of community OP Lloyd conversation. From the city of title Wanda high school auditorium at 6 PM. Join us then and back to more. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.