Addressing Collins Fall-Out At the White House - Arlette Saenz


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The first let's go live to the White House were joined by our let's sign send our let seed despite Chris Collins being the president's first supporter. In congress over the past 48 hours. We really haven't heard from Donald Trump. No that's right ran and yesterday at the president held a meeting with governors in the state attorneys general to discuss prison reform. And at the end of that meeting a reporter rush out and multiple questions to ask seen him to weigh in on on this does the situation involving Chris Collins. And the president just ignored those those questions we know that college has been an add immense an ardent supporter of the president elect the first endorsed him as you said but so far at the White House is mama. On his status. I this weekend is the unite the right rally and it's being held in Washington DC. As opposed to a year ago when it was in Charlottesville and turn deadly. Is that White House talking about this at all. We haven't heard anything from the White House about this rally just yet but it will be take team that plays right outside the White House in Lafayette. Square park we know that some protesters. Are planning to march from a nearby metro station over to this park it's unclear if the president will be here when this all takes place but as he mentioned this comes and the one year anniversary of those clashes. Down in Charlottesville. That the governor of Virginia has actually I declared a state of emergency down there. As they are also planning to have events but there will be a big showing here. In the nation's capital not just from groups related to unite the right. But they're also maybe some counter demonstrations as well what will the president be in Washington this weekend. It's unclear we haven't received his schedule just yet but. We do you expect him to be in bad minster on Saturday and then Sunday at least for part of the day so it's unclear if he will be here is all of this is unfold as correspondent Ireland's signs joining us live from the White House.