Adam's Mark Hotel in new hands 930in716 July 17, 2018

Tuesday, July 17th

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It's 930. In 716. The Adam's Mark Hotel it is the largest conference hotel outside Manhattan. In New York State and it has a new owner. I think area and in. Plan and then move we'll let the market to record. I'm Jim Wenger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. Canadian developer Harry Stinson became the new owner of the Adam's Mark Hotel recently. He's the same developer who tried to be the savior behind the central terminal. Now he's playing Candace will be the focal Adam's mark along the I won ninety situated along the southwest edge of downtown. And not far from canal side it's a huge building so it's a challenge and there's no question that's a lot of work to do. But the general sponsor from the community and from the staff is usually pause Danson came into our studios Tuesday and talked with Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. And so many people coming out of out of the woodwork were on staff there are just Koreans say you know in the old days they used to used to used to use to have the banquet here were at a wedding here. Used to work there forty years it's been there. And there's just so many stories. And it's almost positive was it that drew you to the Adam's mark. Well it's it's a big hole talent had been looking for a big conference hotel and it is it is so far. Fact it's much larger than I thought it would be in depression or should the market it is the largest conference hotel outside Manhattan. In New York State. And not counting casinos but it it's an enormous scale. But I it was an accident I happened to stay there 1 evening my head meaning City Hall next morning quarterly. And so I need a hotel and I just stumbled into it. And as a person who has run and owned hotels before it struck creative there was a lot of unrecognized opportunity in hotel as a business that it just seemed. Mystified it was it was just coasting along they. The facilities there will be the coffee shop was closed. It just just things weren't happening there and and it became apparent that the the ownership of it you know was in the mood to sell. Mum they openly said it was not their expertise and their expertise with more of the limited service hotels. Wealth which they have many and and do a fine job with. And my specialty is the of the news the out of the box over the top places that the white elephants the dinosaur shouldn't political. And this hotel has it in spades. Joined live in studio by hairy stints in the new owner at the Adam's Mark Hotel here it's one of those hotels. That is maybe the most visible in buffalo from its location. From its size and everything and it's so one of the hotels I think a lot of people have driven pastor maybe. The past ten years and said. It relieves a facelift or something on the outside and I'm guessing. You agree what's in store for the Adam's mark in the coming yours absolutely as you say those levels exactly do hit on the point. It could not only use of faced if you could actually use a sign on the hotel that sent hotel. Yeah I drove past the building for years and did not know was a hotel Adam's mark. As it is a chain which was a chain of twenty large conference hotel that was the smallest one. Collapsed ten years ago. So there's the name on a hotel chain that doesn't exist that nobody remembers. And the word hotel doesn't appear so it is sort of starts we've. The social media is all great but you know a sign on the building telling group of people what you are is is apple fashion but it does work. But are also lift does corporate. Our focus is definitely going to be on reviving what it was originally which with a group event title tell you know it's struck me of god I'm in the lobby every day now of watching and we have to have buses pulling out one DO sometimes we have 678 and died a day. To tour buses pulling opera most hotels in buffalo would still hotel period and that would be. Because most hotels are a hundred rooms giver today is his 500 rooms and in depth of focus it was the focus when it was built and it lost it. It just became overnight accommodations so we're going back to that we're gonna revive the food and beverage not chain restaurants are owned restaurants and there are 24 hour. Cafe del you just just make the thing. You know a destination for all say events large and small whether it's an anniversary to 12100 people sitting down in the ballroom. But just totally. Making inexperience. You wouldn't be spending and Alter ego acquisition proper close to thirty million dollars topping the acquisition and the rest of it. Updating their rooms the rooms are you know they're dated it's more than you paid. It's about how they don't have to I mean the world in terms for the bell of the building itself. Actually it'll be about two and a half times the acquisition price total. How much other property you own hairy. What do we know I don't know an awful lot but I arrived I've done a few very distinctive approach one king last is probably building that is comparable hotel intro. 51 stories and it's totally non branded. And and yet it has 96% occupancy. It's 500 rooms actually it's a huge hotel thumb and it started 92005. We opened its its running independently to this day. Would you like to run. The Adam's mark the buffalo grand hotel the same way you're running now on yes and the the buffalo ran good point buffalo Brenda is the new name. With the same ways event driven but the difference is that. The buffalo round how is 72000 square feet of functions race that's equivalent to the convention center. Meets six times as large as one came in terms with conference pars. We're joined live in studio by Carrie stints in the new owner of the Adam's Mark Hotel soon to be rebrand its soon to be little face lifted and I do wanna get into why buffalo with you in just a moment but. We're still talking a little bit about what's in store. For the Evans mark him we are mentioning kind of you know what it used to be M what it can be in the location. Has a lot to do about you know it's one of the places in buffalo you see driving in on the 190. If you're getting off you know you might be ably. Get off the three way right in front of that hotel that's great at Texas straight on either side yeah right I canal side of receive prime location is it a surprise to you that. That hotel now is in the condition that it's in. In a way it is. That bid but on the other hand the hotel industry has migrated very much towards the franchised the brand you know the standard garden and that's the merit courtyard which are very good you know clean reliable tells. But is done it they're not the same as conference hotel they're easy to run the smaller compact hotels. This is not this is a village or hundreds of people and stuff it's a seven acre site you know 500 rooms in this. Is 26 banquet rooms of the complexity of running this hotel is significant. And most hotel operators are noninterest and its much simpler to have a standard brand limited service not a hundred rooms outdoor parking. No food and beverage to worry about you know the head office tells you whatever the color is you know it does it rate structured does the advertising. You know if it's more property management island mr. org org to go to the boutique hotels and there's some really good boutique hotels and in buffalo now. But they don't have the capacity do the offense and this building was built by Hilton. Forty years ago as a conference hotel it was the big conventional delusion deliberate and it was it was government supported it was a you know it was a Urban Renewal pro check to bring things big things back down tolerate it for two years. The irony now is that the times even better with canal side having developed in so much happening around downtown walk humbled now. You know it's always integrate location so for the organizers visit buffalo Niagara they'd like it now because they can sell the city for big events. Harry our listeners want now they're texting and chances wonder if that weird red looking logo I don't know what it is pathetic I you know it's. What do they call it Theo birthmark it is on the road it's just it is it's going off. So the via you know a grand logo up there for the buffalo ground. Aren't so that's I think a lot of people via happy to hear that so wanna get. The reasoning why buffalo from you because a lot of people remember your name. From the central terminal your efforts there to try and you know get some sort of re development going. Now with the Adam's mark go why the interest in buffalo. It's a fascinating city I specialized. Over the years and restoring historic buildings big goals historical building that we're sort of unusual that again. Cinemas at the hotel industry needed development industries is cookie cutter. It is still glass towers and draw on particular everywhere I've taken on in usual buildings. I'm buffaloes are so many wonderful historic buildings it's tough character downtown. Which you know is is someone missing in Toronto if you're sort of ironic strong Tony and things off closer to cruel and AG and and people buffalo all seem to think Toronto is very cool sophisticated and you always like that he can and to this tour and and there is that there is a connection back and forth so many people fly out of buffalo Canadians shop here. Mean it's a huge part of the buffalo economy I just became fascinated by this the energy of the city and the potential impact. Was it was perplexing that the just wasn't a major hotel functional. And don't manage our law actually there was it just was hiding in plain sight. And and it's tied in with central terminal. Nam it was there I found it because I was going to a meeting at City Hall about those central terminal they're going to that. You know moment where that other train station and followed a partner for deciding what to do with the turn on and how it seems to have sort of faded into the background. But it was apparent that one of the challenges I was facing with the central terminal. Have potential acquisition was them saying you know I'm an unknown from out of town. So why should this community turn over this grand historical landmark. That so dear to so many people this guy from out of town who had no track record. So a run across this big equivalent facility it it is an event facility. That was right there was fully operational. And could be acquired. A private transaction no government no committees though studies and you know just buy it and do it and prove that it was credible and so he did. And he is. I always found it's been very. Very strong market for auto down developers. George hamburger would know he's been involved in commercial real estate in buffalo for thirty some years he's with Hannah commercial. In talks about the Adam's mark and other commercial real estate developments in buffalo. In by nearly thirty years in commercial real estate. I spent a lot of time developing out of context or interest in the gulf war on a lot of this find it on the Rohm and what we will call me this is like and I find what they're looking for. Let I think areas than in plan and then move up and the markers to reflect. Over the last couple years I've brought people down the ticker cracked it. That they get stronger after looking through a little bit it to. That's true too heavy a lift to try to do something because model Paula casual coming in at the moment. But the closer they ask inflation's certainly are in need a lot of work so I'm. Mom my head off Ares in Toronto. Been down here and do something the other marker and no he wants to prove himself because he kind of got showed all the way with Leah. Central terminal project that is flashier but he's certainly capable guy and anybody can do it he can and I'd like to see what's gonna happen. You know. Looking at that idea of the out of town developer coming to buffalo are you surprised to see that people from. Out of town taking on such big projects here in buffalo. Nor not not a law I think. Over the years I I I've noticed that they see ball toward the bargain Lisa and bargain compared to other markets in other countries Abdullah about. Other countries people through. Who come here and their doors. Intrigued by the architecture they say if they're here for a couple weeks to get the white people. Year. A lot of moved army they'd like totally clear if they could you know because once they've been trying to market. Like Doug Jamal you know bought a house here in Baltimore article. In the Delaware district. People just lord here and newer architecture and they love the opportunity. To vote will provide. What about a judge in Holland of the one Seneca building and how far he's and gotten with dance and to land today. For it to click the O line of our party and open Mumbai and the time. So there's a lot there to work with the scenery of course I think you get a good. Staff and professionals around them so. They have to do it you know bit by bit because there's almost to do their bit. I think you know what the market dictate some of what he does there which I think is Smart way to do it. Are you happy to see I'm in our other two buildings and in more of a need of a face lift them once Seneca tower. And the Adam's mark to such prominent buildings that are basically neighbors in the grand scheme of things downtown. Well they certainly are you know it's in everybody's vision well. I think it's not a great notion city all these guys are gonna communities out there are doing. George what's next what what else is out there in buffalo that's. In need of attention Mahler Harry Stinson. Well I I think I will be in a press last couple years with someone like Rocco Germany and he's going into a different neighborhoods. Or on the west side and other areas of the city and have long forgotten. And I've just been amazed. At some Asians some of these guys. But there out of town or local developers and we've got some great local as I've been amazed that motivation for taking your big. Want them in a goalie that were. We know 110 years ago in making this something very contemporary cool and cool air cool the word I guess what they're doing. So are just everyday on this so we'll look what I see after nearly thirty years in commercial break and just so happening right now. It's just been getting better and better. When you look at the landscape of buffalo we we see the work being done at once Seneca and now we have the Adam's mark to so many other. Places that are being redeveloped I was just walking past. He has soon to be Labatt house right next to the arena yesterday. Old building that's right in the public guy is going to be turned into something new. Are other buildings still kind of on the or maybe a red flag list or around the city of buffalo. That you look and see ma'am we need to do something that's. Why I think I could begin to look sought government Ed you know what you all ought to probably think this bullet went. What the problem for awhile was that the owners as somebody's going to loan for years. And that they can hold out. Heard what they think is the ceremony for the Golan. I know would make every camera with 79 Perry street next in the arena. That it was bought. You know they've they've been trying to so that's a number of years. And I know they got what it's seven million dollars. For the bowling as a news. But the tools can do that. Saw I think that in the nation short while it. The people hang on to a bill when they need to work more than what people who've really you know readily offer for earth and leisure people have to offer what they think. Quite that can work in the old Earl died when they're done redoing the I have to look at your acquisition got to make them. And sometimes sellers don't see that. Back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.