Accusations Against LeSean McCoy - Aaron Katersky


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Let's go live now to New York City not far from league offices were refined airing cancer ski Aron has the NFL responded to. These allegations said anything in the last 24 hours. Only briefly to say they're reviewing the matter and the Buffalo Bills. Of course civic spoke with the NFL and are continuing together information the bills also so they think we're in contact with McCoy. And police in Georgia are also trying to sort out what they're calling a home invasion at a home owned by McCoy. And apparently stayed in by his legacy estranged girlfriend. Who's the picture rugby of purported bloody picture was posted on line. And we're not sure whether. The that they're they're they're looking for any suspects or or or whether there you know they're looking first hired another of McCoy or or watch split. Apparently according to her lawyer there was some jewelry that McCoy wandered back and he said some people to try and go get it. And Aaron it. It sounds like the aid Milton Georgia police have acknowledged that this home invasion did occur and a woman was assaulted there right. Over there for sure that they be it it it it it. According to police speedy investigation indicates the residence was specifically targeted by the suspect or suspects not random. The police said. And when officers arrived they'd they'd found the victim who had been physically assaulted by a lone intruder. And during the altercation a suspect demanded specific items from the victim. Kill it it doesn't sound like it would be called a home invasion if it was McCoy who. Did the invading of his own home. But may be and again this is salt. Kind of putting different pieces together. You can speculate that maybe he sent somebody. Into the house but but who knows and and police so far don't really seem to have a whole lot of clarity here. Now we've seen how this is played out over the last 24 hours or so here in buffalo with fans kind of saying one thing or another nine I mentioned the same. Thing rings true on a national level where there's this thirst for information you have so many of these. Little tidbits of details and information floating around social media but. It until the facts are known I mean any sort of conclusion can not teammate. Well right. And hence don't get a vote I mean the you know it looked production McCoy is I think lived up to his nickname plotting not just in buffalo but also when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles this is no boy scout girl to boy right pisses. Someone who's been dog bite by burying accusations now to include if we're to believe being mr. Graham post domestic abuse animal cruelty. Performance enhancing drug use at and child abuse so he has denied all that. But police now at least in Georgia is not and other jurisdictions there are going to begin taking a look. Aren't the suspend obviously a top story here for 24 hours but. This is also playing a pretty big nationwide is an. Like I think so because again it's an NFL player who has been accused of some some rather serious misconduct we've. A purported image to to back it up and and whether it was at his own hand or at that at his behest. With the NFL and the bills you know reviewing the matter and gathering information. McCoy if all this plays out could could be in serious trouble. Arum we thank you for the time that's Eric's Ter ski joining us outside legal offices. In New York City day he mentioned the Shawn McCoy EA said no boy scout here and do we kind of know love a little bit about. What is happening in the past with McCourt obviously right after he had signed here in buffalo. There was the this were story about an attack of an off duty police officer back in Philadelphia there was also stories of him. Stiffing no waiters a lot made about that in the past a story about an assault on a party bus all of this is this kind of been swirling around LeSean McCoy. Now being brought back up because of a whole new round of very serious allegations.