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Tuesday, September 19th

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Can't tell you how excited I am to announce that the as of today. On the Erie county Joseph management division has received a much coveted on recognition from New York's teachers association. Is being an accredited. Home kill agency. On her word equally pleased that the gym management division is joining their their partners both police services division. As well as our civil division which each separately had him received their accreditation status. On this may not be a program that you're on familiar with but I'd first like to acknowledge. On the individuals here. On the made it happen from superintendent Dina. On captain Hartman on the eve game much minister recently retired. But hung around long enough to see at least there's a baby almost through delivering on Sargent Lisa Jenkins. In and the equally important parts from Sargent Jeff Kirk Izzard is our trainer and Aaron it's easy to figure which is bigger and how good do it McChrystal plan. From an equally important part of this extremely important part of this is a New York State sheriffs association. On here to tell you about the program. Is. Executive director of the New York's teachers association. Mr. Peter keel. Here. It's my great pleasure to be aired today on behalf of all the shares of New York State to recognize and on her share of power no men and women of every county sheriff's office on the occasion accreditation this year corrections division. Only half of the State's 62 counties have been able to achieve accreditation so obviously this is no easy accomplishment. And something which bureau should be very proud sure. And this comes on top as you mentioned of civil accreditation. And gradation of the law enforcement division which there are. And his office have also heard from our association. And from New York State law enforcement accreditation. Council. When an agency pursues accreditation means the agency is pursuing excellence in its perfection. And all of these accreditation show that the Erie county sheriff's office is constantly in pursuit of excellence. So Britain congratulations you sure hardened and your administration's superintendent you know all the men and women who work in the corrections division. For this accreditation which we honor here today. You know to my mind corrections officers are the unsung heroes of law enforcement system. They spend a large part of their lives locked up behind bars with some of the worst people in our society. And they must protect us from most people but they also must protect those people from each other. And they also always have to be mindful that some of the people who are charged are actually in this. And they also must be mindful that. The innocent and the guilty. Are entitled to safe to remain respectful treatment when in their charge. It's a tough on enviable job which we yes he's good public service to perform every day. We owe them our gratitude for their willingness to do it and to do it right. And hit it Erie county obviously they do right by this accreditation which we present today. And most people are generally familiar with the concept of accreditation so one might reasonably ask. Why do we bother why how does that benefit the citizens of your account. Well it's not just for bragging rights oval that's nice position to begin making as many practical actual. Positive facts. It proves operations and performance of the agency. It increases the morality agency. Employees know that measured by some objective standard there doing an excellent job. That someone is actually taken them time to recognize them for the cancer reducing incidence of lawsuits and liability. Reduce insurance cost because of fewer lawsuits for fewer successful us. And most importantly to my mind tends to increase the public's confidence in the public's public institutions. And that is why the sheriff's association devote so much it's time and resources. Workers protection programs. And you know sheriff accreditation was not something that was available to you just for the asking. To achieve accreditation your corrections division had to meet you very stringent set of standards though experts in the field corrections. These standards currently have a 166. Individual components. And to gain accreditation your jail operation had to submit to scrutiny by an outside independent board processors. Which reviewed the agency's operations and tko to ascertain whether or not. It met these many demanding standards. I was very pleased to received recently agreed unanimously support from these independence sensors. That Erie county corrections facility and staff met and in most cases exceeded all of these standards. So again congratulations sir are you sure that your administration superintendent Buena especially to the men and women of the Erie county chairs. Christians their vision for this accomplish. And I wanna say about things I have to have this opportunity to publicly proclaimed. The outstanding work being done by your sheriff's office here in your county and outstanding. Workers and the jail in Erie county. And I would ask you share after except this class now. And recognition of this outstanding achieve. You're executive director. We were looking for a way to celebrate their national insurance weekend. And nothing could have been better than this with your your presence here in this right. I do. Recognize your words in this and again. When witnesses are subject decided it was time for her to retire when we leave her thing. It is. Is this and all of your equally responsible and your contribution. There should we expect. You may have some questions from us about this there. I'm sorry. You. He'd be. 366. Standards a rough idea of what they are you want to go through the list. Yeah. We have probably team to question rhetoric and certainly the existence of policy and procedure manual pump is a large part of that. On my do know from from doing assessments missile room for police services and other and other areas. That in addition to the home having standards and that clobber each of the different. 166 they're also have to be on documentation. And welcome plan that was a large part of leases work. So. Did it several different aspects to a first of all we have to look at the management of the facility the management the administration. Of the facilities the staff the staff saying. That the civil service requirements are being met. That. There's policies and procedures which are about that developed by corrections above and a correction expert above and beyond that which is required by state commission corrections are being met. Then and after we look at the staff and the facility. We look at how the inmates handled. And the use of force against inmates in this is when it is used when it only when it's necessary when users are used appropriately. It's appropriate properly reported to the commission corrections as required by law. Checker records management systems and make sure that they records are accurately captain certain ones or kept on others. Record kept by our policy is as batters more. Better step just actually requires. We look at the initiation missions and discharge procedures the securities supervision. All of these. Little details that make up the big picture of corrections. And again this very happy to see me you know meet sir she's everyone posted it. Not just standards imposed by the state. But standards which are imposed by our accreditation system which sets higher standards are best practices not what's the minimum reporter. But what we recommend. It's the best practice. The transfer of the medical home. Portion of the Jim had been factored that share from the Tony Awards was one component that's. And and I hadn't yet knowledgeable and let another opportunity well what for the cooperation. County government. We couldn't have bonus I think we're accreditation hasn't been realized and of the counties in this stamp issues and resources. I'm not under the share split under the the different counties so the the meeting of the standing mandate. Was a huge part of this the number of people to cover the posts. We didn't get people to to pick up for training and preserve the character so are our staffing levels are appropriate which allows us to again. Take people and have opportunities. Take people off of their work horse and his interest in me treating me so. While the global throughout the company is well. Our purpose. Call me crazy. You know he's saying I'm sure it's very you know they hit the. Or is huge did the the Tony is self insured but mineralization or wreckage nation that we do. Com have adopted the model standards that we are complying that that is certainly an indicator that management hidden reason to who to believe. Morrissey. That we are abiding by any standards on that huge. An important part in every law enforcement agencies public trust so where are we can at the public say wait a minute we of course share. Can tell you how wonderful his or her agents get but outside people coming in and evaluating the public more to trusted. Or to accept that this definitely is not the facility that it was fifteen years ago but don't recognize that Tony had something to do with giving us the resources we need. To get there but fact of the issue went public trusting increases corporation. Increases we have less of them occurrences where we're expending resources to prove. Com or false allegations that they weren't that pulse and leaving us with more resources to continue. On to get additional programs that are good for one so certainly that is that is used that we now have. Focus and I'm going forward and that trying to prove it false allegations. From the past. You if they existed then clearly at least. That they no longer exists now. The Korean War. Hair. Occasionally you know. So. It's news sheriff's association is the only organization that does accreditation of jails. And as to how that's accomplished. We have we establish an independent processors from other counties other facilities are not related in the wake of this county. Who who themselves have been credited them were recognized experts in corrections they common review. The documentation for one thing to make sure that all the policies and procedures are in place. And then they look at the actual operations of some of policies and procedures which are required to have accreditation I actually followed so. And they look at the condition of the facility. They look at him medical staff as was mentioned they look at the kitchen and look at them. Facility that's all to make sure that it meets the standards which of them established by corrections professionals about. Mainly staff. Shares. Offices around your statement also. We participated national organizations also well corrections and our ideas are best policies. We look at. We don't investigate individual deaths obviously but we look at the procedures to make sure that the procedures. Were followed the procedures for reporting that sir follow. And cooperation with the state agencies that have the burden of Jessica seemed almost like column because that's the best practice. What's required recommended and required fire station. Your belief. Hear what. Yeah. Did. Had 27 team that we. Problem recognize that we had approached the global we're good path. I think it's been. But establishes Saturday. You know just ask citizens receive it. We know we knew. What the standards were. We knew we had commuted to Bennett and I'm certainly. Would not have been able to get just before 2017. For reasons are excited including staffing and training. Almost certainly too big part of this couldn't train people we did people not forced overtime to couples that we had a proper so. On the pony has cooperated you've reduced staffing levels as recognizable to stay tuned for reliable. And after. Meeting is stepping mandate we've done one. To training so we had to hire people weren't true. Were. They were trying. It is. Harder. Today groom and his. He don't issue here referring to is his prior to be this accreditation period. I'm also I'm sure your awareness I mean litigation. Mean this much is pending litigation. And not wanting to impact potential jury Crandall. An incident with pending litigation. Takes place over several months but the on site visits may be several days or week depending upon them so that not sure exactly how on the team was here. But the they actually view by the processors experience and so place over a period of months. This. He's been immense amount of paperwork that has to be review. Processors just before they actually do their actually. That answers Craig look. Well I think that we can't. And wrong that you.