ABC SPECIAL COVERAGE: Terror Attack in Sweden

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Friday, April 7th

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So yeah. Scorers on. Pictures to the prime minister of Sweden calls it terror attack that truck has given him for the department store in Stockholm at least two people have been killed in Swedish police had a number of people have been wounded. There were also reports of gunfire images now show up quiet street queen street one of the major pedestrian thoroughfares in Stockholm. Pedestrians have been cleared out police vehicles have moved in and there are armed guards police tape up across this pedestrian thoroughfare. In Stockholm Warren truck has driven into a department store in what the Swedish prime minister called a terror attack. He spoke moments ago and city is on his way back to Stockholm. In order to monitor developments ABC news consultant Steve Gomez formerly of the FBI is where vs Steve just on. First read your impressions based on what we know so far. Well it's very fortunate that this is another situation where vehicles being new. And beat it then there or claiming that it's a terrorist attacks so yeah pretty obvious that this is another one of those to ice this girl I think expired. Terror attack using the vehicle to mow people down it is very unfortunate. Situation here and and it's just another trend. Which just. It concerns us all over the world and because now we're talking about Sweden with added another country you know we sweeten bit weird being England Germany. France the USOC. University. Is this this isn't going away we didn't think it was going to wait it's getting worse and really go out to be action is taken it stopped. Were speaking with Steve Gomez formerly of the FBI now when ABC news consultant after a terror attack in Sweden involving eight truck driven into an upscale department story in Stockholm the Swedish prime minister says one person has been arrested at least two people have been killed. And we're still trying to figure out the circumstances of exactly what happened. After the truck plowed into the department store we've seen images of it that that the giant hole. The kind of action re not at at the point of impact eyewitnesses had also have better they heard gunfire and were waiting to us to get confirmation of exactly what happened. In a main pedestrian thoroughfare of doc called. Where there have been a number of wounded according to the Swedish police. Images from the scene now show a number of people milling about. Speaking on cell phones many of them mud taking pictures of the scene we're not sure whether they've been effectively trapped in this particular area. And and Arnold wanted to leave based on road closures and other blockade or whether it is simply. Milling about did that to check out the scene but the the point of impact in the area around a department store in downtown Stockholm has been cordoned off. And and the main pedestrian thoroughfare of queen street where this happened. And it now seems largely deserted except for police officers. Who well who are there with weapons and and doing what they can to keep the crowds away. Our consultants Steve Gomez on law enforcement matters formally the FBI Steve as you say yet another. In that trend of vehicles being turned into weapons after Britain and Germany and France even the United States and Ohio State as you mentioned. And and and now Sweden which has not been immune to terrorism there was an attack in 2010 but it is not a country. That we often think about as a target. Now now we don't know that there has been some controversy. With regards to president trump. Talking about Sweden and talk about the problems or it. From a political standpoint I just imagine what to do this really going to gain. Traction. As far as. Administration discussing the issues that sweet and good now. We're we're editor at that exactly like want to see all around country all around the world especially in Europe so that the big problem there. But that was what your interest in about all we're hearing thus far if there is more than one individual bit. Want more than one suspect that and all that that might be is concerned about this style attack because again these types of attacks. Are are not on the radar it's very difficult to detect this because you're only vehicle and then and knives I don't know what they had other weapons. But just the vehicle now. So you have multiple people that are eater in the vehicle that are around where that vehicle is on a point to a packed. It's really create so much chaos from law enforcement. And at the citizens that they're gonna target because. Now you have multiple people that are gonna commit the attack and and what's worse also what do we have a situation where there are multiple vehicles which is completely possible. Given what we're seeing out good beacons. Indeed ABC's sent in salt on law enforcement matters Steve Gomez formerly of the FBI. As we monitor developments in Stockholm more a large trucks has plowed into an upscale department store. In a main pedestrian area at queen's street in Stockholm. There have been a number of people wounded according to the Swedish authorities in the prime minister says at least two people have been killed. There has already been one arrest according to the Swedish prime minister and you heard Steve stared mentioned how president trump. Pat has politically talked about Sweden in connection with a refugee problems I want to bring in ABC news White House correspondent Karen Travers who's been traveling with the president in in Florida. We knew it came briefly onto the radar as as the president had mentioned. An attack and nobody seemed to nobody was talking about the time. Now we have an attack. Yeah now we're waiting to get reaction from the White House the president is supposed to be starting any moment now a hit first of the series of meetings with China's president G here in Palm Beach, Florida. This would. The big meeting at the leaked it to the height state critical diplomatic hat and of course it's been overshadowed by so many other international event right now. But we have not gotten a reaction yet on that. Attack in Sweden from the White House and I the data it is in it situation like that. The let out a bit cautious before jumping bull whip Eric on that they'll I think right now they're probably getting her probation. Getting their feet and in order book where they say anything add as they are more details. And here we are waiting as you say for the president and that that the premier of China. Following that the latest developments in in Syria. Which had to have been in something of a message to it to the Chinese leader. About what does that the president may be willing to consider when it comes to to North Korea we await that I would ABC's Karen Travers in Florida I wanna turn to ABC's Brad Garrett. A formally the FBI now a consultant for a 21 law enforcement matters said Brad as you watch what's unfolding in Stockholm now where a truck has rammed into an upscale apartment door. Brings Sweden onto the list of countries. Where a vehicle borne attack as has caused casualties are your impressions on what we know so far. It does sound a bit like textbook crisis like should al-Qaeda. And the right out of there up their playbook although we don't know. Oh that's for sure at this point. Sweeten unfortunately he might be a logical target. They've had a lot of issues list. Some of their population have moved their Muslim countries. Has done a lot of dissent in the recent times so. On the eat it doesn't surprise me in that distance of being in crisis slash al-Qaeda. And a no claim of responsibility as of yet does Swedish prime minister had one person has been arrested perhaps they'll be able to get some information from that individual. At least two people have been killed in Swedish police say a number have been wounded as a result of what the prime minister of Sweden calls a terror attack in downtown Stockholm as a truck has run into an upscale apartment door we need an image. Of the the point of impact kind of been a blackened area of the department store. Where a number of people a clearly where were mowed down given via the statement of the Swedish police that so many had been. Injured in and do there had also been reported of gunfire. We haven't had that confirmed from Swedish authorities but but Brad if in fact that there was gunfire or some kind of shoot out win with suspects this also seems to be. Another sign of the crisis playbook. Yes that the driver either dies it is seen. Which typically happens or they get into the shootout. So. You know Mike gases driver it's probably armed. This is something that the police in Sweden would immediately react to based on. Just the very nature as to what happened so would not surprise me if there was issue gap between the police and the driver. Brad Garrett now formally be FBI now on ABC news consultant on law enforcement matters as together we watch development in Stockholm Warren truck. Seems to be a truck from a I'm beer brewer. That had plowed into a department store in Stockholm on kind of a long pedestrian. Street queen street which is a major thoroughfare. For pedestrians in in downtown Stockholm. That area is now blocked off and the truck is self. Appearing black skinned is surrounded by emergency vehicles. There had been reports in Swedish media that they did them through work. I had complained that a truck. That belonging to the business had been stolen earlier and perhaps stolen by those who have now carried out what the Swedish prime minister has called. A terror attack let's get more from the ABC news foreign desk and bring in a Tom rivers from London Tom good morning. Good morning or yeah haunting isn't it I'm not at this similar story to what we on December in Berlin. Not stealing a cargo shippers say at that appointment actually. Hijacking a vehicle. And the driver the driver was remember killed by the assailant. But we're looking out eight I'm very heavy goods truck looking at still here that are coming across the born this right now. And yeah this would a whole lot of beer and that it would lot of momentum as well slamming. Into that department store and as you say it many of the thoroughfares and in many of the capital here in Europe. Over the years have been pedestrian or not they are they're lovely places who to have fun to go to a to a restaurant shop Alexandra. But the scene of a large truck barreling down air. Must have just just frightened everybody of the lucky ones able to jump out of the way. But sadly the intelligence is reporting that quote and quote a large number have been injured. And we've seen some images of people scattering following the impact of the truck. With that department store in Stockholm of people running down a series of steps in and leading. On to a large prom and odd. This very similar two. A truck driving into the to steal day celebrations in these in the south of France. A truck that surprised Christmas shoppers in Berlin. And the car that drove into pedestrians in Westminster bridge near parliament in London just last month and now a truck has driven into an upscale apartment door. In a call I'm Aaron Qatar ski you're listening to live coverage from ABC news.