ABC News Update - Toronto Shooting

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Monday, July 23rd

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In Toronto Sunday night gunfire ring out. That left one person dead and thirteen others injured including a young girl shot when a gunman went on a shooting spree. It happened on a busy summer night in the cities Greek town in mid Danforth area police say the gunman is also dead. Our partner network CTV reporter Leo lot of fat is on the scene the suspect we know has died there was an exchange of gunfire when we asked the police chief. How the suspect died he says it is too early to say right now only can't confirm that there was an exchange of gunfire. And right now no word on the motive so of course with the shooter being dead that will likely complicate the investigation Toronto's police chief says it's too soon to rule out terrorism but says he wouldn't call it a random shooting either. The city has seen an uptick in violence in some areas Toronto's mayor John Torre calling for calm. These don't drawing conclusions please wait for the police to do their job they have plenty of these resources here. I'm Michelle Franzen ABC need.