930in716 September 21, 2017 Amazon HQ in 716?

Thursday, September 21st

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It's 933716. An Amazon headquarters in Western New York buffalo could be a little bit of a longshot but not everyone shares Jill slots in owners pessimism. So I'm making every effort to convince Amazon to come to Western New York. While people like account let out a bat up there are who we now know more were growing. Well on the upswing that we have a rock opera I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast Amazon and its lottery of sorts for new headquarters to be located. Well somewhere. So why not the buffalo and Western New York area. There's a deadline for areas interested in ruling that shopping giant to be home for Amazon's latest headquarters in October. Buffalo and Erie county are stepping up to put its best foot forward. Let's check in with a few people who have opinions on all of this. That buffalo market how many people about in the buffalo market how mentally what it population it depends on what you need to find everything out below market all right let's do that but all right what's our what's our media market let's talk about that is it a million people all. So yeah it's a million people in Erie county if you go to. Guys the city of buffalo ago Murray looking at half a million that match chills less in your host Jill on money on WB EM Saturdays and ash did all loud with Susan and Brian. OK so that's one hurdle because they really says they won a million people. We know you got the educated people because you've got a great state university right there so that's good rate. Talked to me about the airport and buffalo how is it. Well it's not an and I am very busy. Oh no oh you know they just have gotten yourself out of the right for this because really what went on has said. In the list of things it wants and I get to about like why I think this is just a silly beauty pageant of sorts anyway. But I mean they said they want metro with a million people a well educated workforce good public transportation. And international airport. So. I'm thinking that maybe buffalo could be a little bit of a longshot but I don't want to worry is the sneaking suspicion. That in fact this is all adds I think they already know where there ago and I think it's one of two places you're ready yeah. Austin, Texas gets what they just bought they just bought a whole foods whole foods has a huge campus at Austin, Texas land and be one place. And and then adopted three plays at its Austin. That DC area because I think that they want to be around DC because he's going to be on a regulatory scrutiny companies like Amazon. And that I think Boston is the other one which is horrible that your sports fan it's yet another reason to heat in Austin the. But that's true okay. You know I was going to ask you if you think they have their mindset already answered that they're red for those areas I mean you mentioned big. Popular cities there in Seattle do you think Amazon wants to be known more with and already established city more than and upping commerce so to say. Now let me. But this is a very strange. Turn of events frankly because what now now is that Amazon has just done a phenomenal job of shifting the conversation away from the reasons why we ate Amazon widgets it's big it's taking everything over it but in other companies out of business. Into like. Complacent and book book bend over backwards to give it to the tax breaks even you making good billion dollars a year and miners. Obscene about the idea of being municipality or city. Giving some sort of in sentiment inducement to a place like Amazon whose stock prices soared. And who's frankly just as you know the business is doing incredibly well I know you're gonna say hey they're supposed to be doing well for their shareholders that's all that matters. Not so I think that we really need to see it now wants to shift its perception. They should stop with this and say you know what of course I can ask for concessions but really we wanna be pretty good community member to where ever we end up. We don't need any tax breaks we make gobs of money. You know why. Here you can hit it I think Canada and the rider yeah ridiculous what it's like get any NFL team looking to build a new stadium. Well exactly and by the way we know that any of those what they. So I don't wanna do it directly appears not quite right because your I thought about that as well like whether it's the NFL or whether it's the Olympics that you usually does this city that they got it and have been terrible places in the aftermath not good for the tax holders. Taxpayers rather but. The reality is that this is it's at 50000 jobs obviously Howard buffalo that be a massive in what cities cities grow. But so it's not exactly the same. But I just I just find quite distasteful I have to say that that as someone who covers the stuff. And that every day that I had to cover what's going on with Amazon and how much money they're making. It seems really distasteful to have a company like this trying to. Rake one over on me I'm not tax holders of any particular city right. I'm looking forward whoever Amazon does end up picking. What that community get some perks like are there things in Seattle that and people get the air from Amazon that really aren't available anywhere else. So anyway people in Seattle really hate Amazon that really allowed with a capital really great they bring a ton of business to it but. They kind of destroyed the the essence of the city because it becomes like a city of one company. Now you work for Amazon you're probably saying two bad. Like this a good deal for us. But I really think it's important to remember. That you know any one CB. 11. Company town has risks that you want to first CD with lots of different employers. You know it just go ask your friends over at Rochester which is that it pretty good. Miles how many miles from Chester. I it's only an hour sixty hour drive they. So good to go see what it was like at Eastman Kodak run that town for awhile it was great while is good enough when it went down with bats and so we want lots of different companies and a lot of all the go to buffalo. And we want not the season to stars in his pops yeah official bursting the bubble sorry man. Senator Chuck Schumer was in Western New York Wednesday's smack dab in the middle of Rochester and buffalo. Peppered with questions about Amazon from reporters from both Rochester and buffalo. He sees it as a win win if either city got it and inciting some benefits of Bo. Well Amazon listed. Some criteria. A million people we have that in Western New York well educated and diverse population meaning. High school graduates and college graduates we have that. Good work ethic we have that. Low cost we have that. So I'm making every effort to convince Amazon to come to Western New York. Specifically after or buffalo. You can just send a letter. I sent a letter endorsing Rochester buffalo. You know we had a big fight when Geico wanted to come here between Rochester and buffalo. They located in the in the suburbs western suburbs of Erie county. Eastern suburbs of Jiri candy but a large number of their workers came from the Rochester area so we get a big employers either city the other city will benefit. Sore or should they if they. Wyoming count. It. Alabama. There you go well we did do that with the veterans cemetery buffalo and Rochester neither had a veterans cemetery so we located in Pembroke. Halfway. Maybe we'll do the same but they wanna be in a more urban area. On the Erie county level legislator Joseph Lou Reed though it's been a strong cheerleader for the Amazon project to be located here. He's leading the charge from the wrath building to spread the word and convince the Amazon Brad. So people like a cabinet now but that's not there are who we now know more work we're going well on the upswing and we have a walk off what makes us attractive. Everything I know the people you're working hard work our proximity to Canada. Proximity to New York City. Our university is what you'd be in everything else going in the area beat you really do have virtually everything that look before. As far as incentives go what would have to be offered to Amazon to lure bad company here. I know that's where we need to EU are competitive and I know pretty gutless so I know how difficult it is up for it isn't New York State. Only historically. Or Stater the second state in the country for doing business so we have to get our state leaders abort where. And make some changes to help Amazon com Europe and they'll curse as well our local leaders working together journal. Actually out you know that the data that announcement was made that would come on where. That's problematic ready yet eap in a letter to accept. We are all working together to you know put our best foot forward and and make proposal and do everything we can't bring good. You know game changing headquarters here. It's deemed changing but do we have to be careful how much. We incentivized. To bring whether it's Amazon or anyone else to the area. You know I think yellow can't be careful with something like this which would clearly you revolutionary and we did a lot of and it's it has worked for coming here and source city. They were properly on crew. Amazon has a proven commodity. We know what you're about the. The entire country in world does. So it sort of a different team you're at war. Let you know what qualities come you don't like it or it didn't restore. Are promised with 50000 jobs and a five billion dollar investment. Is something that you have to look at every option. Joseph on that note you mentioned the task slide and solar city facility the state invested a lot of money there would it be under reasonable to ask the state to invest it once again in buffalo for another big company coming our way. Actually not I got more than reasonable he can really come. No of the car that we could be you know New York City knocked out state is one thing we're. If he could grow here you know we have to keep it going capital and that the state investing in a like that. What would really show. How important Western New York used to the state economy. Joseph where do you think we're do you see this if it does come here I mean the county owns. That big Bethlehem parcel is that an obvious spot. I hit it the possibility and I know there are other out there that. The county number of people yelling at east India but there's more places and I think you don't want the most important thing. That implement bulletin boards for metro groups to work in government erred on the celebs. Like you know. Theory county Niagara county you know Rochester. Everybody's looking at that we all need to do was work together to bring something you're into our region as we work better together along. Only time will tell. And we're back tomorrow that's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.