930in716 September 20, 2017 Uber Eats Buffalo!

Wednesday, September 20th

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It's 930. In 716. We are all about mover eats coming to buffalo. On the podcasts like here I'll listeners can do is go to you the apps are they're found and download the super each. Albert debris that. Which is that wrapped earlier than perhaps when these digital ordering platforms sort of moving in the buffalo. And it kind of looked starts. As an opportunity to satisfy the customer needs for delivering further. I'm Tim winter Hoover eats is here and as ride sharing and do overs settle into their new home here in buffalo and Western New York. Bloomberg eats hopes to become ingrained into buffalo Indians lifestyles as well. Will hear from several voices on the podcast how it works what to expect and yes already plans for expansion. Let's begin right at the source Mike Bagger man is with John Feldman general manager of Hoover eats New York Cooper eats. Is an app with the marketplace of all many local restaurants in buffalo that people about look at order from where are watching with over sixty. Local restaurants from buffalo are really excited to be here now it. It's basically who breeds they're just delivering food from the sixty restaurants to the western your community how does it exactly work out people get food. Yes so what here I'll listeners can do is go to U. The apps are they're found can download the super each app. Or go to over each dot com on their computer and he put me you can login using the exact same Cooper count you already. Might use for over acts and it's really easy to sign up and and you can see would you put your address where you want to delivered you can see. What restaurants available near you how quickly the student how many are available without delivering 120 minutes which is really exciting get to quickly and reliably. What are some of the charges that people can expect delivery through liberty its source so we want to make all the pricing transparent all of them and you prices are set by the restaurants and should reflect. The exact prices at they already have in their restaurant and then there's a five dollar 99 cent. Booking fee that's added to every order so regardless of where. People live like say somebody was an Easter Rory and they're trying to order from buffalo restaurant is it still find 99 flat rate or is it more things to travel off further. Actually the greatest flat right now firm regardless of the distance to keep it really simple and transparent. We do limit sort of the distance. How far away a restaurant might be row is looking to provide them a selection and also make sure that too doesn't take too long or I've called. Or have a driver have to drive too many miles what that is so there'll be a balance there without what's available in one part of the city and all the different than another corner this. You mentioned during this press conference Tuesday that this is the first upstate buffalo is the first upstate city to receive the Greeks program. How successful has it been in other markets have been a big one that we point two obviously is New York City how successful as it then. It is successful in New York City is access all not the suburbs the if that. Areas around New York City in New Jersey and and really around the world agree to less than two years old and has now and over. Hundred cities that are also on six continents 26 countries it's really. Popular all around the world of real exciting. TUB in buffalo. And especially so soon after watching over accidents have less than twelve weeks and savor ax lodged in late June in buffalo really excited to you so quickly follow with an additional. Opportunity for for drivers on a platform to have to earn out for multiple ways and for customers to have ways to both get to them home from the restaurant as wells regret. Transfer it to them. What you have to say to delivery drivers in the area who. You know they see that this program comes out and there's concern oh. Am I gonna have a job with this program continues it's so successful and I still gonna have a job what's your message. Well we we think it's. Great opportunity with a more opportunities there for people who can drive for letting to have more opportunities on different competing platforms to work and we are over is the only platform buffalo where someone can do both transportation and delivery if they want to him and driver there is free to choose which services they want to offer it. For those who choose about it's it's more ways to earn and that's unique take over. We think it's great for drivers and we see many signings happened really excited about this is can we expect to see Robert Eads go to other major upstate new York city of Rochester in particular. Russell looking at a other cities we we're focused on buffalo today have nothing to announce today that obviously really excited about upstate new York and bringing the Greeks as many people's possible around stay another Hoover eats perspective now and Susan and Brian talk with the Danielle Wilson. Late now we'll bring you is available in downtown Oslo our parent Al look marriage black rock let out. And it university at buffalo and Arkansas campus. Any that would see I'm wearing neither leader never directly outside of that well less. But eager can tablet that is great app and enact their second vehicle that is available. And or actually explore expanding to the rest of in the eject. You know I'm from the south towns and Denny Alan I'd. Got the super 8 sap this morning and reluctant in a right away I know it's not there yet but that it's possible that she will be fit to our guests may be breaking it in. Locally first downtown and these other areas you mentioned that expanding. Yes exactly Adam that we are where over sixty local restaurants and where you know Orton match. We launched there in those they've had been mentioned that we definitely a lot of vehicle. Everybody about oh so we're looking into back and you know the more restaurants but come on the batter. So well we'll keep you guys updated on the expansion and pressure. So what sets you were eats apart from other food delivery services. The road or eat and really think you know the technology he sort out the very is attack. Companies out first and foremost and that technology. African humor or is it means there. Albert is very eked out. Which is that that perhaps earlier this crap that you don't need to create another account got out that this really seem less and then the the delivery partners you know there are eight driving with the very and they can simply toggle on and off with a new breed. And though it. You know we have we have a lot of partners on the ready to burn injury create a file. And and it's really about getting the city C people are. And you mostly. And I and I think that does that her restaurant partners L heard great heat back. We're very very special. The past couple days I think early on set up. And it really XP and expand that can. Can customer base fare restaurant partners so we've heard great Pete back there. Well some Danielle can any over driver than be an over eats driver. Yeah exactly. And Hubert ever can sign on to who also. Via delivery. A partner for Hoover and even them. Even some folks might popular tablet do very needy because they store yet concept of a sport or vehicle. Can't deliver through very it's is an additional flexible learning opportunities where. Spoke to maybe ten can't transfer is where. How'd you go about deciding what restaurants will be a part of who breeds at the launch and how many shall we be expecting you know once the rollout continues. Let me start scoring logging in upload kind of a mixture of a reaching out. Local restaurants in the area local restaurants coming. Directly because they heard about and they want it while you are at it and it's you know we really wanted to make sure that. See it. Partnered with leases that don't currently have any digital very you know lady talked. Jerry is Jerry the budget expressed age he's at the end eats out tapped out and then other restaurant you'd do us. You know party have delivered a lot more option might Austria on dec and then the national chains as well. You know we want her to be a variety streeters aren't we might be able to get your local favorite. And you know he should definitely expect more restaurants. Coming out in the future. The key component to this is that. It's a flat fee for delivery right. Yes. There is the fact that the united Bucky sheep we don't want any you know there's no surprise charges that come that. And then restaurant partners stepped up menu price says. They are shallow. It's our it's all very. But you can you'd gone out and you know gone aidid is as calling up rest strategy and your credit card number over the voter having an order mixed up it's all that not all right there in your sound. Is there inept tipping elector is in need Albrecht now. Yes there is captivating. In the app was just something works say about it these are great feedback from the everyone though that actually encourage folks he's just very deliberate partner. What about the driver's perspective how do they view Hoover eats and what's their take on how it all works. Peter tell their house is a Rochester who greets driver and his with our Mike Ackerman so how long have you been driving for over Tom Miller about signing up for the process and know what your experiences been like. As a new for him. Well actually my wife. Jokingly said to me she's an assignment was for over drivers as it that's great on. And next thing I know she did and that the counselor to the mound and at 1201 on the ninth they launched close to three months ago. I was out on the road after washing my car and you know backing him from the interior getting on the ice I I hit the rumored. And the second product specialists how I was Hoover tightening. I actually love it I'm I'm kind of a people guy anyway we'll meet new people. We'll share stories. I've done a lot of things in my life I'm fifty years old so I've been around alignment and it's really do have something come with. Everybody and this is matter of you know between two and twenty miles. Make connection you know maybe telling a joke maybe Sherrod story here about them people have a tendency to open up. Amazingly you know see here here I think something's wish you hadn't heard. You can't on here are some things but. Thing that's been asked a fabulous experience I can't I can't say enough about two for staff to support group. And the way I see it is that it was really just trying to care drivers knowing that the drivers are gonna take care than their cost us. We discovery its program European Tuesday morning and I believe 6 AM that they said during the press conference on Tuesday that he had a deliberate. Actually I was a little afraid I was I I live in Rochester New York I mean come up to handle them. I was afraid to turn it and has started like said this morning and wanna be late. At for years so I haven't ever. And yet to to go through some food have you been given any indication as to how it works I mean as a Newburgh driver who lives in Rochester no last. You know you pick up your person as you normally would but this time. You'd get a message hey this person wants food such you have to go to the restaurant first pick Clinton and I have to work yes as I said Hoover has a great communication great training programs so they they send us a video. And actually very guy sitting in is actually over car was actually over half and it shows the whole process says that as to what to do. And there's pro tips as well you know as you know what would the best. Best practices as to how to do this but guessed it your question yeah you get the that you get the alert drive to the restaurant how solidly this packages. As well that they do not just the food is loss of some of these gets across town area. They do that as well and then you go into the restaurant. He grabbed the the items they actually have you know my heart attack to keep things on cold keeping school. And then you tied to the person's residence or business and new England and deliver the food it's not rocket science it's. You know. Tip wife and answer you cannot answer this or recently they've put in the you know you can put it tip I'm here Hoover tried we act is an idea like this with food now too I believe so yes. Yes absolutely and that was that was really cool this kind of a nice. Pat on the back you know when you're kind of looking through. You know you're rides and things down in the second game if I went to that was really nice of them you know you you appreciate and that kind of spurs you want to you know. Always look for ways you can do better. For you for your customers. It's all about the food of course and Franco's pizza didn't waste any time dove right into the uber reits craze. Two of its locations are part of the new mover eats at. Walters Muqtada he's with Franco's. Well you know this is we've always been an ad business at delivery business peaks and delivery on hand and for as long as we've been around. So. We continue to get a request from our customers to deliver further and further. And down. In many parts are that is that are going to digital and online ordering the social media part all of that stuff continue to grow in in this business. And delivery I'm obviously is kind of exploding it's growing for us but now it's going for everyone else. So when these digital ordering platforms started moving in the buffalo. I'm kind of looked starts. As an opportunity to satisfy the customer needs for delivering further. But of course that the checks some boxes for a sin and not certainly not Bruntlett regardless but help us to deliver that. Quality and service that our core customers are ready expect. So we start talking to some of these other services and countless. Greg Hopkins get edition set up. And those conversations are okay but they've really did not satisfy us to what we think we needed other. Our partners are gonna kick her out so fast order breached a metallic it's masses at that they're becoming the town Obama reached out to them. And they connected back without us we had some great conversations. And done they checked all the important boxes force obviously to booking fee nationalist side 99. So that doesn't compete with our existing book reservist. They also have 56 my outlook rearranged so with this platform we able to finally. Effectively service. You know these customers achieve a state. Tenacious. Intel would village places that really want to but it's too typical first. Com go out there and and come back you know because there are times in delivering mini order etc. so. And of course it's Hooper which has logistics that we felt. Obviously air tried and true they have to keep house restaurant and what do we were preaching and millions more people used to work. And that logistics are ready there's established so early this kind of a no brainer forests and an entirely the opportunity to to get out. When they release aren't they want which is just checked it to be a partner with them and they won. Obviously we can't really expect an airtight so that was that was also pretty. They eat you mentioned briefly there competing with your own delivery service how what. Are you confident say in what ways are you confident that who greets isn't. Competing with your existing delivery. Yes that we that we continue to see growth with our existing delivery customers but that side you know smaller ranger on each of our stores. And those relationships we have our our obviously I'm very capitalism for a couple of different reasons certainly gate ticket equality and surged expecting even though the driver. They and we have incentives calm and secure how one of our regular customers. Discerning rewards for being connect with us on social media or using Ireland service. I'm that we are gonna cut a key in that. Realm right now and not necessarily extend it breached to make sure that you know. We may collective it is at some point and offer or for breach customers but at this point we're not make sure that I'm our core customers. Still don't like it and we're not abandoning them. And they are still tons of value and reward you can get from being out being one of our ridiculously fast. While is it for your customers just the ease of ordering and getting their food. So when it comes down to. You crack yet but deliveries definitely our growth period still continues to grow Tom and Andy and we're still seeing growth even as the other digital platforms came into the area. There there is customers they're reach out to us our assumption that it's gonna be social media presence like and pretty much. In nearly a week goes by where cost reduction especially when you're coming here when you coming they're. Don't even know recounting run deep into Cheektowaga and those other areas that we like into they do they are able to get into the village indications beyond those areas upstate areas that are typical first service are. And so we felt that it had on particular force absolutely. Bona Petit to everybody we're back tomorrow. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.