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Monday, September 18th

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It's 93716. Is it just too chummy between the president shock and Nancy or is it just all part of the art of the deal. If you've read art of the deal at all items are fighting or do you want your allies. You move help. President trump is actually is want September he's wanted with the help of Democrat and later the Emmys or. Was that the trumps I thought I should say at long last Mr. President here is here. I'm Tim winning your first the president shock and Nancy as it's being referred to. There's been a decided change of strategy with the president reaching past Republicans and across the aisle to try to do some deal making. Jonathan Karl and the pundits talk about it now with George Stephanopoulos. Second week in a row where the president reaches out to Arab Democrats doesn't get the final deal. This time but clearly seemed to know what he wanted what he wanted to signal. Actually look the bottom line is Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell could not deliver the votes they couldn't deliver the votes on the debt ceiling. They certainly can deliver the votes on doing something on doctor so the president needed to reach out to Democrats. And look what he's done Georgia September was supposed to be the month of government shut down defaults. Of chaos. President trump right now is actually he's 1 September he's won it with the help of Democrats can't he fade the heat from his base that was enraged defensive reports that it. I'm not sure sure his base was that enraged at all a lot of the trumpet. Leadership the bride Marty and the people who make money generating eyeballs on the Internet yeah sure they're outrage but from voters are sticking with him because. He's still the only alternative to to. Identical parties in Washington that are washing establishment of Democratic Party that's anti troop increase he left any Republican Party that is so establishment. It's saving. Obama kicker Patrick guess part today Democrats basically trust. Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer to get a good good deal but Willie stick by that. When it actually comes down to something on paper that they have to support. Look you know you you have to admire as a Democrat chuck and Nancy as Donald Trump calls them they're playing a we can be exceedingly well. But I'm Donald Trump Oval Office has become a zero gravity chamber this is somebody zero gravity here gravity chamber. This president is I'm Morgan and it's hard to imagine the durability of a deal. That's organized through politics of performance and some of the politics of principle so. That's why I wonder Allison did the president has said. He still wants to get the wall just maybe not part of this agreement I'm doc also seemed got some disagreements and Democrats and whether there would be a path to citizenship. Let's talk setting aside the broader approach is there can is there actually deal to be at an immigration right now. There is I think we are he's realizing now look the majority of Americans want to accommodate dreamers we have a large percent of weather's citizenship or are legal status. He needs to recognize that something needs to be done to help and I think we have talked to Nancy gone from. Demonized to dealmakers I think is a step in the right direction for this administration because Republicans haven't been able to add to make deals with the with. With regard to health care tax reform or anything but here's the here's the difficulty the president has. If he is able to make a deal with Republicans and over with Democrats to what end. If he can get the wall and there and if you can't get some kind of border security or. What is the game for Republicans and there will be tremendous backlash from the bright arson from the steep kings of the world so while it's important to broaden his base. He needs to include something in this. That helps to solidify his heart that intrigue in this partnership last. Is it a partnership. The tactical alliance. Deeply skeptical I think. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan used to say trust but verify distrust distrust test exploit. Window of opportunity to help the dreamers. But as Patrick said I think this doesn't hold. I think you have a fundamentally two parties one party this past week continues to try to strip millions of Americans with health coverage. The other party is putting out there. A Medicare for all bill which would cover millions their fundamental differences tax. That we seem broad cuts to social safety programs to all kinds of health and financial and other regulations which made this country safer in the mustard so I would say let the workers like gang culture. Whiplash themselves into political gyrations look bright for called an amnesty Don. I do think it's the it's out does it it's still too early to tell if he loses his face I think he has a shrinking base but it could be political suicide for the base. Goes with trumps party and to 2018 where the Republicans lose seats but trumps party doesn't. That the Georgia hot tub is top White House officials say that citizenship as part of the dreamers solution is not a red line for the president. He could sign on to something but ultimately give citizenship or what Republicans say follow him 888 exactly but also the question is Democrats. President Donald Trump plunging into a foreign policy focused week there will be anchored by the first address to the United Nations General Assembly. But before Tuesday's highly anticipated speech the president will first try to tackle the issue of overhauling the UN. Trump plans Monday to address a US sponsored event on reforming the 193. Member world body. WB and political contributor Michael Caputo. With more on this and the trump shock in Nancy Todd. I'm ticked at me your leadership is as what America is. I'm all looking forward to what's coming out of many different small. There'll sidebar immediately called him at UN general assembly because the president and our allies will be working feverishly to. Isolate. The North Korea even more than are we ought there are today I expect a repeat the talk there and the president to talk about or Rihanna speech. Talk about unity in the back this period are equally. Are victims have been the most pressing issue internationally right now and are I expected to dominate the Indian village. Michael the president's been very critical of the UN in the past especially during the campaign. Will he keep that up this week. Well I think most Republicans and certainly conservative Republicans have been critical of United Nations or anybody here remember when. Ronald Reagan's our ambassador to the United Nations. World when you when you heard a wreck that they were going to be. New York because there are so that with American leadership he said that he would be standing on the dark waving goodbye is they way. Go to the UN has been a pox on America's agreement you're very there land fight in United Nations is an air America they are wary. Led by smaller operations were alive again Wednesday. The United Nations rarely work isn't. It in the context of Americans are supporting American policy however you know we have seen recently. Our United Nations. Our Security Council. Vote unanimously. Our and are probably aren't masters dinner be with or against North Korea took great maybe changing a little bit at least on the on the North Korea it. Now a winning comes to North Korea a lot of the people we talked to last week especially after another missile tests that went over Japan. That they're not concerned is much abouts in North Korea attacking Japan and South Korea another allied country. But may be something going wrong maybe they try a missile test and it malfunctions that we've seen so many times before and goes is not where it's supposed to go it is there. A concern about that do you feel enough from these other countries in the UN. I think we're underestimating the mood could attribute the North Korean nuclear program. One thing that people are talking about inside the bigger the open. Is that right now. Both those missiles that are a little long over. Depicts an alternate duke but a small part of a nuclear device aboard made a bomb Japan where they have been out twice. And the entire our nation of Japan would be wiped out that they're electrical and electricity and electronic pick report. Which would've badly cracked the world economy. Ebitda is not written in what they're already accomplished or accomplishment. And most certainly do dramatic damage. To the entire planet. And I think part of the removal. It they'd cooperation and collaboration that we're seeing between the president and Democrats. Chaka Nancy is there's they're being called now of commonly is it are they too chummy are just part of the art of the deal Michael. Thought all I can impact if you read art of the deal at all like him are fighting or even mark you're all right you move elsewhere. The Republican tent there. Almost every moment of their time putting impediment in salt out when they were your belt short if you vote on important. Matters although many of us among the pro supporters who thought that that was why temple on the two all we but it all. The Republicans have been as much problem is that. We know the Democrats government and that they want to achieve. That merit in the president's job for example it ought infrastructure and some some of these activity on tax cut and act report. The world seeing more and more that I applaud it I think you're the president work. Very hard to try to cooperate with our house and senate Republican and when senator Mitch McConnell the majority leader of your state of wept on vacation and let us put the lights on in the senate but left it inspectors interpret this as traditionally. Battling it out and into recess. Just because he didn't want Donald Trump to be able to do recess appointment of important. Members it is our administration when that happened I know the president and bad when he went to bed mr. Realize republic not gonna work with them it was kind of hard to change the game. A different perspective now on both the big UN speech and the president's attempts at deal making with the Democrats. From analyst Steve Roberts. Well I think it's a very important speech because you know Donald Trump is still an enigma. Not just in this country but to leaders around the world. He is campaigning basically campaign and in terms of foreign policy on a series of slogans. He was hostile to a lot of international organizations including the UN including NATO. Talked about withdrawing from international agreements on trade and climate change. He struck a lot of people is very much taking a step very large step back. From America's traditional role as a leader in international organizations and people are very nervous and the fate depend on the United States through Madeleine Albright once called. The United States and the indispensable nation and she was right about that many areas so people are gonna. Be watching and listening not just to his words. But to his actions. Two his tweets to his relationships on the sidelines of the UN this is a man who is. Almost a blank slate to a lot of world leaders so they're very eager for any kind of information they can sweep up this week. Well Steve do you expect North Korean to dominate at the UN general assembly and and we expect the president to say about it. Well I expect the president to be very forceful. But in the end the real question is not what. The United States that's about Korea it's what China that's about Corey in the for all of the president's talk about fire and fury. His own advisors has been very clear that there really is not a military solution to the North Korea problem. And given the fact that there are millions of South Koreans are very close to the border. Any retaliation would be devastating. And in the Indy and the United States does not have a great deal of economic or diplomatic leverage over North Korea the only country that does is really China so if you're talking about. North Korea. There's really only one plausible way forward it would make any difference and that's to convince the Chinese. He's more their muscle their military muscle their economic muscle the diplomatic muscle. The terrain in the North Korea particular and patients and people we re watching very closely. Not just with trump says but even more so with the Chinese say about North Korea. Now we have that you know we've had a few days to kind of sit back a look at the precedents are reaching across the aisle with the Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi. I'm done gun and before that some other issues. What do you make of this. Kind of a new strategy by the president and how are people reacting and Washington. Well I'm intrigued by it because I think it's a recognition by Donald Trump of a very brutal reality this is a guy who said I'm gonna put points on the board I'm gonna win right I mean that his whole campaign was about that. And freight Monty had virtually no wind if you gate with the possible exception of getting new course or can to have Supreme Court. Why was that well one of the key reasons was that even though Republicans on paper controlled both houses of congress they didn't. The leadership really had far less power than than people realize in the senate they only at 52 votes democratic filibuster. Could block a lot of a Republican initiative if you had a handful of Republican moderates and centrists and showed their independence on the health care debate in in the house who have read the story that's been here for a long time long before Paul Ryan speaker which is about forty years so. Members of the freedom caucus willing and able from a very conservative viewpoint to block. Any attempts to negotiate with Democrats and trump. When he says I want wins he's come to the realization after eight months that he can't get those wins just with Republican vote. And that's really what's behind these initiative with. Pelosi and humor. And I do think it's a possibility of at least a few small areas of agreement. That they could be bipartisan. Agreement but look. It's going to be very difficult because the hardliners in both parties not just from the freedom caucus on the right. But there are a lot of liberals on the left to think dealing with Donald Trump is heresy. You know their part of the resistance they don't want Chuck Schumer negotiating. With the anti price there so. It's going to be difficult is it often is in Washington. For the centrists in both parties to actually negotiate with each other finally on the podcast the enemies or was it the trumps. The awards broadcast seemed to senator more grand slams of president trumped than it did about the work of the actors and actresses. Who were on the show news. Hosting the hope their security and on his favorite topic Donald Trump the president's insistence that he drew the largest inaugural crowd ever Sean do you know. Anthony's. It the audience gasping over both the white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer appearance Baldwin digging an Emmy for impersonating the president on Saturday Night Live. I think this about president Trump's past complaints. It's cheated out of an Emmy hosting the show Celebrity Apprentice I suppose I should say at long last Mr. President here is here and Julie Louis-Dreyfus keeping up the truck and accepting the TV trophy for best comedy actress mentioning the upcoming season will be. We didn't have a whole story line about an impeachment but we abandon that because. We were buried as someone else might get to a first. People so winning the comedy series category. And we also going to comedy actor Donald Glover for Atlanta drama actor sterling K brown for this is us drama and actress Elizabeth mosque and had made stale candy any. The show about a post US civil war totalitarian society won five awards including drama series. Time for most and he was on the night with HBO's big little lives we're so grateful. Plus one of them its biggest and innovations going to a trio of letters presented a part in fun and we'll come. Three practices in the seventies strongly on states to that he's but they're making eighty hit movie nine to five. Backstage at the Emmys Jason David's and ABC news Los Angeles. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a another edition from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.