930in716 October 9, 2017 Anthem protests and Columbus Day

Monday, October 9th

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It's 930. In 716. The NFL protests continue. The vice president can do. What he did just as much as the players can stand up in their respective battering the combat veteran that amicable fallen. And it's Columbus Day war. Is it indigenous people's day. The problem that I haven't club Tuesday it. That the entire thing is all fair. I'm Tim linger on the podcasts the NFL anthem protest took a turn again Sunday as vice president tents made a statement. Pence attended Sunday's colts forty niners game and walked out when members of the 49ers. Took in need during the National Anthem. Ron Claiborne starts us out. The vice president reigniting their fury over the flag flying to Indianapolis from Las Vegas vice president Mike Pence stood with hand over heart. As a National Anthem was played before colts San Francisco 49ers game. On the field several 49ers players took a knee. And would that tense abruptly left the stadium back to the airport. And flew back to the West Coast. Minutes later tweeting I left today's colts game because voters tonight will not dignify any event that disrespect our soldiers our flag or our National Anthem. Pence is protest appeared planned reporters were warned that he could leave the game early. Some forty niners were likely to Neil as their former quarterback Colin cap and it had started the protests last season. And a number of players have picked it up president trump tweeting. I asked BP plans to leave stadium if any players kneeled disrespecting our country it was trump who fanned the flames at a rally in Alabama last month. When somebody dis respects our flag. This and get that son of a a failed the debate further roiled by a report that Capra neck. In unsigned free agent that he would standard the National Anthem if he were picked up by any NFL team not true says cavern it. A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on he tweeted. I was Watson. The game yesterday you know finally I I didn't watch the game where. Every lob a couple of weeks ago told a can be. I didn't watch the game last. We WB EN contributor and political insider Michael Caputo took pen to paper Sunday during the NFL games. And CNN picked up the piece on the NFL protest. He talks about it here with Susan and Brian. Art you know art art realize that over the core over the course most should be that I was never going to boycott the Buffalo Bill but just don't have an Ambien. And then when that when the vice president walked out of the Indianapolis or gain yesterday at argued put pen to paper. And my friends at the and then decided to publish it. Well you're looking at this not only as a strategists that you're a veteran we need to remind everybody too bright. I am you know I'm not a combat veteran and but I you know while I there were a lot of men and women. Who served in combat a little real heroes are Serb and he Simon. You know I guess that probably normal for me as someone who. Stand with her via W instead of The American Legion. Against the and developmentally inappropriate I I think it would be pretty normal people understand that I would be a tip that promote better embark. Arpaio also our efforts Irving for Jack Kemp. As a writer projects have when he was running for president in the eighty. I think I got a real our sense of artwork Jack Kemp felt about these are things and frankly our I don't know what. Jack Kemp would do. Are in this situation. Are you were the real fighter for the right to for the rights of an African American Brothers on the team. Arm he might be there behind it would it and other sort of but I and the doubt. What did you think of the trip yesterday by the vice president YE was that trip planned in your mind. If. President that he when he served and a variety of other political. War in government the other audible. Went to dozens and dozens and dozens of coal games that we something that he loved to do. You know I I don't I mean people who say that it was planned global real oak harbor seal raid. I think that I haven't taken it in the market Koppel opening up a war there's no way he could have known. Bit players we're going to take him being a minute ago more than are required for the a couple of weeks ago now we're down doors are ample player. Across the entire NFL doing it and when they are typically the reported minor took him on the field in the Indianapolis Colts are I think he took a principal Patricia. What kind of funny to me is you know the people out there who. Ports support the player's right to protest during the National Anthem I don't think from the vice president has a right to protect and it is our way through. On the line with Michael Caputo talking about yesterday's anthem protests then vice president Mike Pence walking out. Of a game between the San Francisco 49ers. In Indianapolis Colts so Michael here's a 49ers safety or greed. Talking about. The vice president walking out after the game saying it that the vice president definitely knew his team would be protests. New home and I think that most players vote us. He knew you know we're probably going to do it again yeah SO missile system of personal excellent. Mental power calls a game. There's a couple things out in the news again. We'll and it's absolutely and support our efforts. That's so 49ers safety Eric Reed whose mother was also a veteran Michael you said that. The vice president would have no idea of knowing the players who protest but the 49ers involved in the game they've had players Neil from years ago. Are Smart they know there read it also Omar injury as well you know frankly as far as I'm concerned. Forty niners in the and the players. On the open days and other. That's another part of America they would have been in a very strange place. You know you can count on somebody from from imports could go all go to burn down buildings in protest about him you are pretty much comes up from. I don't release here with pampered print San Francisco 49ers. Think of the land or the veteran I don't really hear what they think of vice president and they can go and pound and as far as I'm concerned the fact of the matter is that. The vice president can do. What he did not as much as a player can stand up against respected veteran combat veteran the families of the fallen. I I think that those players have every right in the world to stand up. In protest during the nationally at them they absolutely do and I have every right in the world. The album the pound sand for doing it not like the vice president has every right the world who walked out after bay a span. Or after they offend him by any of the protests act or a. We're going to be dealing with this all season don't to see. Yeah I know we cannot kind of come to terms with the you know I know. People's Daily that these players should be fired bird for him in the back of them and if if the NFL owner the certainty. You know brought alignment and the players that if they if they don't stand in the National Anthem. Are there going to be barred them from them up now the bridge that I think they have a right to do it I I have a right to despite some four. And you know if if if that continues because he'd been back on and on the go walk my book logo I can tell you bit. I think you've I do not believe that the Buffalo Bills are going to be doing their during the entire speak your mind. And these players we're trying to unite America aren't there cause. They've failed miserably and they have divided the mayor and act in it begs the question. Where they're really trying to unite America already trying to divide. Michael the president on Twitter just a few minutes ago saying the trip by vice president pencil long planned he's receiving great praise a lot of people would argue that the president hopes this continues throughout the entire season. Well I think the president is. Using new bullet hole. Departed cultural war are right I am I expected that when I supported him are suit to run for president United States. And I think the president is when he went and I was sitting in the green room at CNN report Jake Tapper so let me. And do very connected journalists were talking about how president is winning this battle you know from my understanding from overhearing Doug Herbert vision. Is it more than 1000. And I think what Al. The ticket holders and the Jacksonville Jaguars have apps are where their money back on their season tickets. Game it seemed like Jacksonville jaguar that means are not gonna probably get it somebody our current or see it it's them. And in San Francisco because they're. Broke all the tickets but it seems like Jack Jack or aren't just important and it certainly as a team are quite like reported minor. And and the patriots who have no problem selling their season. Michael you've got to be happy that. All of the bills stood today anthem yesterday there was no nailing. I'm very happy about that in and and frankly I didn't know that until after the game. And I I appreciated the fact that the global agreement seem heavy side of the they've made their point. I think they feel you know and I don't know I don't read their mind I'm not a mind reader like. Reporting hacker. But art are believed to put bulletin and the Buffalo Bill C a bit is being that it. It's not uniting they made their point and people the Buffalo Bills fans of of people went to New York got their. And then move on like adult and I really appreciate the fact that they see. Have both sides of the. Next of movement to abolish Columbus Day and replace it with indigenous people's day is gaining momentum. Los Angeles recently became the biggest city yet to stop honoring the Italian explorer. Austin, Texas followed last week. But the gesture to recognize victims of European colonialism. Has also outraged Italian Americans. They say eliminating their festival of ethnic pride is culturally. Insensitive. I know there are many. Townships there are many cities that are infected in several states. And that have turned of this the federal holiday in two indigenous people's day. John Kane is a Mohawk and native American activist and talks about the Columbus Day controversy with WB yen. Yeah I'm not a big win on on some of these just kind of holidays aggregate holidays where the other. So permitted. To another Monday yeah. It now it do you mind people celebrating a bull Columbus Day and indigenous people's day. Simultaneously. Back to back because it seems like go over time Columbus Day it came to be not. Just about Columbus but you know mostly celebrating people coming to America now people are kind of focusing the attention back on. The actual person Christopher Columbus and it becomes a little murky. Well I mean and and why wouldn't you mean that the problem that I McCormick today is that the entire thing is all they're. And everything you're pot from you know from kindergarten. On up. And then. Has really been a lie an end it surveyed only because. Columbus as the and the navigator kept a journal he documented. The abuses the atrocities the rates that mirror the flavor of the sex slave trade it that you each it is the atrocities in the butchery that that took place what he decided that he new people that he met should she blog collect gold or Murray or other various forms well that you. Ever hands and dismembered stigma implement when you when you. Add up the whole poll did copy that Corbett himself personally wouldn't. Our approval earth marble war you wonder how to. This country the United States. Create at holidays or the narrative so what would they create a federal holiday. And and ignore. What has been so well documented by Columbus is meant including the church who kept. Records out of the atrocities that he was involved and we'll. Should Columbus monuments and come down including the one in buffalo which is the subject of a petition drive to tear down and renamed Columbus park. Well I mean it you have to question first off why why they were built in the first place in retrospect. But if you're gonna have those modular bigger gonna that it didn't perpetuate the Faulkner hero all right guys. You critic and you know the problem crimes against humanity are all about any Gator you. Yeah yeah it does beg the question why why keep them because if it happens every year there's there's gonna continue to be. This debate all about the reality of Columbus vs fiction that was created. In his name so I am I'm among looking would be bit issued them down because you know you're gonna if you're gonna tell the truth about it. That you got to wonder why have that is there in the first place. The do you believe that for people love European descent which is that quite a few people over here in the US maybe even if Columbus wasn't celebrated that. The idea of coming to America that exploration. Idea should be celebrated in someone. Well here's the thing. You were wondering yes you guys you're gonna get accurate. Because he never mated to a minute you're gonna call America the United States with everybody does mean though that that the that the armor. I'm never made it here. He never made it beyond the Caribbean island now if you want if you want somehow but celebrate you know. I'm. A guy in its history what does army battalion did they make a celebrate on and the other day. I mean giving up Galileo. Vinci Michelangelo. Even if you want this celebrate and you're talking about this this idea. Navigator. Reaching EE you know. America or Britain. The whole. Western Hemisphere bears the name of that. And and and then I'll think it is rather that are there if you want we'll get somebody who would really represent. Or will ultimately be the European colonization. Of North America you know what well. Do you guys even know which got edited right from that day. Sure I'll get a dot cabinet is that what the navigator hired by. England. To go but typically that don't navigate and explore and chart. Of course. Who what would be what was brought America you. He'd navigate all quote from America and you don't want to I'm cabinet. Somebody in English name but he wasn't English he was Italian it is really would go out and he was hired by England. To what effect look dominant English speaking cotton and and in terms of North America and Canada. Goalie you're gonna celebrate somebody why not celebrate somebody and I thought it was rape and murder pillaging and plundering the way I look McCormack says. I'm not a big fan of made a personable I guess operating you know what what essentially he. Our genocide of native people yet that the problematic. If he didn't eat worse when you consider a guy like Columbus with a sense in the face of what would be that. We'll talk Tuesday. That's 930 game 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.