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Friday, October 6th

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It's 930. In 716. New details new questions. Even proposed gun law changes. On the podcast now believe it's the FBI agents. Through every single piece of debris down there on the fairgrounds court in this is a modification and a car that. Which is the spirit of the law against our network. It out partisans. I'm Tim when angered the massacre in Las Vegas is led to the first signs of movement in the gun control stalemate in Washington. The growing call to ban or regulate. On stocks the device used by the gunmen that allows semi automatic weapons to fire almost like a machine guns. Democrats Republicans and the NRA are in rear agreement as sales so war. Found on a dozen of the Las Vegas shooters weapons bump stop attachments that are powered rifle to fire like a machine gun. He NRA now says the device is designed to allows semi automatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations. A growing number of top Republicans say they would consider legislation banning bump stops all together. This is a modification done harm that reaches the spirit of the law against our network. It out partisans and it was clearly that's something we need to look into. One Florida Republican congressman even vowing to introduce his own bill. With a bomb stock assault rifles can fire hundreds of rounds per minute changing has gone from yeah. This. Week. It. But not all Republicans are on board with tougher laws I don't think there's. The Indian money million Americans. Who exercise their Second Amendment Rights. You we've only gone should be punished. They act. One evil person the White House so far silent on gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre but president trump signaled he'll be weighing in on the bump stop debate to. Today I don't. And shorts that. The motive of Vegas shooter Stephen panic is still a mystery we're learning more about the gunman's girlfriend do questioned by the FBI this week. Barely Dan Lee denies knowing anything about the massacre and is described the killer is a caring quiet man although authorities are skeptical about her claims. Chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross with more new insights from an unlikely place about Stephen pat. The Reno car dealership or he bought a car on August 1 paying cash with a check for 141411. Dollars not a sign of someone with financial problems. Employees here told us the FBI questions about exactly what happened with panic and his girlfriend Mary Lou deadly when they came to buy the car. Mary Lou we wanted to give Alexis. But he was like Americans spend 1000 or more for part of your projection equipment. And when Jimmy went on a test drive she told the female salesperson that panic has saved her from a troubled marriage. She said she had a bad relationship prior to him and how he had you know turned her life around and really helped her Al. Stanley's relationship with paddy has now become a key focus of the investigation. On Wednesday she told FBI agents panic was a caring man who showed no sign of violence and the FBI also wanted to know about the more than 100000. Dollars that had inquired to the Philippines Ford gently. Before sending her there are just two weeks in advance of the shooting. Her lawyer read her statement I was grateful. But I think I was worried. At first. I expect that your home. And then the money it was a way of breaking up quickly. Four days into the investigation the FBI says it has ruled out money problems and ruled out any connection to anarchist groups two anti government groups to overseas terror groups and new details emerging about Las Vegas shooter fanatics actions in the weeks leading up to the shooting the killer may have been planning to attack potential targets in Chicago and Boston to. ABC's. Senior national correspondent Matt Gutman is on that. We boarded a helicopter here in Las Vegas for the first look. It to Stevens had X sniper's nest high above the Las Vegas Strip. But the guilty that's not what the Mandalay bay hotel inside one shattered window pillows stacked high on a strict bed. The other window partially blocked by plywood. But inside. Investigators carefully dissected the scene. WI TF BI agents. Picky through every single piece of debris down their offer fairgrounds court they don't want to miss any single bullet fragment. Or single piece of evidence the aftermath. But do video it's you inside. Details around that video shot by re page went to get his truck parked nearby driving it back into the kill zone. Turning it into a makeshift ambulance right here coming here. The wounded loaded into one after another rated jokes behind the wheel. Drives them back down the strip. The paramedics from high above. Evidence the massacre still frozen in time it doesn't look so much that there was a concert there are put that a tornado swept through there. Or preferred lawn chairs we've seen strollers there we see walkers there. Evidence of just the salute. Chaos and we are learning that Steven attic may have scouted other targets as far away as Boston and Chicago. According to sources briefed on the investigation he booked rooms at Chicago's Blackstone hotel in August. The same dates as the Lollapalooza festival right across the street in grant park. About a 100000 people attended each day that static never checked in. Law enforcement sources also tell us he's boat shoes he Google search for who kills around Fenway Park in Boston. That ball parks capacity. Nearly 38000. People. But no evidence he traveled to Boston either. Instead he stayed close to home pulling up at one of the casinos he knew so well looking down on that helpless crowd. And finally story after story about the Vegas shooting continued to emerged. Alex Stone is on the ground and continues covering for us to. They have stories says said they knew the gunfire was coming from their building they didn't know where they didn't know the governor is gonna come out and search shooting at them. They didn't know where to go it was. Mass panic in this area and Nancy see the faces of just that that terrorized. People slowing out detonate some I'll never forget. Seen that they were days. We were all threat to them they they thought anybody else was a threat. And they just couldn't snap out of it and understandably so there were at a time. As this moves forward. Is there. And they're being normalcy will describe what's happening on the strip these days. Well it depends on where you are the the people of Vegas they they do what they do best and that he's Serb terrorists and so they're putting on smiles on their faces and air catering to the bachelor parties into the corporate events that are coming and those aren't stopping those are continuing on the bars are open the show is there are producing shows. But DC's hurts it right now this is it the area right now on Monday of this site is beyond the welcome to Las Vegas nine native leads to mentally today. They're now 58 crosses sitting on one for each of the victims who fell on Sunday night. Attached to each one there's a rat art the base of many of them there are candles that are flickering right now and need the early morning darkness and now people are coming here. To honor the victims as they they look at Mandalay bay it there our. Vigils every night that vigil last night for the fallen though Las Vegas police officer. I'm there are there's still trying to get their cars parking lots for folks who are. There's still callers left behind of those who died it never came back to them they're trying to get. Their items back which are still part of evidence inside the frozen crime scene the FBI is working. This area is still devastated. But if you're just coming into Vegas to party. You can come into Vegas to party you probably won't notice he's there where's the crime scene. As they're still catering to those who were coming and now the investigation into Stephen Hannah is continuing. Including yesterday this new information it. He might have looked for. Other music festival's other large events around the country. Yeah absolutely so we know from investigators sources docking to arrested that he apparently. I rented a hotel room I'm right along the edge of grant park in Chicago like during Lollapalooza. In August. I'm and they think that he may have been looking at that and then they go from his cell phone that he was searching hotels booking in that Fenway Park in Boston might. I'm no sign it the ever did anything that because there are no hotels that look into Fenway Park with though Lollapalooza hotel he never showed up and projected. But he did get a a week before the shooting here he got a Condo in Vegas overlooking the light these beautiful festival 200000 people landed. We don't know nobody knows why eating carried out there was that he now like that the way to Rome was racing they think he was too exposed and could have been shot by police officer very early if there are high rises right there. I did something's broken undated the nerves get them. They don't know any Maybin is doing reconnaissance and with all of this planning did to watch human behavior he was an accountant is buried at the tail he took his time with this. But for whatever reason he decided on that night. During the country music festival here that he would carry out his attack. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo.