930in716 October 5, 2017 Las Vegas: More questions than answers

Thursday, October 5th

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It's 930. In 716. More questions. Few answers. On the podcast. But at the outlet. Stephen told me he found the cheap ticket. To meet the Philippines. And that he wanted me to take it took home. My camera. We did make it a bit or find I think that are there other people out there. That can basically go this far under the radar. I'm Tim winter. FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe says he's surprised investigators have uncovered more information about Las Vegas gunman Stephen panic. Panic let such a low key private life that no one seemed to know him very well. The 64 year old had nearly no close friends social media presence or other clear connections to the broader world. Authorities trying to piece together the gunman's final days before the Vegas attack are zeroing in ninety's gambling habits. Stephen panics Brothers described him as a high stakes video poker player. Who is routinely. Contra rooms meals and drinks at casinos. Gaming regulators say they're sorting through documents that can include suspicious transaction. Or currency reports. We have learned of the Vegas gunman's extraordinary planning. Checking into a multiple hotels before the attack all with a view of that very concert site. And inside that hotel room 23 weapons hundreds of rounds of ammunition. ABC's senior national correspondent Matt Gutman is in Las Vegas police. Bloody cameras reveal officers. Risking their own lives and it and CC gunfire. You do it. Big Apple. Yeah. I bet it. With sirens blaring and bullets flying. Officers huddled behind the wolf try to pinpoint the source Canadian. Corporate America Atlanta render ago. Exhibiting extraordinary company whose officers directing concert goers away from the shooting to safety. Legislatively it's been go go go gaga I would definitely go. It would be an hour before swat teams breached Steven panics luxury suite. He'd been holed up with that massive arsenal 23 guns at all twelfth outfitted with an attachment called in bump stock. It allows the gun to fire continuously like an automatic weapons on the tip of the rifle eight flash fighter. Making its fiery blast difficult to spot and in the quarter a pile of seventeen magazines holding a hundred rounds each 17100. Bullets. Medical also installing his own surveillance system. A camera hidden on his route service cart another behind the people looking down the hall all rig so he could see police approach. And now we are learning he spotted in hotel security guard. It was advancing towards the room when the suspect fired through the door at the security guard and struck him tonight that security guard identified as he since Campos. It hailed as a hero somehow he was able to get oh wait until the tactical team that panic was in room 135. An hour later beat reached the door. Bridge bridge or an animal. And discovered him already did it. Federal law enforcement sources telling ABC news they're investigating reports that the day before the massacre rejected took multiple hotels overlooking the concert venue. And he may have looked for other opportunities. Federal sources say he looked it to renting a room right next to another music festival just the week before. And from his perch you would have had a clear fueled the fire right down into those tens of thousands of people packed into that concert below. But for some reason he didn't pursue the plan instead he waited a week for the harvest festival. The investigation now the biggest gunman's girlfriend back from the Philippines underwent hours of questioning by the FBI in Los Angeles. Her brother told ABC news that she assured them that she has a clean conscience. Yet she remains a person of interest. Chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has the latest details just twelve hours after she arrived on the flight from the Philippines. The shooters longtime girlfriend Mary Lou gently. Told the FBI according to law enforcement officials that she had no knowledge and his plans or his purchase of so many guns. Her lawyer read her statement after the FBI session at. He never said. Anything to them or took any action but I was aware. That I understood it anyway. To be warning. Something horrible. Like this was going to happen. Stanley had been patties live in girlfriend for at least three years. He met her when she was a casino hosts they gambled together playing video poker and slot. Investigators want to know if he went along when she traveled to Dubai according to our sisters in Australia Nolan knows more about pat. No one can put the process to get there no one. Except maybe he'll. The sisters said it was panic who sent her to the Philippines just two weeks before the shoot. Don't know I. So that he can plan what. Just lending window. And Barack shown us. Authorities now are putting together a psychological profile of the sugar. A 64 year old one time accountant an IRS agent who claimed to be a multimillionaire. But investigators say a picture is emerging of a man descending into madness losing weight diminished physical appearance what I described as crazy eyes. Coupled with easy access to the powerful weapons he began to accumulate more than a year ago. A deadly combination more insight into that investigation. Into the gunman now. It's pretty clear from what we've seen. Overlaps two days that he was calculated. Are very calculating what he was and I'm doing. PDA Hearn former FBI chief in buffalo. Law enforcement consultant and a WV EN contributor. And in knowing that now it doesn't surprise me you would scope out different things and would you put that opportunity where he did the most damage to the most people one time so. And then once he figured out what you going to do and despair in the fact and he started to do. You know for what we saw the middle way back. Event does second Daniel was even. More at the attended a 100000 people were in an audience or whoever now why he decided not to do that on right. That's question right now is a lot of these people want to know what and right now so much speculation. I think we saw hopefully that there was as soon as his girlfriend coming back and and the interviews that we're going on that something might shed light on on why he did what he did the right now if there is anything it's not coming out from the investigators. At this point. Yet this was her statement yesterday from her attorney little more than two weeks ago. Steven told me on the cheap ticket. To meet the Philippines. And that he wanted me take a trip home. My camera. And and they went on to say that it never occurred to her in any way that he was planning violence against anyone. She believable. Well I and then that's hard for me to say you have not done the interview but I would I would think they're so far the indications are she is telling the truth. You know what what what you have to do now is tradition but there's much pleasure and I'm. I'm the background and what dispersant like the Nazi that even in the public statement in more reverend paper. Gave any indication except for the fact that she thought maybe. He ordered her to go overseas because they were breaking up. You know and he didn't tip his hand seems to her or or anyone else at this point. Will still have to wait and see what comes out of any of these. Electronic. Investigation that's going on all the devices and is is emails or anything like trapped. That might shed some light on why he do what he did I think that's going to take awhile. And there may be some clues as they sift through vast that may come out over the next few days. The law enforcement yesterday said that it appeared the shooter was planning on surviving. Is that completely out of the ordinary. Two and a that is hard to say I mean is this a situation where he just knew would be and that he would be killed a police themselves. You know what that additional suicide by cop issue it was this person really gonna try to skate and one. I'm but I think they'd find more things that would have been planted out there are eventually plan from the standpoint of play need to go somewhere overseas money somewhere. There was speculation you think are either of these 700000 dollars overseas. That was that's part of his incident lead to go overseas. But I'd invest it are inclined to anything you know he is it's very hard these days to make plans to trapped overseas. About tipping your hand somewhere. You know one line or or or and you plant it played to its work if he should think if he could get away. Sounds to me though like all those weapons in there are entitled to keep playing as ornate. On the ground in Vegas more on the shooter now and what's known. Think about that he substantially older. And the mass shooters they regularly talk about you might I could thirty years. Brad Garrett is a crime and terrorism analyst in Washington. Maybe a little bit more sit socially savvy as our had to manipulate people. And he clearly. In my view didn't get anybody else involved. For some weapons it planned the attack Asian girl friends that. They're back in the Philippines. Your etiquette hotel in Pristina itself freed because I gamble work I mean he really plotted this out. But didn't. Bring an social media likely shooter or pass. This sort of stealing of negative comments about individuals groups. Our association has some sort you don't have any of the Arab and share it it makes it a bit or find things that are there other people they're. That can basically go this far under the radar. Yeah and looking at so what some law enforcement people are saying you'd pants he may have been planning this for years. I is that totally out of the norm have we ever seen something like that before where. Someone can leave not a Trace for years leading up to an attack. Yeah my since new years is too long. He certainly has acquired like. Over thirty edit guns in the last year. That exceed 647 weapons that are. So that's safe tipping over in our needy. You know that the interest angle looked at the high volume purchases that they did you ignition. AQ do you think senator potential colluding building. In any still open up as arsenal could literally. Thousands or perhaps available in the hotel room that his car. I think I presume park with a hotel. And as the days pass by since the horrific shooting in Vegas more and more stories of heroism and heroes. Survivors. Will never know. Here's David Muir the new stories now emerging of the quiet heroes who saved so many lives here. Mike court firefighter was giving CPR to someone what he was shot in the are kept in just a pressures. With one arm. It telling that so it's definitely a lot there's Natalee vendors take it by a bullet and shrapnel. Obstacle course driving her to the hospital keeping pressure on her wounds if it wasn't for that can Ingraham yeah. So. And that normally is. That was five year old accuser. Separated from his mother when the shooting began I had lost are all things wild probable though with Oakland. When a stranger Lindsay Rodgers saw him standing alone she stayed by his side. He's really brain then you really get. Lindsay different posting on FaceBook is relatives saw it. It's been reunited with his mother. It here we walked in that room at desert springs hospital medical center here at Las Vegas. We're Sheldon Matt his recovery he was at the concert for his 21 birthday. But he's an Alonso insists it cost me. If you know plans. He told the about the man who he says saved his life some you know considered mean and thrown into retirement. That hero holding his finger to the bullet wound helping him it never leaving aside the guy who was by your side. You haven't been able to to find out where he is who he is. Into. Really if that's. Does your decision oh government. That's a pretty good tradeoff this cut cut cut cut. Children's parents telling us they want to me that's hero he's an angels usually love to. He was shot link is well and it turns out friends of that hero or watching the news. Jimmy grove 25 year old paramedic from Orange County California. Was here in Las Vegas visiting he paid another visit us on crutches. Jimmy revealing he knew Sheldon was in trouble after being shot in the arm and then the bullet piercing the abdomen as well. He will with him if truck all the way to that ER. Shelton's bomb grateful. For years. It afterward there was one more reunion in that same group. Eric Frazier the marine better Drupal Jimmie and shoulder to the hospital. It turns out that marine that rust doesn't victims to be ER that night the survivors family and the hero's family. All together after the horror. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a another edition from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.