930in716 October 4, 2017 Las Vegas shooting investigation and Jack is BACK!

Wednesday, October 4th

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Her kids 930. In 716. Looking at the man behind the Las Vegas massacre. The smear and clearly do generated from some sort of level looks Siena beat. To a level in the unity. And a focus on mental illness early detection early intervention let's not wait until we've got a crisis honor I'm to linger on the podcast plus. I wanted to leave them some money to sign other players this so he can have other players around him. To be able to win the championship Jack cycle is Buffalo's eighty million dollar man will check in with Paul Hamilton and John Lauro. But first. As of Tuesday more than 130 people injured in the Las Vegas massacre were still in the hospital. 48 listed in critical condition. A Filipino official says Las Vegas gunman Stephen panic traveled at least twice to the Philippines. Where his girlfriend was born. The official said pat I've visited the Philippines in 2013. And fourteen. Around his birthday staying for five to six days on both occasions. Immigration documents showing Mary Lou deadly. Had been abroad for weeks and was in the Philippines on Sunday when panic opened fire on the crowd killing 59. She is back in the US now. Homeland Security expert Steve make Barton from a guy college here in buffalo says investigators have some key questions for the girlfriend what. Their thinking is the girlfriend had to have seen something. This Meehan clearly degenerated from some sort of level look see unity. To a level in unity and somebody had to have been able to see yet decline I personally believe. The brother probably recognize that. And unfortunately in these cases. And cases that are like this in law enforcement. What happened his hind sight in. Hindsight the brother to look back. And say oh my gosh I should have seen that while it was happening it didn't. So part of the reason that law enforcement interviews people is to bring all that information that they really Knoll but they didn't realize they do. And it just give back from my point. This is a case where the vehicle to help people in and out the people who work in the lobby. People would check this person and he had the trouble he would walk back and forth with numerous cases allegedly ten or fifteen times. Somebody probably saw something in had they said something. May have change yellow colors that. Steve in the outcome nine in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting a lot of people pointing out that's. A much of domestic terrorism in the United States. Committed by homegrown terrorists who have no ties to Islam more ice this some of these other organizations. Are we looking may be too much adds a Muslim connection nets that people from overseas who have traveled. To join ice is then we should be. Naw I don't think Seoul I think what's what's happening here is. Our combination. Definitions. Event that are making it confusion. And there is no one specific. All encompassing definition of terrorism. And generally if you wanna talk about terrorism you can find a definition that kind of fits your picture. There was an interesting article on vox dot com. You know we really should be afraid more afraid of old white man. You know committing these these types of crimes. And terrorism. But they're comparing apples and orders this. Verse as far as we Nolan and pollute more mortal but at the moment the lot that you're shorting Turkey not constitute terrorism. And the scholarly definition and you have to realize I'm fortunate as a scholar level or not sure anymore. K and that's because we don't know of a political bent right. What we've been in in an act of terrorism. And now optical link to a specific current tablet specific definition. What terrorists are looking at a society in general Islamic terrorism is is a world solved in line at. Yet to what we're looking at a higher subsided. The crying like box. That he talked bulk. Crimes that are that are aimed at a specific gender or specific political party. Or religion these are more fitting definition of each car. In the air terrorism. That the issue becomes every terrorist. Attack is a crime but not every crime as a terrorist attack. And as those definitions kind of milk in each other it becomes a question though you know how he wanted define. The V incidence and and torture purposes. Are we getting too hung up in semantics of all this you know so much has been made in the past few days of was this or was this not a terrorist attack. Well let me let me describe you attack this was saying you know older white Meehan who shot a position of advantage high up in the building. In opened fire indiscriminately. On a civilian crowds seemingly unrelated to anything. No I've just described what happened in Las Vegas and people want to it's to call that a terrorist attack. The same thing happened in 1966. In Austin, Texas when the older white inclined to position of of it merely in a clock tower and begin shooting innocent civilians it will not related to any weight to him in that case college students. Nobody in 1966 in the opening sense. And called them terror attack I think the defining moment it is nine elevenths. 1911. Occurred. They meet me. Sampras has started to be and crimes that were committed. For reasons that we would have called it one time workplace violence or he trying to racial crimes. Now. People have that kind of slid into that what we need to really call lecture and interest it. My argument being in scholarly reference we really need to define more clearly. Gun control and laws get the biggest headlines in the wake of these mass shootings. But mental illness is also taking center stage there's always the completing. Of mental health guns. In violence Ken house Kinect is executive director the mental health association of Erie county. Here with WB eons DD ago so let's start with the reality that people with a mouth conditioner twelve times more likely to be a victim of crime. That perpetrated number one. And do we have to address violence and in our society under percent do we have to come up with sensible gun controls and in regulation yes. Do we need more mental health and terms of awareness and prevention and early detection. In early intervention yes let's not wait put something terrible happens to have the conversation mental all for you it's definitely not an either or. Notes look those are three separate issues now. Guns in violence. Unfortunately when they all intersect in a terrible event like what we just in Las Vegas. That it puts the spotlight on mental health. Into. We want that's Scotland and now is part of the normal course of conversation. You know what's normal mental health and lots of all those who have gone mental challenge. How do you do that how do you get that especially without the crisis. Well you start with the very young people beginning with our children teach him basic emotional skills people get angry there's healthy way to express anger there's an unhealthy way to express anger slowly start with your kids you also start with some at risk population groups. We know that a lot of our young people are subject some pretty severe trauma. They've seen violence you know we know in the city of buffalo 13 of all of the middle and high school kids they've seen somebody shot. Stabbed or something violent donned them. In yet I'm not sure that our trauma informed response is as robust as it ought to. Do you have a message for our lawmakers. Well the message for lawmakers is let's invest and now all been less invest early. We tell people we're dynamic conversation about whether or not we're gonna spend money and now we're going to show. The conversation we're having is where we can spend money let's spend an early education. Awareness. Prevention. Early detection early intervention let's not wait to we've got a crisis honor. Right on to something else now complete shift in subject as sabres nation celebrates a new eighty million dollar deal eighty million for franchise player check cycle. He could've gotten more it seems Shaq Michael had a change of heart he decided that hey you know why. Let's take it Paul Hamilton is the sabres beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio 550 he was. Planning on playing the year out. The sabres basically said you know show us if you want eleven and half million dollars a year. But a lot of have a good season we'll talk to you and then he was going to do that in any decided. Hey take their offer to score I'd be for a number of reasons number one he he did he get it out of the way number two. Same reason economy David took less money than originally thought he didn't want to strap the team. He wanted to leave them some money to sign other players it is so he can have other players around him. To be able to win a championship so you know he had a change of heart and just said you know take their offer. That benefits the sabres to write because I'm thinking this number could have only gone up after this year. Well I think it would have been part maybe even more than eleven after if he does what he's planning on doing your. What other people have talked about his he has some of the better numbers when it comes to. You know puck possession and entering the zone with a pocket and and those types of things setting up scoring chances. You know if he gets in the top five and scoring is going to be more in the middle of that million dollars a year or so. You know he has full confidence in himself and was willing to bet on himself. Look at it from a league perspective. Jackson some pretty elite company is an eight. Yeah he has you know he's still. Whereas if you zero points per game he was almost in the top and he was just eleven last year and he missed some time he only played. 61 games because of the ankle injuries so. You know he's thinking a full season. The of course he's gonna get better he has Phil Housley is a coach who wants to push the pace which is exactly the way he wants way. And yes so he's looking at a big here I think he's he has said it but I think he's making me in the top five. Do you get a little nervous when people are talking this much about the sabres know I think they should be I mean I'm not predicting they're going to be in the playoffs by. I think it from. With the way they've improved their defense this year they need to be playing important games in late march early April. Teams that are play you know play I have playoff implications. I think that they should be overall were sitting here in New Year's Day at the winter classic well. And that the basically playing nine under hockey here earth for the year and make the playoffs. I just think of that conversation needs to feel more perspective now from the reporter who spoke with Michael's agent. I think this really. You don't fall into the season. This seems to be a lot of hope already with the new regime in place in case and Barbara Roland and and Phil Housley. John Lar row covers the sabres for the associated press and is a contributor on WB yen. And now they have Jack cycle signed long term to get this distraction out of the way I I think sabres fans might be ready for that that opener tomorrow I think got cycle will be to liking this the motivating but it is what people projected to speak well for the sabres and I think this shows that he's ready to take a lot. You know good to become the type of player he wants to be. Our John after the contract extension was finalized the next question that was on just about everyone's mind was. Would he be named captain of the team now you have Terry put glue on hand for this press conference later on is it possible we see that later today. You know it would and so. Surprised me. That this might happen given the fact that Jack says it was not going to be the case this franchise. 2 point morning it's only 2526. At. To date problem. Arm and and you don't even though so how can you said you know there's there's been a number of discussions and they're gonna wait on that decision. I'm curious to see if this bit that this new extension does prompt spurt that all further. And whether Jack cycle will be wearing the C on Thursday night. Now John I know you talked to Michael's agent Peter Finch. What was the mindset to get this deal done before the season started. Well Peter fish and and that's representatives were costing him to an end counseling him to play out the season because he could eat if he had kept. Breakout season like ever expect she does he could get he could get close to what he was asking which certainly it was in the eleven to twelve billion. Dollar a year range problem this is the sabres look fat at the ten million dollar what is 88. Eight year eighty million dollar deal was and Jack is at least. Told Peter Pace according that they let get this deal done let's take the money list police a lot of it cable. And and and and how does have the side of the way well I think it's a Smart and and and proactive move on on Jack's part when you see what you know I think the economy David kind of do the same thing even though he's making. A lot more money but you've aside from. Aside from signing up big contract like this. You have to keep in mind that under the salary cap which has only but by six million dollars since over the past four years. You'd be more room to add talent around Jack I collecting Jack understood this. Now it's hard to say with ten million dollars a year that you can leave more room but do you think they accomplish that with the deal. Yes yes because that the sabres were more than willing to paycheck cycle even more. Based on how we produce this season is get a break out year this it was one that go up. Well from their price. So it was Jack faculty who came down from what is demand was. He's really in some elite company now listening around the league. I looked shifting. It in in years. In any money per year are only part of a comic David does is it at least that hack and as for overall salary. The real value of the contract he tied for tenth among NHL players currently. Here's to his season and home opening win. Thursday. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.