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Tuesday, October 31st

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It's 930. In 716. Lots of voices to get to. On the podcast. Today's announcement has nothing to do with the president has nothing to do with the president's campaign or campaign activity. That of getting what they thought which was called Russia collusion on Friday and Monday they got. They got men afford the Ukraine and Tex situation any speculation that is connected to present trump I just think is way premature. I'm Tim Laker let's get right to it president Donald Trump says a campaign advisor who is admitted to lying to the FBI about meetings with Russian intermediaries. Was a low level volunteer who was. Proven to be a liar trump on Twitter seeking to distance himself from George pop it up a list. Few people knew the young low level volunteer named George who is already proven to be a liar. Court documents say pop adopt a list. Was approached by people claiming ties to Russia and offering dirt on Hillary Clinton in the form of emails. You. The first sort of turncoat or whistle blower literature use. Not comport admitted he lied to the FBI has been eagerly cooperating with the FBI and the smaller steps probably since August. Brian Ross is chief investigative correspondent with ABC do's see. In deadliest mass were engaged related primarily to money laundering to pay taxes. Financial crimes that were committed prior to the campaign. Now there's been a lot of speculation that he's been wearing a wire and may be will be naming names or they'll find out from that wire what do you know about that. Well this is a time tested the technique the FBI uses when they get somebody who's part of an alleged conspiracy who agreed to cooperate. They had that person go back and talk to others that were part of the group and see it too intricate and 2000 statements and in Libya surprise they did not do that because. That kept the secrets and the rest at the end of July. As you got up a plane adult airport. And then he regularly at the beginning of October through all of that has been in the league knows suggestion whatsoever about popped up and patchy and came to my offices in eighty seat. To discuss a future unemployment or surrender it is. And that is that nothing was going on the world. Now the truck administration has tried to downplay the role of pop adopt Melissa how prominent. Do we believe he was in the campaign. He wasn't. Prominent law in this part of this volunteers set of unpaid advisors on the national security team but he took advantage of that sort of the Russians Russians spotted him. As soon as trump announced that he was part of the team and make contact with them and they pushed him. About setting up a meeting -- trumped include luckily duke they promised to end they had dirt and thousands of Hillary Clinton emails so really what we're seeing as how the Russians moved very quickly whatever they found somebody who's in the trunk campaign alleged fraud by. Brian are you hearing will be more shoes to drop. Yes I am infected by tomorrow we're told that can be more or big names under indictment or at least now the politics of it all in. There is lots of that is you can imagine. Carl calabrese is a political commentator and regular contributor to WD EN. Getting what they thought which was on Russia collusion on Friday on Monday they got. They got man afford the Ukraine and Tex division. Immediate just missed the mark it was it was an indictment about activities that occurred in the business sector. Years before trump even announced his candidacy for president so again I think folks on the let it be bitterly disappointed all of it would admitted that. What they thought was going to be. A real silver bullet. Turned out not to be dead at all. Are you expecting this to be kind of the first step toward. Something else so linking to the trump campaign is the smaller moving in or is this just something totally off to the side. Well it it's kind of it's kind of indicative of special prosecutor special prosecutors can go in any direction they watt once they're in an adult and this all started off again about those three things prompt Russia collusion and after months of investigation. He didn't get there so he can go in any direction obviously. The direction he chose to go well this firsthand that was towards private sector business related activities. A man who. It may very well have been if if the allegations are true what is he deserves. The yeah it is presumption of innocence until proven guilty. May have taken steps to avoid paying taxes on many it is overseas business arrangements. So much much different to what people expected and what people pop that the probe was going to be a. That Terrell a George puppet apple lists seem like a surprise to a lot of people yesterday he was in a volunteer position with the campaign unpaid. How common or usual is that. Well is that unusual at all for presidential campaign there's lots of advisory committees and that's what he served I was an advisor committee fairly was initially brought out. Or is expertise in. Greek relations and many also has expertise in energy. But he served out of solitary committee. Apparently they contact with a British professor who get cut it with Russia. He tried to set up meeting based on the fact that. This does this British professors that he could get dirt and Hillary. So this vote crisis set up meetings with the club officials he's turned down those meetings over Kurt he's convicted of lying to the FBI but they supposedly so. Not all speculation that he may have been wearing wire. And again we've got to wait and see how this thing develops on comedy that is what happened yesterday and what's going on now. But he was pretty low level official at all the attempts to set up meetings to get dirt and Hillary were put off by the the upper levels of the campaign now. We talk about Russia we talk about collusion. Then goes last week. At the dossier of the infamous dossier on what indeed funded by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Bet it did acquire a firm and didn't report spent upwards of ten million dollars. They're tired this GPS fusion. Which is connected to Russia which then hired. A British spies who got hired Russian agents to accumulate debt. Bet all information from. Was then brought back the they could have been used by the FBI could have been used to get warrants to surveil the from folks. And that is sent you know. You know announcement about direct collusion between the campaign as being the democratic campaign and the Russians. Pick Carl and most voters are going to read this entire indictment that went on yesterday. Bill just here former trump campaign manager and conspiracy against the US. It's not a good look. Note that but if you hit it didn't take long did you even read a summary of the the conspiracy against the US was conspiracy. Do not pay taxes that's what was the work well indictments. Seven of them I had to do with. With that very issue and that the period of time that indictments look at or ordeal with. Was 2005 to 2012. I think one went to 2014. So again if it doesn't take much to read this line that. This totally missed the follow up Russia collusion. Point that I think folks on the left were were. Hoping and praying where the focus of the indictment and that he just wasn't so I'm always. I give people enough credit debt. Debate debate. Look at the at any newspaper and read enough I know it's sometimes buried in the mainstream media. But it's there and also recover. People get their news today from so many different sources they're not you know they're not limited to just. Mainstream media anymore and it's in these things are up there it's really not very hard to discern. More perspective now and slow down approach. Certainly there's many in the media and many on the left that are just looking for anything they can to incriminate as president and I mean. Even if they could find him jaywalking they would make a big. ABC political commentator tray hard and on WB yen. And so to the point of this this. George pop vocalists. You know pleading guilty to lying. You know it's certainly worth it is investigating and it certainly got to be of concern. To the White House but. That that two for anyone to speculate that there is any connection. Because of photos that he was in order. Because of you know just the fact that he. Quote was associated with the trump campaign any speculation that is connected president trump I just think is. Way premature and and and frankly unfair. We may learn more. I don't think the president lighthouse are helping themselves from the communications standpoint when they. Try to come up there and say oh my god we didn't even though we you know he was nothing you know when you have pictures like I mean they should. Embrace him who was but still just say hey you know this. Maybe this guy he was overly eager overly aggressive try to help out. But it certainly is not something that we condone at a higher level at the campaign that probably would have been the better public relations side of. And trade do any of the three have the potential to cause damage to. The president or the administration. Well CEO looks like up in the report includes issues you know you just played that bit about it metaphors lawyers saying. That's out there was no collusion between mr. reinforce and the 2006 election. Paul Newport should fire that attorneys he is serving Paul Newport very poorly no one. In the indictment there's not one word in the indictment. Up all the airport blockades that has anything to do with president trump. Or the election 2016. But then you have his lawyer coming out and actually. Bringing that up as a connection obviously denying it but bringing it out. If you look closely at the indictment the indictments do some very serious. Potential crimes. But they are not related to any type of collusion any type of you know connection. To president trump coordination between the present from campaign. And they know their time as as campaign chairman. Her campaign manager. In trying to collude to work with the Russians came close election outcome. That that's the that's why I was just dumbfounded B here's attorney come out and and bring attention to that when it really did not need to be now. You know does that mean that I mean obviously it's a natural place for people to go because upon in sports relations with the with the Russians over the years. But they're they're still it's just no evidence and no. You know clear cut. Argument right now that he. That he or the president colluded with the Russians based on the indictment mr. If you have done nothing to do with the administration. In the indictment so brings up the question kind of what is the focus here where do you think Robert Mueller goes from here is there a reason. For the indictment that's related to. I'm moving forward with a trumpet administration or is he just grabbing everything he sees somebody doing wrong in the middle of his investigation. Well first of all Robert Mueller doesn't have an agenda here or or political angle. You know he yeah I think people on both sides of the aisle and you know view him as a straight shooter and and a man of ethics and integrity. On the he he was supposed to look into and investigate. Russia's potential involvement in the 2006 in elections. And find out if anyone in the US facilitated that okay now while he's pursuing that investigation. Everything else is on the table and fair game two if he stumbled upon it. And through that initial investigation. He has the right legal or rate. A pretty you know law enforcement obligation if you will to do that so. You know clearly he found some things that raised concerns to him. About practices from lobbying for or influenced practices. Again I'm related to the campaign nor president trump. That. That he also wants to bring up and get addressed. You know legally and and and maybe so that they're you know they're not things that are not done again down the road by. You know again right now at this point it would be premature and unfair to speculate that those indictments have anything to do list and he. Type of collusion in 2016. Then there is the legalese that's involved and again a lot of that too. Weird the charges fit in with the law and what are the ramifications. What will they be conspiracy against the US seems like a pretty tough charge. Any city where they charged conspiracy. To commit any of the federal offenses. Is charged under the so called section 371. Which is conspiracy against the United States so that sounds a lot more ominous than it is. And only Ares five years is probably a light years. Well all the chargers. That's their basic. WP and legal contributor Paul embryo who looked lateral side plea deal are very common because we have. What they call it guidelines and the guidelines. You view last time in jail acute sleep you'll be. Than if you work convicted shall then your apt way to like go to trial and take the chance of losing. And facing more time are going to make a plea bargain. And I hope that liking it less time. So that one of the things that happens probably. 98% of the corporal cases where. Plea bargains and they don't go to trial. Now this case we really don't know at least. What the facts are it's that says clear cut as Leah LA. You know hearing to register here not registered. As a lobbyist or foreign national I mean that's one of the cartridge. Did you plane or not the money that you repaid and your income taxes another church but should be relatively. Straight forward and they would you know give everybody be in sort of the plea bargain because you're gonna lose. Well what do you think the play is here from prosecutors are they looking to. I have thug manna for its have gates here plea and help them out soon. Getting closer maybe to the trump administration or do you see this as a possible and game. All that's always the goal. But he's gonna charge somebody. And they're gonna know somewhat more important and they are that they can turn it. So that always happens and that's always what a goal of prosecutors. Were there that therefore other's opening here. Point the finger at the president accomplished or out answer but if they do you can bet that you know their mortars guns they well at all. Here's a good result review which cooperate. You know that profit novelist was arrested in July we found out yesterday. Is it a usual and it was kept secret for this long. Well armed well lowest he's cooperating he could've been cooperating. You know and secret wait for them acting as a former. We really don't know everything that's going on what film but I mean that's why all the possibilities. More so than just with pop and topless but this entire investigation by Muller has been kept pretty secret no leaks until yesterday. When we knew exactly what was going on at about 8 o'clock everybody found out it wants. How unusual is that especially in a climate of Washington now were everybody's trying to get the scoop on what's going on now with this investigation. I think you have said that it's so unusual is very unusual. Usually everything is Al. But when you have a special prosecutor. All group well. You know prosecutors sure work it with so much probably much easier. Different staffers. Lot of completely go through believe it or not police agencies. Mortars staff urged. There's all sorts of opportunities there to leak information. No doubt a lot more again tomorrow and of course the latest all day NW BEN 9:30 AM. And on demand when you won it at WB ENN. Dot com. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.