930in716 October 30, 2017 Indictments in DC

Monday, October 30th

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It's 93716. Indictments flying in Washington Amanda Ford has been dog to for a long time now. With questions of financial double dealing and he had many contract shady contracts with the eastern European governments in Ukraine and other places. I expected to be someone a little smaller and those scale of the investigation. Trying to put pressure on that person to put. To give evidence on those above him. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast Monday came fast and furious in the political wonderland that is Washington. The White House declining comment as president Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul man afford. And a former business associate Rick gates. Are surrendering to authorities. It's all part of the Robert Mueller probe into that much talked about Russian collusion. Into the US election. Aaron can terse key was on the year breaking it down with legal analyst royal Oakes as the news became known Monday morning. People say that all that pork shouldn't be too shocked or reporting indicated. That Irwin Muller's team a rate it is cold it is locked they're rated at Purdue and all the July they indicated to him that there were plans to indict him and went to his computer files of course he's been under scrutiny because of his lobbying war overseas and business transactions the the FBI. Has reportedly been looking at suspicious wire transfers possibly linked to all -- corporate of course. We don't really know what they feel that they have on him right now we note that these reporting indicates that yes sir Ian is associate will be indicted. We're speaking with ABC news legal analyst royal Oakes says we get word of the first indictments to be handed out by the special counsel Robert Mueller in the five month long investigation into Russian interference into the US presidential election and possible collusion by members of the trunk campaign. Royal let's just talk process for a minute these guys surrendered to federal authorities in DC than what. Well we don't know what the indictment is actually going to be unsealed sometimes they don't click get unsealed because. People involved in the prosecution dole ought to. Interfere with the investigation they don't want to disclose information that doesn't have to be disclosed at this early stage. But at some point we are going to look. To have it unsealed who reportedly a federal judge has ordered the chargers remain sealed a request all of smaller but then of course the big question is going to be precisely what is being alleged here of course took the president is potentially Alter all a couple of various. The eighty collude with Russians to influence an election will be crystal ball. Did he know what his staff was doing. And secondly did he trigger we're looking investigation. Into the Russian meddling boss or taking off us after firing James only what about the fire engines collect these are all the potential issues that are hovering over the presidency. But at this point we don't know anything about a collection heard nexus between allegations against repeat against. Paul Laporte and any potential implications that might involve the president. A we simply ask to have to wait we do know that Moeller has said it has been. Using what is some people called scorched earth strategy a designed to intimidate witnesses. So that they perhaps would cooperate cut deals the objective allegedly being to point fingers at people. Higher up the food chain this is all speculation as to strategy to find out a little bit more about their thinking I would pick berries and there. Royal oaks isn't shocked nor its teams are most political watchers this was pretty much expected. Been foreshadowed it mullah special counsel was governor Hugh indictment. Steve Roberts is a political analyst and talks here with Susan and Brian Pullman afford with briefly at Trump's campaign manager. But the real question is not. Man afford it's what metaphor can say about other people. The way these investigations are constructed. Prosecutors will go after some like man afford indict him and then they OK he's gonna stay at a Cahill talk to us and and cut a better deal. And so what I think has to be really troubling the White House this morning. Is what does matter fort now and what can you tell prosecutors about other people who read and closer to the president in man. How much are we gonna learn a will the indictment be sealed or unsealed do you think. Good question. And I don't know the answer to that. Manna Ford has been dog to for a long time. With questions of financial double dealing and he had many contract shady contracts with the eastern European governments in Ukraine and other places. And my best guess is all these indictments will focus. Mainly on his financial dealings. But as I say. The real more serious question is. What can he say having been in so many of these meetings during the campaign and he knows campaign advisor. If there is anything it might say if there's anything there. To the suspicion of drug campaign collusion with the Russians. Pullman for we note that so the real question is not so much which he's being charged but what he can say about others. Is the president worried this morning should he be worried. Accorsi for that's why over the weekend and you saw this flurry of two weeks. From the president trying to did and very classic fashion. Distract. Attention from. What he knew it was going to be these indictments today and he repeatedly in many tweets weakened kept trying to stay. The Rio issue is Hillary Clinton real issue is did he collude with the Russians in terms of her. Producing a dossier of damaging information about trump did he have anything to do it and are you ringing and obscured deal little. Russian content companies to control some of America's uranium supply and what about Hillary's emails. This is classic drop trying to flood the zone. With distractions. And Republicans on Capitol Hill cooperated they've last week announced two new investigations. Into Hillary Clinton but in the end. I don't think it's gonna work. I think that the focus is very clearly that afford it's on repeats his associates. And it's on the overriding question in the Mahler investigation which is. Did the trump campaign have any knowledge of the Russian attempt to pretty well proven. To disrupt the American election what really was the relationship there that the key questions are it's a pardon possible by the president. Absolutely. And this is not only as a pardon possible. But. If trump gets angry enough there is the possibility of him trying to fires the special prosecutor. Of course. That would raise echoes of the famous senator massacred during the Watergate investigation and that's exactly where Richard Nixon did. And of course that helped lead to his impeachment I think even a lot of Republicans but would be deeply alarmed. If Donald Trump knows his pardon. Power is very strong and there's no doubt on from a legal point the president has virtually all of limit. Power to pardon by. If people prosecutors and others say he's using his power to you investigation. To obstruct justice. And that becomes a different question. He and just because he has the power. To issue pardons does not mean he's immune from the consequences of issuing sports. It's looking at the investigation itself Mueller has been tight lipped I mean absolutely no leaks nobody knew about this until the moment. It happened did you expect that seat continue. Moving forward I mean is it even worth gassing at some of these things because we won't know until it happens. I think you're right about that Mahler is a real professional. And he has hired. Around him. A core of very seasoned prosecutors that's one of the reasons one trump at White House for so long armed. Because this is not a fly by night there's not a congressional investigation that is not. Democrats. Making speeches about throw this is a hard core professional investigation. By very seasoned very experienced prosecutors who know how to look for these kinds of connections no had to wonder if he's content document. Know what to look for. And as part of that code it's part of that professionalism. Use secrecy and most been very successful in forcing secrecy so far and I expect to compete but not balls sought unfolding quite the way it seems to be. Well I'm not totally surprised because. Paul's attorneys were polled by the FBR by them investigation. By knew which team. That he was going to be in the right. Political strategist and WB EN contributor Michael Caputo side all little little differently. And thinks there is no. They're the year but really the timing was not a usual not not to not unexpected because we all kind of been worn by the news media. I expected to be someone a little smaller in those scale of the investigation. Trying to put pressure on that person to put. To give evidence on those above him. But in no I was also little surprise are repeat spring him in the jackpot this morning. But Rick and is in or has been that Paul sorry for many many years I've known both of them for 35 years demolished play this close to the vast. Is it worth it to speculate somewhat the charges might be geared do we just have to wait and see if we just have to wait conceived I've you know I've heard. A lot of cuts on kind of and in on the margin of this whole thing him. My understanding is that these are about financial crimes alleged financial crimes that have zero to do with the president. Something to do with international finance or whether it's banking your taxes. It's not clear but these charges are my understanding go back to long before Bob Palmeiro for set foot on my campaign for. And that just goes to show you that there's no collusion there's just an investigation. A lot of people are speculating will man for cooperate and turn on other trump aids. Do you think it's even gonna go there. No it's not gonna happen because there's nothing at all. A that's that travesty of all of this. Is there is absolutely no rush inclusion we have no evidence of rushing collusion now there. Arm are charging Paul mere four in his right hand man written gates with crimes that have nothing to do with Russia or trump. In order to try to get them to give evidence that doesn't exist. So this is going to complicate things not simplifying them and as much. Cheerful celebration as you're seeing on the left this morning. Arm it's gonna get very frustrating for Clinton allies were trying so very hard to blame Russia for her loss. Because there's no rush here you mentioned your kind of on the free. Are you expecting to be called tooth and testified. For a testimony to be involved in this investigation somehow because this is. Much different from what's happening in congress to arrive. I've testified before the house. Permanent select committee on intelligence. Arm and I'm still interacting with them through our Dennis sparkle my attorneys who have. And deeply grateful for forgot mrs. advice and counsel on this. Thumb I've also been in touch with the Senate Intelligence Committee. And Dennis and his team are interacting with them on my behalf it's not clear whether they'll call me to test the far. I have never heard from the Muir investigation. On. And I don't expect to but if I heard from our corporate completely and this is a very expensive enterprise as you can imagine. I don't have a role in any no allegations of collusion. On I guess on the scale of things I consider to witness. But if I were going to hear from the Muir investigation I would guess there would have heard from them by now. Arm and yeah people are asking me when I went to bed last night that I blocked the door double. You know it is and why it you know as I go to bed in my clothes in case they're PI came along I didn't I I do feel the least bit. Exposed to to arrest or anything like that since they've never even spoken to me. What about the president this is close to him and no it's not what I mean but the fact of the matter is this investigation is about trump Russia collusion. And they're trying to train regulate the president by going after people who worked for him. The fact of the matter is there is no collusion. Donald Trump would never work with a foreign government in order to win the election he would never collude with Russia in order to. I beat Hillary Clinton wouldn't tolerate that kind of activity in his ranks. What we have here is. An investigation driven by bogus information that from Darcy to begin with the Russian Darcy. And in allegations that are being thrown around by irresponsible part is on the Democrat side. Who simply want to tie the president's hands so we can't give his agenda passed also we have a rather pitiful. People out there who were trying to say that Hillary Clinton only lost because Margaret who wondered too. It's kind of sad program so a lot of Democrats saying this is the first shooting dropped do you think this is totally separate for many Russia it said separate. I think he's being indicted on it's him I'd do not believe that there is any rush inclusion at the trump campaign at any level. I believe the Russians were trying to get in touch with the campaign and trying to our. Influence the election I've said that from the very beginning the Russians have been trying to influence our elections since the 1940s. But do Y I believe that Paul I'm an indictment of army airport in repeats will lead to some kind of information on rush conclusion no. I don't in fact I know for a fact it won't and those of you are out there who were click and there you're your champagne glasses this morning. Enjoy your bottle that the last when you're gonna get. Much more all day on WB and then of course on demand at WB ENN dot com pact tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.