930in716 October 3, 2017 Las Vegas investigation and fallout

Tuesday, October 3rd

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It's 933716. Looking deeper into the Las Vegas massacre. Is it terrorism. Does the definition really matter. The troll patrol when noted unit and they call it a terrorist act and I just was. Kind of they would claim. And all those guns. And would more gun laws help I don't think a law itself. It's gonna stop someone from doing something like this I'm Tim linger on the podcast the life of 64 year old Steven paddock is the subject of a sprawling investigation into what drove him. To fire on thousands of people attending a country music festival in Las Vegas. Killing at least 59 people injuring nearly 530. Authorities say pat I've had at least ten suitcases. Filled with guns when he fired from his 32 floor suite. At the Mandalay bay hotel and casino Sunday night. Let's begin with the investigative side. Well I think in this day and age it's the first thing everybody thinks about. Terrorism that is. PDA earned his former FBI special agent in charge here in buffalo and now a law enforcement consultant and WB and contributor. As he saw yesterday or the last 24 hours are just trying to make a claim on on this and I think at this point crisis that's of the port somebody. The Colbert were when noted unit and they call it a terrorist act and I just was kind of an appointment you know what it's one of those type things but that definition you look at somebody we'd talk about terroristic. Definition of looking at somebody. That war. Purpose. What their beliefs are a political statement. But that's usually associated with terrorism in the definition of the FBI he also crap. We used to departed as into domestic issue he used to domestic in the domestic grew in the past we've had the militias would have to be kkk. And terroristic in his seat abortion advocate. It beat her respect. Defined domestically in the heat of the international group feel Qaeda the crisis. Those are groups that are doing these politically motivated an ideal ideology. Of what they believe so. Do you think. Magnetometer is it's time for them in hotels. I I don't think it's going to be something that could be considered. And I'm glad that this is in this and into the Capital One time. You start seeing patterns like physical coach who might see something like pat on after the boom by it. Uh oh we're in India there were a lot of there was a lot of discussion about hotels and salt targets and and and having magnetometer and I think he did that one over in India but with the freedoms that we have in this country that he could be part or. People and and really because of one card incident like this are going to do. You know we have other issues would. The target right now and it commoners in the commission which schools read about that two days ago there were. And when state look at something like but as far as the hotel that is very very ordeal he you know you're talking about people bringing him. Bags and bags government I'm a normal business days you know you don't shall things down to not be happy you try to do that the evidence that's way Earl Warren parking garage is that hotel. They have culture casinos you have. You beat public areas like. Conducted the sudden he today and it's not something in this country in the congress. Peter 42 guns and the fully automatic weapons that he was using during the attack how would he you've gotten its hands on those weapons. Well there that this can can be. I don't wanna call confusion I get the state of Nevada has almost certainly Barbara. Allowing not certain automatic weapons you you see that too legal status you see a lot of advertisements would be illegal gun range part machine guns. How that would apply in this side I'm not that familiar with what state laws and may see some changes and state loss after that but overall. You know you're not going to see anything change with the gun issue in my opinion I mean at minimum people. Hoping to get and it doesn't really apply in this to see. He did have a criminal record at least everybody purchase of a weapon that was criminal check but outside of that there's the limo on the about a gun you can have in my record you can own. It's it's just part of the well like that we haven't country. The amount of guns is shocking so many guns in one hotel room and more in his home. Gunfire is one thing automatic gunfire totally different and and for it to go on knowing the time that it did. I mean it was just scary it was unbelievable Miguel Rivera he's a former buffalo police officer now firearms expert in trainer and WB EN contributor someone whose whose plane into it would take one fire arm may be more ammunition. Which would be more devastating. I didn't carrying around that many fire arms. You know the the reason this is still unclear still tour tells. Can you give us an idea of what you know about the types of firearms. Used in the attack from what we've heard so far. My understanding is. It was a high powered rifle. And what he did was he he actually tinkered with it and put what's called bumps factor on there. It's an aftermarket. Peace can be purchased. So it's not it wasn't factory. That we would buy it you know from a federal firearms license dealers in which is something people ran. To make it full full automatic. How available are these types of weapons. Rifles and sells sending you you know as some are used for hunting. Others that are used for for home protection depends on what it is again and do what he did was he bought something that was. Probably legal and then altered it on his own with some aftermarket items. And then was able to have to do what he did is that particularly. Easy to do woods difficult. Well. And said to say no. Which. And the way things are with Internet and and and YouTube. You know you can go into two in theater and into YouTube into just about anything. To a fireman and it walks you through it it's kind of scary really. Yeah in AL may say he came through that hotel with at least ten suitcases bringing this up to his room over several days. Do you think this could have been prevented. In anyway. Well you know. A rifle like that and as in many rifles on the market if he heads the no with all too to add items to iTunes and make it sound awful auto. Then he would have no problem with partially disassembled and them to make them more compact. On an end to put him into. Piece of luggage. You know and and then go back and forth to the room. I mean it's it's. It's it's just a horrible thing and you know. We always second guess yourself we always think you know could have been preventative measures put in place it took to try and stop this or put a halt to it. And and the only thing I keep coming out with and again this was part of our conversation yes it was those first responders. Acted incredibly. On me within seventy. Seventy some odd minutes. They were able to respond. Answer that room. In the manner in which he did and and put a stop. To immediately. So these high powered rifles. Would have been able to be broken down put in note. You know suitcase any piece of luggage brought in without anybody probably second guessing what was in there sure like I said if he had the the knowledge. And the ability to put an aftermarket item like that on there to make a full auto. Then there would be no reason why he couldn't take a couple of pins out and and consume under a jacket or. You don't bring him in his luggage or are fallen into something else and answers bring him in and then putting together once he was. It was by himself and we are live in studio with Miguel Rivera of oil rig. Very investigations. Retired buffalo police officer of firearms instructor and Miguel we were talking during the break about. And the vantage point that the shooter had when you look at some of the models that are shown. And the pictures. And that's a far distance book because of where he was perched he didn't have to be an expert marksman. Two would crowd obviously created serious injury. Right. I gangs and 32 floor. Overlooking. A venue that's kind of out in the open. If you look at the venue itself. The way stage is set out to wave most venues are set up it's kind of like cable. And you got everybody inside that hole. Once he and I gained exits through that window. He was able to fire. In the direction. So again even if you missed. You know you got rounds in the ground you got rounds hidden sidewalks and and and parking lot retiring you got stuffs question of all over the place so. Even if you didn't hit. People directly you got shrapnel on the hornets who so I'm assuming that's a lot of the injuries. As well and he's just firing into the crowd. I again it's not my keys. He's got. You know. Taking mean in in and taking certain shots what with with. Fully automatic fire that he sees spring into for a. Here are some video last night. That was taken from the 32 floor of the Mandalay bay hotel and I was amazed at the distance. Away. From expect crowd here what is the distance that those rifles can cover. Again depending on the rifle. Depending on the ground. You know what where where he was perch he was in high ground. I'm sorry I don't know the actual distance from where he was too. His his target point but. You don't rifle rounds can travel over in my easily. You know and I view conditions coconut anger and and again that's that's conservative. So. From the high vantage point that he was you know we we it's it's. Termed high ground. Again he's he's he's at a position where he you know he can actually just fired into a crowd. They get into the malls most damage is it possible it could have been worse. Absolutely. Again whom when they talk about how much ammunition he had how many rifle C head. You know we're not sure what kind of optics he had it. You know he shouldn't full auto. And I think DeDe DeDe death tolls fare could have been easily I would say ten times more than what ones. Joined in studio by Miguel Rivera Miguel. Obviously after something like this happens that calls for stricter gun control laws come out. And gun control though it's a pretty broad a statement when you're talking about and gun control in the wake of something like this he had. Many different types of weapons on him. Oh what could have been John what law could have prevented something like this from happening now because the weapons he had. Weren't likely not legal or sold over the shelf. I don't think a law itself. It's gonna stop someone from doing something like this understand he had to do know with all to Alter. Whatever firearms he. This is something that obviously was planned. You know he he he tactically. Took a position. He had multiple firearms and ammunition. What we need to to try and figure out is. What his school was and what was the actual trigger you know what what triggered this guy a to do something like this you know. Just no respect for life at all what what was his motives. I don't think the law. On a firearm would would would separate I mean it that would be like saying you know we're gonna. We bring a law about. To stop matches and and see if that's gonna Sapp an arsonist from you know from from coming forward and understand that if someone has the knowledge. And and the drive. And they intend on doing something like this most Nash shootings or or active shooter. They're gonna do it the only thing we can hope for is that we have plans put in place to. Copper or or stop. The person from going forward in completing with a mission actually is. He had 42 guns that were recovered. Is there any limit on the number of guns that you can have Chicopee. Yeah you know we're talking Las Vegas so I'm not. Really sure on what the legislation or laws they have employees. You know it is Las Vegas. You know again whether he bought firearms that were. As for their guidelines and engine department store and then and brought him and and and also done an Indy would be needed to do. To make them fully auto that we don't know yet it's too early. And on ensuring TF fined and the FBI are working diligently on that trying to figure out where they were purchased if they were altered. You know if you had assistance or anything so I think it's still kind of early for that but you know we need to get more information and that's who so we can move forward. You mentioned it's in Las Vegas, Nevada obviously different laws in New York State is something that might. Maybe should be regulated. Nine national level see you don't run into all these different laws among place you can do this and another you can do that. Yeah I mean though that. At as a firearms instructor who we were we were together yesterday in and I heard guys talking you know maybe we should have won. You know one non. One licensing. From the government that says OK you've taken this class and then you can. You can you can have a fireman your state but as of right now the did you know the way the laws are written each state has her own. Caveats to to gun laws and an animal soared from nurse or we got to grin and bear where. Miguel Rivera is in studio with this Miguel as a firearms instructor someone close to the issue. And do you see that at the range all around you people. Taking this issue and it turning up to you know eleven around he meter whenever something like this happens. Absolutely. That there's nothing more frustrating than then. Something like this happening and and you know you get yet people don't go jump on it uses a platform use it is laser energy to pull forward in and push their own agenda and through I'm not saying what is right wrong order in different. It died does get very very frustrating eat you know people I think tend to look at it as two different sides to this issue that there's only you know everybody over at the gun range thinks one thing and everybody who's not thinks another but. Are there varying you know. Points of discussion to people you talk to who shoot. Boy yeah you know as as as a former law enforcement officer and and a trainer and now you know I can tell you. That law enforcement. Does want. Two. Say OK you know we we we need we need some type of gun legislation that's in place now but again took to come forward and Sarah you know we're gonna. We're gonna dictate this and and and you know you got laws being passed at. At weird hours and and things being thrown and they just make no sense whatsoever and I would you know go back through things at here in New York State. It you know you got people passing laws on firearms and have no idea about firearms they're making their decision based on what they see happening. Rather than you know getting about fail together and saying okay this is what we're looking at how can we get to this. In and do it properly and we're back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.