930in716 October 20, 2017 Sandy Beach HOF Trifecta

Friday, October 20th

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It's 930. In 716. Sandy beach on the podcast. I'm Tim Wenger welcome. Well I'm back from a trip to New York City where sandy beach was inducted into not his first. Not his second but he's third hall of fame. This one the New York State broadcasters. Hall attain. It was a luncheon held at the javits center on the Hudson River in New York amidst the giant NEB show there. Sadie is already in the Cleveland. Rock and roll hall of fame as well as the buffalo broadcasters hall of fame. Let's listen in today it's a true honor to listen to sandy beach inducted into the New York State broadcasters. Hall of fame. Our first inductees is a broadcasting legend in buffalo. Sandy beaches and on the air for 35 years I can now be heard in the mornings on news radio 9:30 AM WB yet. Let's take a look at saint these outstanding career. You're hearing the voice of buffalo tower of backward region governor said he based. Sandy beach at the top morning personality on news radio 9:30 AM WB EN it. They just being the single most talented figure in buffalo radio history. Talk to be everything to be fun then life will be happy. Depending on what's there in your ability to translate. How you feel. And there what's going on in the world around you it makes a good talk. And he's not just the single college he tackled the issues of informed opinion and is never let politics get in the way of a good show very. We give your opinions you can agree when I'm not a group that's fine either way and and we like it both ways so I think honestly use the rest. And it's worked for mail here. Sandy got hooked on radio was a cute and forty years after graduating radio school he was on WT VW in buffalo. I couldn't believe I'm here and like heaven for for a radio personality. Oh man this is cleverness is this the good life. Sandy's career also included stints in Hartford Dallas San Francisco and Milwaukee as an on air talent and program. But he was drawn back to buffalo. Buffaloes me and I am involved. Send these multiple awards keep piling up. He's in the buffalo broadcasters all the things the rock and roll hall of fame and three time nominee billboard magazine's personality of the I love what I do to turn them like. You know North Africa. But it's exciting. It's been a great. Ladies each element mr. sandy beach. I sent for an over driver to get me from my table today. First of all I'd like to thank all of you for being here and I noticed on nicely dressed. All of you are but I think the most impressive. Is how these guys dressed down there wearing the uniform of the United States of America. Now this the hall of fame induction. And I like to quote our hall of fame football coach Marv Levy. Where would you rather be right here right now. Think about it. We're having lunch in New York City and I'm going into the hall of fame they pick any better than this. Now. I don't wanna complain but it 2003. I was inducted. Into the buffalo made a line would have Tim Russert. Now Tim Russert that god in buffalo. So I'll always be in Tim Russert politics. Now today guess what I'm I'm Bob shipments hall of fame. I don't got to catch a break. Now the reason I've last service on I have an intense and healthy respect for revenue. But I give him my view a couple of things in my career which approved about it because you get revenue stream the better if you are. A year ago when I was the KB of the program director Jeff cake ambience that I would like to interview John Lannan. Well at that job and it was the biggest star in the world and it's of course absolutely. So they tell us what time John's going to be calling. And I'm doing tonight show and this is on KB and we cover the whole East Coast of America so this was a real deal. Getting interviewed John Lennon on KB. So originally what time would be as we got closer to media from the actual time he wasn't there so. We get closer and closers not there and my producers this wouldn't do. While start the commercial. I've known long lives spots all start the commercial so I started the commercial and ten seconds. Into the commercial. The producers don't easier he's ready okay now what right do we sold out all the time if I don't the commercial. And we want to make it that's revenue. But I had children. And whole. While I'm doing a commercial site to make that decision right away. And I went with the commercial. So when I was doing was a commercial. Keeping John Lannan on hold while I was talking about. Like between yours. The Wiener the world awaited. So when we finally got through the Internet was very happy about it and so it went well. But the closer you state revenues during the better you are. However I almost got to the end in my career in 1964. When I was at WS BR in Springfield a feeling good because I already interviewed two of The Beatles. And I'm thinking about this new commercial it was time. In 1960 fours trying not margarine put out a new product it was you could take it right out of the refrigerator. And it was credible. OK before bat. If you didn't. If you didn't think to do it. And to leave the butter out the night before you couldn't you couldn't use it because it was hard as a brick so trying to. Their whole cell line was it's it's trying to margarine. In the new soft top and it was a 32. Produced by men 32 life. I decided this 32 life copy doesn't work I can do a better sell on this because I've run into this many times. Because like I would forget to take the butter out. And I'd have to go to work. The the butter wouldn't spread it was like you know like a brick. And so I decided at the last thirty seconds. And they're gonna hear this and want me to do spot nationally. This will be great so they start with try not margarine immigrants off to. But it's got to be reading their property I today. Take it from the sandy beach. I'm a bachelor and I don't remember to leave about the night before it's hard in the morning. I said and then what happens. You go to your event there's a hole on the bread you can't use it. And I looked up and there's an engineer. Looking at me with the eyes like Bugs Bunny you're on springs. And I suddenly realized. What I had actually set and luckily my career didn't end there but it could've been could've easily ended there. But I'll tell yeah at that point I felt like Harvey Weinstein interviewing Taylor Swift. Thank you. They asked me tonight by the way to answer from the left side and middle of the left because I usually enter from right. Now. I would like to thank everybody for this wonderful evening and say that entering a hall of fame like this is about leaving footsteps. For somebody else who might wanna fall. My footsteps word George hound dog rents. At WK VW Joey Reynolds at WWW. And that guy. Back guide and he never whose pictures up there he's not the best looking guy but he's a good broadcaster. So the thought that I might be leaving something behind. For somebody else to fall is that true. True feelings but I have tonight so thanks all of you. For being here and helping me on this very special. For all of us at WBE and all of a sedan or comment. All of broadcasters in general sandy. A big tip of the hat. And we're back Monday. And so seeing that's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.