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Monday, October 2nd

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Her kids 930. In 716. Las Vegas and horror. On the podcast people our. Lights off and people were saying. People are down or down I'm Tim Wenger will hear from that concert Goer who saw and heard it all unfold. Plus a former buffalo audience and Las Vegas resident now checks in within sight. People literally some grub street feel it. Kind of migrated here to go just specifically to that concert. And the investigation. We touch base with the former head of the buffalo FBI who tells us an expansive investigation. Is already under way. If you let the social media footprint not just something you might put out recently put is past its history. There are already working on that as we speak. The Los Angeles sheriff's department says two of its off duty members were shot during the attack at a Las Vegas concert. Authorities say both were taken to the hospital where one remains in critical condition the other in stable condition. Officials did not immediately released the names at least fifty people were killed more than 400 hospitalized. When a gunman opened fire on an outdoor music festival on the Vegas strip in the worst mass shooting in modern US history. Authorities have identified the suspected gunman in the Sunday night shooting as Stephen panic. Clark County sheriff Joseph Lombardo said officers confronted panic. On the 32 floor of the Mandalay bay hotel and casino across the street from the concert. Panic is now dead. Let's begin with an eyewitness accounts. We've found everybody we know that everybody is safe out or not altogether yet at this point but we know that everybody is safe and sound as well as other friends that we knew at the concert are sick and Tania she was inside the concert. And heard the gunfire erupt we were. About six songs in the days and counting fat and at first it's kind of like someone had let off firecrackers in the middle of the stands and and we heard it. It's a lot and we heard it again and then we just heard. Now. Not like fireworks and Aaron people our. Lights off and people were saying. People are down your guard down but then something known and it happened in everybody's duck and cover and then they opened up. The back gate and writing like herds and they are still shooting and and it is there and they were still shooting and the people running they were I'm sitting in the parking lot longer operating view. And there was it was it was probably the worst thing I mean here's and we were already giving hitters aren't in the local tells. People I do know that I different streeters picked him up in their cars and took them let them. We have people that are hurt. Helping people inside giving you effort to back and helped. That it is is is very scary it was extremely scary. Did you know what that moment what was going on or was he just runs your life. At the moment we Dennett but it debt deftly set and after about the fourth round around the came through the department started reading at that point. We laid bare what we lately did lay on top each other for quite a while we're out. That and Ed and all this and we heard the open at the back key right for your life they're leading to speculation and nothing else. And did you did you see people getting hit. You know we read it and now we just thought it would hurt trying to Ryan. And we have seen people since we've got into the hotels to be safe we've seen people at a hospital. They have major ones. Her husband actually is very thorough it's existed back to help people and all the things that probably never never should never tell me what your husband did. And he stayed back in Austin and we just without him knowing. That we may daughter and when he finally found us likely against the cut for social media because he coasted from there that I know okay headed to my car so somebody texted me and told me. Aaron Aaron he came he said he had to carry out nine dead bodies. And when wounded to the head and some other we did keep. So are. Homes that hours that might play their final pre season game probably maybe half a mile away at. The T-Mobile arena which is located right next serve Bjorkman your neck of the New York, New York to grant police say. So they'll sort of broke the strip may have to wait they basically. At the beginning at the script itself and. Brian blessing is a former long time buffalo any and in now lives and works in Las Vegas. A few be a country music festival. All I actually feel. The concert area light I've never been to all but if it was. Basically although that was. Talked about the vote bought you know locally at. Obviously it's you know what event that oil rig with people literally from rob cook street feel it. Kind of migrated here to go to just specifically to their concert. Sure and mean and that's a really condensed area of the holster up. I mean if you're in Vegas that's where you are right. He gave you are having that you're you know a vacation out here it is you'll learn your lesson quickly call what you just they have. Bill in New York you're our go out walk to the Irish are you see that good yet it looks like schools but it. Yeah it's pretty healthy you know walking this. Between property of the pretty spacious. Oh what are people in Las Vegas being told I'd imagine a lot of that area is kind of shut down on lockdown and still which would have to be unusual for that city. All without let me tell it it's like you really get your vote the metro police department here. Obviously extremely thorough RB I mean if they're errors. You know unfortunate stable car accident at a quarter. On the literally got it more could be closed for five X seven hours. When their two of their investigation car so and so what we think this is going to be. Our appeal in the suburbs could impact the area for you know pretty LP about car. I could feel the reality is we're people who work here it's unfortunate. Well you know even before I moved here my son had that out here. I I would worry about this for Leo you know I was so Bob what I fail big night you know there's no way to close that hole. All of it but it's always good wannabes things of Los Vegas. You know you're you're fearful of big screen for. Religiously. You know just kind of knowing the nature of what what cities about it if its name had been bandied about being targets so. You know it's got to look. I said dark day with you you know weird way it's supposed to bring him well I regret there would have been well. I guess so maybe about a year so well he lost control. Harder. And actually get people on the sidewalk and several people we took care. In its that we are virtually every oh it was terrorist thing here was Google we'd walk patrol car that they're putting those. You'll spike. In the sidewalks now. To protect people for you know Carter's. Attacking people like who consult we're around here they've been anticipating. Airport. Now for for gambling to be suspended a lesson usual right. Well that was due literally clear. Corporate though I mean. As four hours five hours ago beat anybody say there were clear property I I don't know. Are any other properties that it's done anything in that vicinity since then there you Michael morbidly. In that area were likely talking about mostly tourists I'd imagine not native on people from Las Vegas to it would have to be a little strange for those people to run off to. They where they don't know where they're going. Why are. Mandalay bay properties that it was our apps will all tourists you. If you were pretty perception typical people. People replied it's a BI director of the rubber city with people. We're he was gonna come here well what. Look hockey market will be investigated if you don't look at the old aura. Almost three million people who live here are suburbs like Livan sobre La which would be like you know. Williams will amber city is well. It's the following community and it's big value of the locals really. Well I'll ledger work or evolved to a plea Billy Bob and Carol what brought Buick tiger all. When you live they're all beautiful which you don't want you seeing at your book you all who went from Al could have won of people all. Basically a strip useful oh well what outstrip that would go to strip. Now the investigation. Well I think it's kind of amazing but again tragic in the sense of everything that happened but. It's pretty clear that the response you know law stated police department don't have a pool party swat team met a lot who understand what your response. Peter a herd is the former agent in charge of the buffalo FBI office and now. A law enforcement consultant and contributor to WB Guillen. I'm sure somebody in that hotel room shot a rainy down on the crowd I'm sure you could hear. Going on in and I think probably she calls came from the hotel that somebody would also went inside there that enable quick response from wanting to get in their preached that the war. And take out the shooter but a totally tragic tragic situation where somebody is at the firepower like that to do what we would corporate position. I just really fired out massive qualities and that's what you could see as a more casualties even from it is ordered that I'm afraid. Now and to say is so tragic end and it sounds now like he carried that weapon and in a duffel bag into the hotel for this. How available is an automatic weapons. I'm not available at all it's good or older set up a certain way you have to have a reason. I think right now you know what what's going on image you know in these situations are so much going on the first is to take care of of the injured but. But I I think right now you can see that the gun is being traced trying to find out where it was purchased coal was purchased. Whether it was from a black or consider whether the straw purchase would somebody that was allowed to purchase a weapon martz system. Clearly it's a military grade weapons so all of those questions are going to be answered it I think the they're pretty quick action. In the next few hours if they get paid police side you'll find out world where the weapons and equipment out. This individual. Got to see him on them. Question whether or not the person has very a criminal history because the typical history have been able by gun at all all the news. Discussions are honestly that we heard from every should be a beat mass shooting we've this is is going to. Re engage in destruction and he ignored the hours out on the history of that weapon will be important as much as well the history of the individual. Well with the suspect dead how do investigators go about finding a motive for the shooting and how important is it that they find a motive. Why I think Bogut is is critical I think in this day and age. That there is one of a lot easier because of things like social media. If you let the social media footprint not just something you might put out recently put it passed its history. There are already working on that as we speak. Are going into the room look at that excuse me what was in the room. I'll look into the social media profile probably from my house talked into the girlfriend that they've identified the world will believe that would be with him. But but because of electronic mediums are probably going to be more achievements are the motive that he. Quicker than their happened in the past but usually all we order some. It would just turn to Peter that they have the woman Mary Lou Dan Lee is no longer considered a person of interest she's been cleared and end of involvement. How soon will we know if this is terrorism. Well I I I think you know again just reading them and seeing things that. You know in the in the media don't have obviously first hand knowledge article already won simply one suspect you know the the terrorism in the matter of people would think it was. I just or al-Qaeda or something like that with a goal still early eighties but they're going to be looking to history this individual could be some domestic terrorism issue but. I think right now. It to jump you'd have to assume that could be what they're going to love what they can't I think the other thing too is when they wanted to room. If there's something in that room there could have been a no critical letter that would make the achieve this year well made that comment go early our main purpose. You know his connections everything and anything so you should know pretty pretty soon Robert thank and I think crisis response to what the police. Department they're going to start being you know regular briefings for the cracks me. Right now it's still chaotic you do this event happened at 10 o'clock you know their time I think real quick start put information out women and not a regular race. Now from a law enforcement perspective what differentiates. Terrorism from a mass shooting. Well you know it in the definition of terrorism it just depends on which definition I mean when you look at it this is terrorism you know he's stark terror. You know you're you're making people panic but usually the terrorism definition of the FBI is a state sponsored or ideological. Kind of reason why you would do picture Rudy. That would make it to terrorism whether Beatty went issues domestically but some of these. Terrorist groups and had domestically look at people like got McVay and the Oklahoma City bombing had a motive he had a decline. Those are things are gonna try to put together looking at the call of the individual to see you know but but. Terror is terror when when you're trying to send people doing what they're doing. But the definition of whether or not this was either state sponsored ideological go to the street when I look forward there could be. Don't self radicalization. But. We in this case you're gonna look at all of that would effect a term nature of this to some of the things that disturbed individual. But to to be this is obviously it was planned. You know he was sitting there and let perch my good people like we saw. With a delegation in a couple of years ago of course one of the more information strongly Whitman in 1966 with the university. Where it was up on the top. Apple. The power completely different error page here and until sixty. But in this case you know he was to reunite them or their opponents in a crowd knew would be either. Andy no Sistani meet the porn porn our director firemen mortgage sound like what is say. 88 weapon that had multiple cut capacity. With the magazine it would would be placed into that it's. The latest always on demanded WB EN dot com and on the year at WBE and 930. That's 93716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.