930in716 October 16, 2017 Tragedy for the BPD

Monday, October 16th

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It's 930. In 716. Tragedy that we suspended the search for today. We will be back here tomorrow at 7 AM and continue the search helpless emotion. Particularly spoken brotherhood. And this recognition college just a burden of all. Sort of reward can hit it closer perspective. Having define wanna be around there's no doubt in agonizing situation for this team because they worked so closely they've practiced this stuff over and over. And they really emphasize safety first in the training. And insights GPS are cannot penetrate water so you can use hand held. Or GPS device what you would normally think of in your are. On the podcast I'm Tim Wenger. A grueling weekend for buffalo police and law enforcers and first responders from far and wide. As an extensive and dangerous search was underway for a missing buffalo police underwater recovery unit diver. Craig Lennar went missing Friday during a training session in the tumultuous waters of the Niagara river. So many questions and so much grief. Let's get some insight on what that dive team is charged with doing to begin worth the train monthly. I wish we were talking under better circumstances this morning but but your right it was last month that we spent part of the day. Would be underwater recovery team never expecting that we've been talking about this a month later you know it just goes Sharia how dangerous this kind of work this. Luke moretti from WI VBTV. Channel four along with photojournalist Richard saying spent a day during their training just last month. We have worked with them out of the union ship canal attributed their trading last month the aide sent divers to the bottom they used traffic cones as props. They practiced locating you know objects under the water effect one of the team members even used a golf pro camera to show how difficult it is to search. In murky water now for our shoot. The divers were attached to a cable. And they were able to communicate with team members at the surface. What we know about this team the underwater recovery team you are he had they call it. Or about 21 members on the team they trained for a year before becoming permanent member. And that training includes black water what water and diving under ice cover water this training goes down. The year around not just when the weather is nice we had an opportunity to interview the team's commander last month. Who was on the site today he told us that every assignment. Carries a certain amount of dangerous especially in with water. Like other Niagara river in their called in for all sorts of situations they have the grim task of recovering drowning victims. We're heading to search for evidence that connected to a crime. He called list. That drownings involving kids are among the toughest assignments for his team. Thank you very difficult work but they do it knowing that it helps to bring some closure to families. Now having to sign one of your own there's no doubt in agonizing situation for this team because they worked so closely they practiced this stuff over and over. And they really emphasize safety first in the training. This interesting Luke that you you talked about how they can communicate I was wondering if they had that it all on Friday or even a GPS. If that would be standard equipment for some divers tutors so that they could find them but the communication would be key. Yeah and I was wondering the same thing when I hurt whether they had the ability to communicate back and forth. I don't know that. And you know it you know there are a lot of unknowns right now lot of questions about you know what had gone wrong and what happened it. You know the kind of equipment that the other guy. That sort. And I think those details so obviously c'mon at some point but it I think right now the police department you know first and foremost Rick you wanna be able to find this diver. And I think after that you'll probably hear some of the users of these details but yeah that's one of the first things that I wondered what it. It had communication would that would be able to hear something burger at least get an idea what was out. Yeah it was important for these divers to. Trained in the conditions. Posed by the Niagara river wasn't. Yeah absolutely and you know they do this from time to time does matter fact. One of the team members we had a chance to interview when we were whipped last month. Recalled a very tense situation during trading a couple of years ago. The team was actually training and an area near the general location of the search for the missing police divers under way right now. So one team member apparently was having a very difficult times surfacing. Because at some sort of an equipment issue. So the other diverse others and without hesitation. Began emergency procedures to bring him up to the surface. That training and that experience kicked in. Fortunately in that case the diver was stayed by his teammate. But it really goes to Sharia how even during training things can go wrong. And that's why they train for this kind of stuff every month. While it Luke how heavy is that equipment. At their died in west. You know that's a good question I really don't know because equipment varies from time to time you know sometimes I had you know perhaps the go down with a tank. Maybe they'll go down would it backup tank so it just depends on what they're wearing you know I know they heavy weight belt that they put around. You know sometimes. You know we have this siblings he device. That they use that they helped them obviously to send in a sense from the water so it it just really curious I I don't know yet. As you mentioned the camaraderie. The brotherhood amongst police officers and I'm guessing you saw when you were embedded with this team that. That we see it across all police but within a certain unit within a certain team. It has to turn into a real family. It really does and in I was able to witness that we saw the training last month the you know like you know everybody knows each other at eight nicknames for each other. They've they've they know each other's moves you know these these people going to be probably spend more time together than they do sometimes Stanley because of the kind of work that they do. And you know you just get that sent that you know they know each other's moves and when we were there watching. We noticed when the divers were in the water. There were at least two people that we're tending to that one back. They were under the water you know watching them carefully. Obviously did you know their point being if communication equipment so they were able to talk to them and so forth. On Indian really really meticulous about safety when it comes to these. But look look did you meet Kregg Lennar. I didn't I did not in I'm not I'm not even sure. That that he would bear. That particular day when we were doing the training effect you know that's one of the things we thought about was. You know let's stick let's take a look at the video on C we're able to pick up here terms you know we felt that we we haven't been able to determine that you know but I I I did not meet. What is diving like in the Niagara river in all the current. Returned to a local diving expert on. What it's like and how all that heavy equipment comes to play that's maybe the turn dung what you're going to dive Tim dykes is a local master diver. Articulate guy in the little slower August you can Wear a true like wet suit and the weights only maybe thirty or forty Powell. I think you're gonna dive in the middle winner you have to work right sooner than your point C is increase significantly with. That it suits. You can be wary up to a harder out of here. Hey curious to know if they standard practice at all for divers to go down with. Some sort of GPS or tracking device of any current. No it's not because cheap yes so are cannot penetrate water so you use hand held. You know GPS device what you would normally think of senior are. The water prevents the GPS signals for making it out of the water. There are some. Soul. All but they're very expensive and typically only see those and pretty high and commercial operation. This interstate. What do other communication aspects I mean there are ways to communicate ranked. Party yet so specifically about in the commercial well look or even in the it can't start morale. There are two weeks communication system they use a higher frequency ultrasound. So that the driver can't communicate with your order divers organ communicate with the outside. Now Tim when looking. Ed. This dive compared to other dives and than Niagara river what you know about this specific area this ability. There compared to what divers might find in I I guess more calm waters but what exactly is like. I can't speculate on exactly you know what was experienced what happened there but the night Herbert a very dynamic environments. And that really depend on the day in the weather. So you can do or die one day and you can't visibility of you know just thirty C typically don't see much more than thirty C. But they can duties vaccine diving vaccine Marion the next day. Editor rained that night or the wind kicked up real real hard on the ability to read he reduced almost bureau. I've done dilutes our normal week I am a little bit starter downstream in the west river in between Grand Island Canada. And I've done ties where he can he's thirty feet. And then not done died in the winter time level according to ten years states where we're locked arm and arming I couldn't even see his head. While. And and debris have you encountered die areas free of been diving where there's been a lot of debris like we're hearing about here. The other and we all kindness but from the river. Another. Other downstream we don't see it much but that area between the peace burgeoning international train bridge. I did it hurt very very high current a lot of debris can beat you walk down there and get stuck their. On so there can be all kind of stopped there and vote down there who you know you name it. And as I was on this scene for the search throughout much of the weekend looking into the eyes of both the law enforcers on the scene in the friends and family of Lennar. It was difficult you could spot the emotion and helplessness. In just one quick glance. Miguel Rivera knows that all too well spending years in a career in a BP. But it has not spoken brotherhood. And this recognition policy still burn them. Preferable. So everyone can hit it closer. Better than Sen McCain greens aren't the officers could agree. It'll do what future. You know looking at the wave that buffalo police have had to operate over the past few days they're missing one of Peron but still. Having to undergo this very complicated and still dangerous search. How difficult is that for officers in. Can you describe just kind of how all of those emotions have to be put to the side while this is going out. Well you know burned out whether you worked which would look cratered not or aura. Anybody who. Understand that it's. It's going to be governor can form look at their sick feeling in the interview on the knowing that. Somebody who who on his own will is willing to jump in harm's way somebody else by the senate. It takes a special kind of person and that's what is it that's what he wore. And you know the other officers on the job. What that's a feeling and they are on the all of it he still out there. And and they know they have to go up there are jobs aren't there today. You open that that he can be brought home so. Your everybody can. Can green Dubuque who worries that needed to. You know Miguel to families are grieving here he has his immediate family and his police family. And and maybe you can help with this but. But Tim Wenger wrote a perspective for our website when your job means you may not come home most of us don't have to deal with that every day but for many families like yours. That's something you live with every day race. Yet like I said earners who in the particularly special and a person and I was lucky not so. The work with these guys can and still work with the Q Bert. Two I knew all the court court so also than in any in protection. Where where things like this can happen. So somebody else better or you know what Ukrainian troops were rescue and she was doing or you are rescue short order here you put yourself in the middle of those. Look fighter or whatever may be having you put yourself in terms weren't there at some dating behavior fortunately this. This that happened then and now. You know again would you need to bring them home sort who can perhaps voters who are chemical that Eric review process. Miguel this is really shedding light on how old and dangerous even training. Can be for police officers. Yeah. Officers and military. I'll all the training has been used on his car. This kind of dug in at a high heat and Ohio I pitch. Sending environment and I think any precautions are taken to ensure that there you know think that there's don't have better and he. There are terms with the due earlier this one. You know that is something happened or who were not sure why. I'm unsure that the struggle Wells Fargo later. You know whatever is put. Now the focus and government is that the opposite is Shumpert or probable or cops. Some closure to the polls certainly spurred little in the immediate termination of certain certain departments. All I can say is from all of us at WPN only thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of Lennar and the men and women of the BP. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.