930in716 October 13, 2017 Chris Collins ethics probe and Amazon HQ2

Friday, October 13th

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Her kids 933716. You expanding ethics probe into congressman Chris Collins on the podcast. This is going to be all congressman. Called needs to clear his me. Plus Amazon. HQ two in buffalo Rochester. Well one of the few places they can demonstrate in within an hour drives. You campuses that won't accommodate all of her full build out. I'm Tim Wenger congressional investigators say there is a substantial reason to believe Republican representative Chris Collins of Western New York shared material. Nonpublic information about a drug company he had a major financial stake in and took official actions to assist their company. The conclusions were included in an announcement Thursday from the house ethics committee that. It was extending its review of the three term congressman in early and strong supporter of president Donald Trump. Well let me first bought important enough publicity office. A congressional ethics which is certain it's a New York offers aren't certain how there was no such thing. And it is is it really supposedly independent offers. If we inside the congress that Brett complaint. And then recommend them to the house ethics committee to. They're pursuing not a pursuit. Political insider and WB EN contributor Michael Caputo. And basically what they're what they're alleging an shorthand. Is that that the congress and so nonpublic information. And David the people who would financially benefit. All and it would have preferred the ball. But how about how. Epic. What do a lot of complaints people they do it and an abundance of caution because of anything has appearance. Impropriety. They wanna clear that there. A lot of times by the way we don't even know whether somebody's being invested by the house ethics in the senate ethics committee debate and now. So if with this new law at the office of congressional efforts it has. It has. A propensity group to report that they're recommending things so now suddenly epic. Our complaint. Become very public and it's only been in recent years in the dark. Mike I just. I cut in and talk about this office of congressional ethics if we remember this was the thing that the Republicans wanted to put. Under the power of the house ethics committee. And the reasons they stated now it was bad optics because this was right after the inauguration of a guy who wants to drain the swap so the first move is to kill the obvious of congressional ethics. And of course everyone jumped all over the Republicans. But there are couple things about the office of congressional ethics that are a little for Q I put you there in the first thing that whatever that. The first thing is that hey you never meet you can totally be a whistle blower protected or that means is. You can have an allegation made against you never know the source of the allegations. And the second thing is. Unleash on pneumonia exactly. And and are popping up that in. And and at the very public way for doing epochal ethical allegations but public enough. On the congressman. But no public exposure for the for the accuser. And then the other thing is is that even if they decide that this is gonna go up to the ethics committee they hold a press conference. And basically you don't even know what you've been accused of doing right or wrong you find out like Carl Paladino and real time that he's been removed from the school war. Right exactly and and all right I thought our congressman. A calling in Washington. There's the day or two ago. And are our partners remarkably. Upbeat I write it I took a bit an indication that he's on concerns and and but one thing that we all need to understand. Is that the office of congressional epic recommends these things ethics committee in the house typically picked up what they recommend. And and I bet there how ethics committee. Has you know there is by no stretch of the imagination. Are the larger here a percentage of complaint. Found to be ballot. What what what they offer some congressional epic saying is that they are the appearance that bit law. And it's the appearance. That concerns them the model. But the appearance. But again just stick to give the whole side Chris Collins is on a board of an Australian pharmaceutical company. And he had an amendment they had to do with the speeding up of the process of trial that occasions in this particular this medication. It is hopefully going to Q war and that's. And what happened was they're claiming that because he was a board member and because he wrote this amendment. Somehow he did this to better you know a business that he had financial ties to the problem is. The amendment was very public you can't save it nobody else knew or had information. That Collins passed an amendment to a bill and anyone could've. Known that the one thing that no one else probably had was a large percentage of stock in a pharmaceutical company. But let's be honest we're gonna take this guy's head for losing seventeen million dollars. Why can't I don't quite well in addition to that. Congressman calling has. Or it longer I can remember probably long before had a very. Laser like focus on bio act not different bets. Well we're working these are advancement. Brit that help people quit there L. And and I believe that the amendment could you might construe it appear like crew would be. All wet disorganization of the weapon Republican but this. Has it on the profit or you can just look at him as a human being and security pursuing a long standing interest at all. And I wanna I wanna make one thing absolutely clear here. I haven't talked to congressmen are calling since it came out but if I work congressman Collin I wouldn't raise it. Because now it's sort of all these. Liberal arts a Democrat who were stalking him around the district. And the crew were part organizations in Washington. Were trying to defame him at every Kirk. Bell clock we called it the put it to bed. Epic comedian Al will come up wit bit basically consider a further investigation off of epic. Did initial cursory. Bob fail quite a bit if it's if they're what the appearance of impropriety they determined there won't be apparent triple Friday they probably read the newspaper site. And then they're corporate ethics committee will now dig into a bit of a congressman opportunity. To be fully vindicated and you know and I both know you don't do. Bet there is when he applied between now and election date for it all revolve when he seen. But offers property. How ethics committee to put him in Berkeley here. Otherwise this is gonna dog him credible liberal media and electorate. Let you know quote unquote watchdog groups. Are basically giving all the court unity for television ads but to ride him out of office this is going to be all congressman. Called needs to clear his me. Now to that joint bid for the Amazon HQ to build out that so many communities are bidding for. And now buffalo and Rochester are teaming up in their efforts what are the chances. Well I think we we check up most of the boxes. And no one. The thing that they're looking for the next communities. I think we have according to plan. How to drive of those matters. Tom Qatar ski president CEO of invest buffalo Niagara. As these fifty communities. The united state that in him and probably another hundred that are going to be. Bidding regardless of whether they qualified or not so it's going to be. Daunting task that I really do think that. We're one of the few places they can demonstrate in within an hour drive. You campuses that will accommodate all of their full build out which I think a lot of from what I hear from my colleagues. Around the country. Podcast and a lot of other places. Talk a little bit about that combined in nature of this though if adding Rochester into the proposal makes it better than just buffalo alone. Does that mean that buffalo had some deficiencies that you wanted to address from what would they be. Well Edward as. You know every every community. Across the country is gonna have some part of that. This project that they're gonna have some deficiencies believe it or not because. But he I don't know of anybody that I'd probably remember project this size noise and so. Leave shortly after it was issued. We were we were calling crisis at the same type that they were calling. You know all thinking about way. And we have very complimentary. Kind of common economies in route all of these colleges and universities. I really great work words lower operating cost and cost of real estate. Airport. Barack cross border locations there's a lot easier north course but until we get together and really working hard to put all of this down. But again it doesn't matter what we think it bears whatever god they locate me searches. We don't really know how competitive we aren't so we brought consultant to help businesses process tonight particularly surprises. Really how competitive we have and will want to. You need to find enough support route with him on directly David Gergen currently all the way along. If you. If Amazon wants a city that checks off XY and Z on their list. Is that kind of fudging the rules a little bit say we've got to cities that check those things off. Well we wouldn't know it. We would have done it without we're positive had heard it from them directly so. Eight hurt in the along the whole path that we take and it is am I decided that they want to pursue Rochester. Were you fully supportive of the and vice Versa and if if for some reason and I also decided that they want to. Separate functions were well wars for the real estate operating war. Yeah that you. A recruitment. Were also support that effort where there might be asses in both communities. Tom what about the airports of buffalo and Rochester really neither one is is an international airport per say and and I don't think either one flies directly to Seattle Amazon's. You know headquarter. Iraq. And one of the areas where and a few minutes ago. We have I mean yeah I think aren't visible to view is that the public that are going. We've been both communities and we're trying to improve our our hat so okay we'll airport have capacity would Wear it pretty limited. Improvement is going to prevent necessary. For both airports are being happy considerably when you get. And meet her future not only the number of employees but as the visitors in Seattle in week. For every article 2000 visitors a week. That is is wrong. And encouragement he would be airline battery serve as the market you. To expand their services. Are you west frozen. And other places that you know we're we're we're okay we're we're able to you could really go through the the proposal would. Community which will be an appropriate time murder now we you don't want to deal or or were able to talk about it. I think he's going to be very bright comet and activity we have ever he would need to airport and then we have. Niagara fall. Just up the road that there's to me is being planned that it could be executed there. I know they've got large space for cargo facility of the biggest runways in Niagara Falls talk a little bit about timeline here. At what point does the state begin to put concrete incentives on the table today Wafer interest for Amazon or is it already part of the process now. Well at the way it is working and as you can match has been very active three week. And so we've been working on really all the dead elements in the creativity. Right it does pay every option didn't really beat down. So that it answers your questions. And then it has been a strong supporter of the vision these they're gonna support all of the New York it across. This date with his name on. This is going to be obviously different the New York City Libya. And and this part of the this statement. They have been working at all that all it is going to be finalized. Very we're region at all working. Together this super team real it. It in the final final warmup Tuesday that we can get it out there in advance of the nine scene where does that line and we just were really certain what the process will be after that it could be a very very shortly it could be forty community they could just name and fight these. You know take some time ago evaluated. It. Where we're back Monday. That's 930 Q 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.