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Thursday, October 12th

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Her it's 930. In 716. Body cams in the Erie county sheriff's department. On the podcast there. Asked around the concrete from the cloak of Puerto Rico agencies. There were doing and I can tell you that they think exonerated deputies numerous times. I'm Jim Wenger a pilot program for the deployment and usage of body cameras is underway within the Erie county sheriff's department. The sheriff's office is working with Exxon cameras who provides cameras to Niagara Falls police and Niagara county sheriff. Vince Valentine's the national sales director with the Exxon talks with Mike Bagram. So it is in the best figures I can get better are our most accurate are storage costs are typically about 75 cents a gigabyte. And there are so many factors that come into play that determined that the storage costs. Like amount of video uploaded. Retention policies and statute of limitations so again I think that it could 306090. Day pilot will allow Erie county. Two determine what they need to plan for moving forward over a multi year program. How much that is a let's say at one minute video that record and a gigabytes would that be well I can tell you that roughly about a one hour video is about one so one point 15 gigabytes of storage. But again depending upon the amount of officers that are capturing video. Depending upon what their shift patterns are and how long they're out there. And what their roles and responsibilities are are usually factors that dictate how much video they actually capture and upload. Then you move on to the storage component of this and that comes into retention policies and statute of limitations which differs region by region agencies agencies so again. That's why. Erie county is going through tests and evaluation so they can determine and prepare for what an ideal program look like. And what an ideal program would cost you police officers are. I mean it where the camera it rolls mine were saying the entire time they have to. Turning on an eight point nine catches everything happened over sovereign country. So great question so the camera bull be turned on at the beginning of the officers shift in it will be by offering which means it will not be capturing any digital evidence or interactions. Until the officer manually activate that camera and that will be dictated by their policy. One thing we've introduced that may come into play is the ability for officers to have the cameras beat automatically activated whether that be through eight using a teaser in activating a taser device for less lethal. Or pulling a side arm out of a side arm holes are. Pollster using our tax on signal technology so that is something that through the test and evaluation Erie county will decide what the best method in policy is and as we always know. Policies are very odd dynamic and technology is ever changing so. As technology progresses. Erie county will decide what the best technology is for their officers. So how did the decision to begin using the body cameras come about for Erie county. What are the concerns. I played opens I know there's a lot of concerns so let people wondered wondered why we don't have them out its ticket to shape I'm gonna have a number of people. I'm objecting to it in there is concerned about what's going to have with the data. Erie county sheriff. Tim Howard. Beat the individual officers in the use the public expect U's gives them an option of putting it. Well turning it up I think it's a very important corruption almost certainly concerned that. He does try that it can salute to the nervousness but I'm being recorded. May surprise. Conversation may turn at what would be a casual conversation to a formal statement on the that's not a good thing film but yet at the same time somewhere there's an allegation that the officer engaged in this camp are. Well and we want to be able to prove that it did. On the bitter did not happen age I suspect in in the long term or long run you'll find out that whole lot left this happened. Then people suggest rampant. Sheriff in some departments around the country we understand the body cancer automatically automatically turn on. But the the once that your testing have to be manually turned on that that's important you. The lone wolf that there's it's not completely true would be we are gonna hurt them. Well this is nervous at the end of the sixty days are certainly going with this company when they choose to task. From some other called some other companies as well while we have several different cameras on different it's one of the cameras will be cut that is. It cannot answer the center draw his or her weapon the camera would automatically. From beat begin recording. I'll move on and certainly there's other cases were simply by capping a certain place under your former knowing where the analog switches. That they could turn the camera off. I might think that's very important particularly. If an individual can approach to monetary to provide some confidential information and some anonymous. Information and not want to be recorded. It's a tricky situation because on one hand I exactly what you just said where you want to be have people be able did. You bet confidentially without being recorded and and having people feel comfortable. Around officers without being recorded then you have on the flip side. People saying well if officers can just turn off the camera what's the point of having them at all. That's an I think Wear a home where there would be an expectation that this information would be recorded. While it is true with a lot of wild statements formal statement. That are taking now the absence of recording. Well it does is cause her or who leads to from the interior of the judge. Being informed that the absence you can read something into this you can be more suspicious because of the as a. According evil unfortunately the could be a situation in which. I thought it was too early and my camera wouldn't affect. I was turning the camera off. In emit something it's very important to the outcome of the investigation. The latest Eskew out quickly this is happening just a few weeks before the election does this have anything at all. To do with the campaign. Don't on the retreat we actually started inquiring about displaced February whom we've moved we've asked. Around the country from any input of overload of resiliency. There were doing at home we sometimes do take a lead. And certain things then and try to beat and the terror of the first but good jump into it quickly from in this case we see that the sooner rather probably edit. In the we've benefited open. In an additional improved technology having more options. As well as so letting other reason she's kind of cramped plane here only through the region the early days in this we've got LG. In Niagara county the cameras have been deployed and have been being used successfully. For years now. We asserted a look at this probably. Eight to nine years ago when we turn it took. Door testing at different cameras and resettled on com. And a camera to next time I think it's the same one that dear Tony testing I'm not mistaken. Niagara county sheriff James vote to work. We kettles and place. Over seven years now we have brought 45 for the role patrol. Speaking against divisions at treating on dark all have a permanent cameras not to dogs and handlers. And we also have been a jail on and some of the social service buildings that we do security for as well as the school lesser roles are all equipped with cameras at this time. And the what do you think of them. I mean I love and from our administrative perspective. I'm sure that some deputies that probably still don't like him but. I can tell you that they think exonerated deputies numerous times. Where a citizen makes a complaint were working a complete right now as we speak. That we took last week and down. The complaint it is it is completely false based on the doing the video and there's really helps us with the medication when you look at the cost and their stances. But if you're gonna spend money on litigation and and paying out lawsuits. On these pictures save a lot of money. Knowing that that you said Dave exonerated officers numerous times is said you know. The state of mind of officers. Switched on this are many of them welcoming and saying hey yeah put the body came on and let's have it turned on all the time. And it fits exactly true Brian because we first it was a optional they had the option to take it out of course some wounded and some didn't. And then when they started to see. A complaint filed against them for some reason we if we get complaints which increasing because we interact with the public talk for hours days. And usually it's not. Under good terms sort gonna get complaints. When the deputy started getting complaints and then I was able let's look at the video and said well I didn't Wear one that day I didn't take on not a day depending wish they yet. Because they knew they were right. You know it's it's he said she said and it. They have that camera to be able to prove that they were right what was very important so you know I am not naive I'm sure there's there's so my deputies who brought and we put it on. I think for the most part when they seen their and their fellow deputies be exonerated. And I must say that my guys or is perfect sometimes are wrong. And sometimes that's on the camera and it in the we have it to you know to take care community care but for the most part when there's a complaint filed. And they can Q black and white on the video and with the audio. It's it's very good program for the Japanese. Sure is is is it manual or automatic. And do they ever forget to turn the month. Petition they do but recently calm in any case right look for video and it's not very often that outlook on. It's always been so it's it's kinda become habit where it. You know that basically a rule assess they have to Wear it that's mandatory and have to turn and arms are anytime they think they need to they can turn it around. And then anytime that there really linkage with the public or really any reason. Mean they ought to turn it on to go to the restroom oracle which writes rule. Or to stop home beat up and she doesn't have to be under any interactions with the public should be that we're finding is just become habit now that it is. Juan and the one of the big things that it's brought up every time a police department looks at body cameras of course is cost. Have you noticed a trend in the many years you've been working. With body cameras is again may be more expensive less expensive can you see kind of where it's going. It can't get a little bit more expensive and there's a lot more players in the market from when we start column the company we use was one of only once in a market at a time. They also remember their company also remembers that shares opposite Niagara was one of the first ones in all of New York State to use the body cameras. So I have to China probably share price is probably lower than most people get arms just because we've been long term customers and readers reeling contracts and and updating cameras. Com. But yeah. They lifted the price of it if it's secure one billion dollar lawsuit on. It is tedious work and I think it is very affordable to cost addiction in this story just on the cameras themselves. That's there's Kennedy and next that the cameras are not that Dan price wise but it's a storage. If you compare to cellphones. It's a little bit different now because cellphones with that there are different thousand dollars Koppel we restarted the base hit his cellphone paid for the search. It's kind of the same concept with a body can't. I told. Actually to borrow some of Exxon donors on a total two years a choice that you guys were given these cameras away and he looked at me funny. Because I assume you make your money storage is that you're going to be eventually gonna give these cameras away and I I think the minute lecture to date they will because. The money really is we use our system called evidenced dot com. We store or video and the clout. And down it is it is pricey but it is cheaper than we bought a huge server. To something else now completely different as the Harvey Weinstein scandal rocks Hollywood we're learning. That rumors about his behavior have been circulating for decades now. Some accusers saying he was enabled by those who turned a blind guy. Could this be the dawn of the new era for women in the workplace. Rebecca Jarvis. With more its call for grace that toppled a titan. And shook an entire industry now new women coming forward with more allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Joining me earlier accusations of sexual harassment and assault including rape. Model character Levine cheering her own story on integration. But encounter with Weinstein alleging he asked her to kiss another woman and tried to kiss me on the lips. Writing she's relieved to share her story saying there's strength in numbers. It was this a bombshell audio first uncovered by The New Yorker and verified by EB seat. It opened this case up for prosecution. Whether it's. Our theme music genre pieces here. It is a recording of an encounter between model on robots a lot of Gutierrez. And Weinstein it keen from a 2015. New York city police sting operation. But the misdemeanor sexual abuse case was never prosecuted. The DA's office saying the audio was insufficient. To prove a crime under new York law. Didier defending their decision not to open a case. So obviously second. But at the end of the day we'd upgrade important lol I'm not your own opinion. Another accuser Rose McGowan who reached 100000 dollar settlement with Weinstein in 1997. According to the New York Times speaking out again following a tweet from Ben Affleck the actor writing he is saddened and angry by the allegations. Implying he knew nothing. They gallon firing back that Affleck was. Absolutely aware of Weinsteins transgressions. Alec lesson on Twitter from that was recalled in the TRL hopes Hillary and her two weeks after our camera Affleck apologized on Twitter meanwhile comedian Seth MacFarlane tweeting that this blistering joke at the Oscars congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. It came from a place of loathing and anger and wasn't supported his friend Jessica art. Who shared her allegations with a New York it seems spokesperson responded to the New Yorkers saying. Any allegations of non consensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. Weinstein. These abuses aren't just a Hollywood problem. Last summer before his death the powerful CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes was forced to resign in the spotlight after former anchor Gretchen Carlson. Filed a lawsuit against Ailes alleged deals sabotaged her career after she refused his sexual advances. And in Silicon Valley a management shake up that Hoover amid allegations of sexual harassment against and within the company. According to a 2016 report by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission nearly 70%. Of those who experienced harassment at work. Never even talk to a supervisor or manager about it. And only a tiny sliver of the harassed just six to 13%. Actually file formal complaint. Something we heard from women from across multiple industries. I sort of silence myself I fall in that moment I feel like there's a re sure of yourself I have to really think about my values and what's important to me. And wait and against my career eight feet at its. Unfortunately. Patent. Have pros and cons kind of weighing and balancing and I'm concerned but not only being branded but also concerned with you know somehow coming off as a crybaby. In fact one study cited by the EEOC finds that 75%. Of those who do come forward. Actually faced retaliation. Actress Rosanna Arquette told The New Yorker after turning down Weinstein alleged sexual advances. Her career suffer. The Weinstein Co. releasing a statement expressing shock and dismay at the allegations of extreme sexual misconduct by Weinstein. Saying quote. These alleged actions are antithetical to human decency these allegations come as an utter surprise to the board. Any suggestion that the board had knowledge of this conduct is false but many weak in the company have signed confidentiality. Agreement precluding them from discussing the matter. The bystanders. Anyone who's seen or heard something and speaks out. Are the unsung heroes in any case like this and programming is experiencing any kind of harassed remember. You were not as powerless as an army field. As for Weinstein he's a graduate of the university of buffalo he was also a recipient of an honorary degree from UB and the university. His launch the process of potentially rescinding that very degree. We're back to that's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net or additions from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.