930in716 Novembmer 20, 2017 The Bills' Peterman experiment

Monday, November 20th

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It's 930. In 716. Here we go bills nation we put a young player out there young quarterback that there's going to be some ups and downs mrs. Part of Nate Peter man died in play very well Tyrod Taylor. As a team. Is that followed Bob and we haven't played well the last two games. So this blue bills Monday the podcast dedicated to the embarrassment the route that rubbing. That was the bills in LA to face the chargers. Final score 5424. It's all in their words today what happened. Throughout the the result we are hoping for that's my responsibility. And you get pushed through it right now. That's where it's least that's really as yet push through things like this and you know we'll go we'll go back to work holy land. Head coach Sean McDermott at the podium following. Game. Well wasn't what he had hoped for or are we had hoped for nearly. And the same time I mean you know we hear from you put a young player out there young quarterback that there's going to be some ups and downs mrs. part of it and you know. The good part about it is an emotionally tough individual and he's good football players you know to me it's not indicative of who he is. As a player. That you know you can go through some in this all all good players do you. Week. Slow down or evaluate who value and take my time and evaluate. You really think Dave is going to be happy we do you think about starting that. Obama make the decision actually to have this football thing. Yeah yeah. By halftime and I got together with the staff and and we evaluate things and halftime and and that's the decision and at that point. Truth. Or your minds. It was. Well you know. Today that the game got away from us and heard and due to the turnovers and in part. You know that said it's there's areas we can give and give better at it all layers you know and and that's offense we defense and special teams so. You know they were backed up Burleson field position through the use turnovers and until we go back and evaluate. All areas of our football team. Freedom quarterback struggles are. Actual off. Why it's what you. Or like me switched over here. Problems are people. Well this is about this is about. You're not only winning now but also in the future and you know. From these guys were Cardin and you know I felt like like I do every decision that I'm making is in the right. And best interest this football team and for. Guessing yourself but. You worry about that. You don't just happen on Wall Street browser you. We're. You never carry over you know this. Now dominates and only tough individual like recession and you go back and look at the history of games in a rookie quarterbacks there's going to be some highs and lows that's all part of it. It's all part of it there and you know the thing he needs to noses we're going to be right your support and and that's important part of we stick together as a team. Oh. You mean like it was. While he was into the game he was in the game he wanted to go back out there just like you'd expect all competitors to do which natives. And you know he he he takes his job seriously and he's given to succeed and US to be the best and so those traits. Are part of the reason why we drafted him and so. You know I stay confident in me and you know I know he's gonna learn from this experience and so we. Respond. So he told. Well I was used he you know he he was ready go just like he saw it came out with the authentic a good job. You know and so. You know he he he embraced it pretty good job. The flight be as they have a three game stretch as the bills you have had ever. For you again in your first years ahead coach and balancing a lot of different things including faith that you want players they have been your leadership. How concerned are you. But these these three games and especially the way today went. Will impact that. Well that's a question for them. I know this and I'm confident this football team and and we're going through tough stretch right now teams cultural go through this we look grandly this is this part of it. Very rarely. Friendly do you have a clean year we're here we are not and try to manage some downturns and that's as part of it. You know look a lot of people had us written off early in the year and to be where we are now if I think for a lot of people it's. A bit a bit different than what they thought initially so we've got to manage this downturn right now stay mentally tough make the proper corrections and move forward. And as I you do that how you keep everybody. Focused and where you want them to be including your yourself because this is kind of think shape once confidence. Sure I know you're going you know or color from that with that I've been on the other side of these of these situations a lot for my twenty plus year career in the NFL so. You know I've done too much to. And I'm too confident in this locker room and his coaches and these players to. To think otherwise you go you going to make a proper adjustments. And you go back and re teach and that's what we have to continue to do the game got away from us a little bit today in a hurry because of that because of the the turnovers and that's part of it. You got to carry the football and so. Within that with the go back and evaluate all three phases which will do. Still your evaluation and yeah. It start. You. We just you know obviously you know keep that myself villagers to it's about moving the offense and and you know that's that's what I've got to look at. And you get a better feel from the from the offensive coaches of what happened when it happened why it happened. And so. You know that's what you do. He walks. And it looks overmatched. You just move the ball. We need to either. They're maybe it's quite good social. Well again like guys like us a girl herself you know. You go back and say hey field position early field position early field position early and and that's that was the start of the sometimes things snowball when you're that type of situation so. I've got to go watch the film and evaluate. Every down on defense just like I Willie offense and special teams. You might as we as workers like they have no way to get African Americans not the right game to do. We're right systems and offer. I understand life saying that you know again I felt like this was the right situation for me to come and play. And from soil like I said before I'd I don't regret my decision I regret the result that we get the result we're looking for. I'm so I don't regret your decision at all. You overestimated his race. Nate Nate comes into work every day and he works extremely hard he's gotten better every every day every week every opportunity he's had. He's handled the right way and so in the game got away from us today and like I said before when you have young players and we've played a lot of young players you guys see that. We've got a number of rookies on the field they included today. Among other players first you're second year players that's part of it they're gonna go through some ups and downs what's important how we teach. Through these ups and downs and how they learn like I said before this is. And hard about winning now and also keeping an eye on the future winning in the future also. This is calculated risk that you made the move on. Was part of the calculation. Howell the rest of the team would react to it and if so. Is there any thought your mind that they're playing overall could be reflective of the team that didn't in its own way so support. It is first supported the idea aluminum rookie. Now they were focused our pleasure focus they came out they were moving the ball you know on offense and and then we have a plan that went off our hands and somebody else's hands and got return for a touchdown. And that's where I'm from what I'm saying is. You know when you look at big picture of this football game again it's nowhere near the result that we that we hope for wanted to were prepared for. The game got away from the center hurry and you step back and look at it objectively look at it. You know that's that's part of it themselves. But I thought our players are focused they were ready they worked hard during the week or coaches worked hard. To you know just like we've been all season long so our preparation. You know all that will not will not waiver will not change. Vengeance visitors and thirty point swing and how much was his injury and going down here already without Jordan Matthews. So here without. You two best receivers there. Then you know that doesn't help. Josh honestly doesn't help. All part of again I think it away from this rather quickly there that says it's never about one guy. And so you know not here make a few aces. And so you know we we got to continue to move forward. In all areas. And yeah but that was positive we can we get around the box I thought well at times and and hit some big runs and you know give credit to. Our offensive line and in line coach in Rick Dennison that it. He came out came away and had a good week of practice and identified two scenarios we felt we could could run the ball. Here experience it. And I've got a lot of confidence in Tyrone I'm not gonna get into you know next year at all but I know I conference some time. Thanks then. QB's grudgingly to the podium. Yes that's Afghans certainly before and you know there's always says we never lose we learn and you know that'll definitely be. My mindset move forward on mom learn a lot from this and make sure it never happens again first neat Peter man. Think again you know I'm I'm prepared. Watched you know from all week in that we see that the guys can do out there and you know it's talented obviously the hole I felt town and so NFL like us you know prepared is gonna play better. Can turn. Yeah I mean it was you know again and played very well you know and those things start to happen you know I got to just be able letting go and for a lot of on myself. All all. The it really is trusting god honestly. You know you. Really don't understand why things happen where they do some times. But got to trust and the plan higher power and I think you know my relationship. Help unlock that. You guys were saying that you didn't hurt that what fans were chanting we Tyrod what that means you have. Yeah. Not a lot I mean really throughout the whole game. Guys you know all over the teams and things that encouraging things and you know. Saying that hey I mean you're you're gonna learn from this and some other stories too so definitely helpful we had a great team here. A lot of good teammates. You know moment or play even that you really like where you felt. Good about what you do. Yeah I mean you know from the start good obviously felt very confident going into a game. And things got away from us. Tell it is. Shot. You know definitely just freshman Darren in his decisions. You know I'm gonna go again go back and learn from this much I can and be ready for whatever happened. This. Yeah there is pointing obviously. Think anybody. Go through this would be disappointed as a means a lot to you you know you do put a lot of work. A lot of time and energy and trying to go out there and went you know in and help your team mystique and so. Is that we've tough but again I'm gonna learn from this and a storm for its third quarter. Show us just. Successive. Yeah. You know surprising but again I'm gonna learn from it and can't say that enough obviously. And things don't. I've never experienced something like this probably. So you know this is good learning for me. Are a lot of good job you know and they're great teammates again. So you guys got to find ways to help our team you know put him in better positions to went. Is that with the team of four or five for a playoff spot. Are you concerned at all it's amazing to think. It it. I don't know you know I've got a lot of good feedback. In terms of encouragement from guys. And I will say that I think it's a very strong team together and that's we're talking a lot as it is a test of how long team will stay together longest you know and I think I agree teammates and I think we're also gonna learn from this in Congo in trying to accomplish our goals. You look at. Things. Here. It's. Preserve you know I think those those great Marietta to play series were restored touchdown and again yo line running back it's on doing great job and on the connections and a dozen great job as well so Yahoo! there's some things those. It's. Yeah I mean they're planeload covered sort of figure shot. You know got hit I think at the same time and then get to get everything I want it and threw it. So young tough break. Then a switch it QB for the second half of game. Play as a team we have those. My alarm from this film home as far as making a decision on my administrative decision to do they were announced a lot of things. To watch so the next couple days as far as you know. Committed decision never. Tested here and there right now. Tyrod Taylor who didn't expect to play Sunday. As a team. Is this problem Bob and we haven't played well the last two games. We have to be it was fixed that. And whoever takes it to get back when no no one is not as mobile. Full com. There you hear that god can rally this team did. Usual. Very coverage confident and Mahmoud. Also cover is positive as far as leader I've been able to talk their synagogues. Offense defense has seen give everyone on the same page we have the Gaza and our locker room. I'm las assured that can guard Daryn in turn things around but mentally I do to fight through this. Where we're gonna do it and I believe. You said we'll run into. Disagree with the decision. Perfectly that I know you said you wanted to support him but there's anything. Part of you fuel vindicated by. They're not being in there in the first half and things kind of going to win this. Hmmm I knew the situation raunchy game and still stand maulana subordinate their he's a of course I believe Montgomerie have become a starter. And as I say where is that an independent agree with the decision a decision was made Ezra. My decision 22 calls so regardless whether coast thinks is Nathan or as me. We'll move forward from Washington who prepared the way that I know out there. And if mom opportunity presents itself to get a run going there continue to do things. That I know I can do. We've done and so you can put him back there and they're well you just don't. Went. Eight. I think Lewis Thomas Jefferson days that we have to talk about some resolution council and I'm pretty sure over the next couple days we get back early tomorrow but overnight some of those things are going. That they have to be talked about. He was being previewed controlling the game when you did this lopsided. Okay if things. Certain. What are your did display car moderately. First yours thank you terrier got on orbit around. Seen much of from all. Seem much different. Its positive scoreboard but my main thing wanna go en us. Just to take it won't let its and those cliche to say you have an escort you can do at that point scores against Cuba in order to make an impact on the schoolboy you have to figure. Take your execution and enjoy go a lot of while credits. And a comment saying it's a sensitive auto it was a Santelli guys. Is that time is we have a full. Said to have ahead of us and we have to draw down play ball he can't Wear modest or school world we have to literally go dancing you want lives and we live to post points out. Also there was enough to win. Think we we distant days it was learned from from there in this again. And one guy is me it's team work better team. From your perspective on the side. Talent injury but today pilots here. I was just which so far is a big part of our part of our game final office. I've ever would. Would injury is put prayers of was an allied that in game where is definitely bid for the game has definitely tough. So more well known that he's he's a veteran that is nothing. Long term. You're on the sidelines things just unravel the way they did for me. What was going through your mind. To pull up how we did how did try to fit for our. Support. Stuff. Stuff we can't always tell us as a rookie on the road. Not of much of fans were as an offense and things itself when things don't go your way an assessment of attitude toward. He's promised it's tough fathers those in the first and foremost was its support of my noted. Because it's him and therefore. And early on we had two turnovers put those students in seventh. Stiff before him have so she's dedicated to battles and I was meant that I continue to tell numbers. Just any of them. Going to continue to plan. Hillary. Computers. Score. That. Fiercer. Yeah. Our own we've seen a bunch of tests causes us here. Those two. And before I definitely wanted to obviously. Great defense. I pages today across the board. A lot of history has been. Two or three weeks and others. Do. That's the case. Definitely. Have to move. We haven't been as physical as we were life. Almost as a ball for a or just controlling marsh Arabs and has something. It that we can correct but it is not it doesn't just out there from across Bork. Execution almost a small can be better physical moss had his death is something that we have to give back to and that's something that played. A big role and on and off problems we have today tonight. To clarify and leadership councils where you need is that players and you vote from me with. To me with the Coach Tom Izzo perform. You don't take offense and there things. You say it was what does he said and talk about it. The bills. In Casey. Sunday will move. Back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.