930in716 November 7, 2017 Aftermath of Texas Church massacre

Tuesday, November 7th

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It's 930. In 716. More questions. A few answers after the deadly Texas church massacre. A guy yet. Has a track record. Elaine stresses of life issues in life. Aggressively vital it is just another. Tragedies is a another mentally you know individual the reality is. Mental health conditions are widespread. Probably. 141. In five Americans are dealing with the opposition to culture also always choose. Could cross always choose all economic strata. And community mourns and reels this is an area of the state of Texas like so many parts of our state. Where people. It rely upon god more than anything else. I'm Tim Wenger some notes on the Texas shooting first president trump says hundreds could have died in a shooting in Texas. If the man who lives nearby had not taken on the gunman an exchange of fire. Trump said at a news conference in South Korea that stricter gun control measures are not the correct response to the shooting. At the Baptist Church in southern and spring is 26 people died. And authorities here say they don't want to glorify the man who fired on a church in Texas Sunday so they intend did not mention his name. Have PI special agent in charge Christopher Combs says. We don't talk about the shooter in the hope that it doesn't encourage other people to do horrific acts. A group called no notoriety is created a movement saying on FaceBook and Twitter stop making Rampage mass murderers. Famous. It is just another. Tragedies it's. Another mentally ill individual. Western New York congressman Chris Collins reacting to the Sunday massacre and putting the spotlight back on mental illness. There are those Democrats who want to politicize. Each and every tragedy and Americans and pokey focusing on the problem. They they wanna blame it gone. When infect it the person mentally ill person. And in this case may have been targeting his mother in law. And and our thoughts and prayers are all of those innocent individuals killed them all places in the church. But it's a mental illness problem it it also. You know we talked about soft target this wasn't really a terrorist. So I don't think that the rate term to use hand to the other. You know for those in the political spectrum. You know whether senator Schumer. Others just suggest. That this tragedy could have been averted. It is just. In its. If not that's not a correct statement in it also is suggesting something that takes the focus also the mental mental health issue. 01 sort of focus is there though on the mental health issue in Washington we keep hearing this so we heard from the president in the wake of the shooting. Is anything being done as far as the legislation. Anything to address that. While we get redress. A big putt part of this and our 21 century cheers bill. Last year putting more money. In into the departments that could make a difference. And if we keep talking about it. It is though there's secure. And as such you know visitors statistics that say one in four Americans. Today are suffering from some sort of mental illness than we ever know what could trigger person. We need to keep our focus on whether it's families. You know being alerted to individuals that it may be asking in the Internet in a way that would cause. Am concerned and in. In hand and hand in hand. But it's it's a tragedy. That was so. Caused quite a mentally deranged individual. Do you seek congress taking action on anything as a result of this. I don't. It's who you know there's. 330 million Americans in this as one that. Did what he did it. You know that suggestion made that congress could could somehow stop this mentally or don't you know an individual from doing what he. It is just not. It it. That's something we could stop reminders laws. He can catalog it is one curtains and can't kill another person those laws exist. And so as much as I'd like to say we could amount congress could stop this I think any any rational person would know it's just not the case. Mental health experts are watching the debate listening and participating. We need to stop making mental illness the scapegoat when we have circular colors. Ken house connect is executive director of the mental health association. Of Erie county. We need to stop only talking about little hole. When we have a situation where hitters garden. In violence in usually some sort of a terrible tragedy. What quite happened infectious and many people lose their life and you know the reality is in the congressman's well it is. The reality news. Mental health conditions are widespread. Probably. 141. In five Americans are dealing with the hope that issue. Culture so always choose. Cut across all religions all economic strata. Doesn't discriminate anyway I think in truth it is. The majority of those people are leading very productive. Healthy happy long irons. And when we constantly point the finger. In the aftermath of the tragedy like this metal touched one of the pun intended consequences. It is at this shtick which is still very strong. Around little pulse. In situations that could be more easily go west become more difficult to approach. And we end up perpetuated. In and making it work. Situation that's already typical for a lot of rituals our country. It seems like it's a cycle you know we go through this every time so. How do we end that stand and stop you know strengthening that stigma. So one of the things that the congress and similar post quite interest and who orders. This congress going to do everything in the aftermath of this which probably. Which it is shameful. Speakers. If we if this was a public health crisis. In any other areas other than mental well. We would be rushing to address touched it's just a public I'll grow. We don't need to wait. And so someone's mental health deteriorates to the point where they would have been content which touched. We need to do more things like education. Awareness much. Prevention. Early detection. Early interaction. We understand perished in the world physical. In fact insurance companies and employer Chanel and circular people to be physically well. We'll pay you lose weight quit smoking the lower your cholesterol could get acupuncture to join the club. We know. That there are certain things that we can do it or ridiculed physically healthy to you it's going to help the it's better for you recruit for the society. The same logic can be applied. In the world mental well there are certain things we know we can do through education. Through awareness. Crude production. Through early detection. Coup early intervention. That can prevent certain things from happening can minimize rather. And we're we're devoting. Scarce. Resource to merit in doing those things would be very tangible steps that we could and should kick right away. Is there a problem with referring to mental health this kind of an all encompassing term. Course you know I mean we could be anything wrong somebody saw her grow and model. Shoots civil disorder which usable spectrum disorder. We're going to the winners and it's in the we've got less sunlight which is a very real and urgent. And next people. You know feel a little more opium and Greg and around a little bit up to and including. Very serious. Persistent. Lifelong. Mental health conditions. And even with those more serious conditions. Almost every single little Coke conviction. Can be made better with treatment. Treatment being talks they're bringing in some sort of notice and beating some of the we are nonpolitical. Thing you can do appear support activities. Are error page you know lots of different things that. Contribute to two getting into a good closer recovery and staying there. Now the investigation. Looking for answers to fly. A minute is not totally clear yet it appears to be seven anger revenge hostility toward his mother in law. Brad Garrett is a crime and terrorism authority and regular contributor to WB yen. But I think you you clearly have to obviously go beyond that this is a guy at. Has a track record. Elaine stresses of life issues in life. Aggressively violently. Key going back to at least what's known for example in his first wife and child. He was charged in the air force with assaulting Brooke out of apparently his child even has the skull fracture. This court martial of the jail career. Got a bad conduct discharge. And yes problem keeping jobs he has problems seen him relationships. Now. You look at all those things and you know all of a troubled people. Who have issues alive but they don't end up being mass shooters so what's the trigger for him I'm gonna guesses that this stuff. Built up. You know that they tend to take. Issues in their life. And it and collect. You know seven some people called grievance collectors. And they looked at step build up their system and become more angry and more educated. Court may be individuals organizations. And many times they're just an added society. And don't use justification like I'm mad at my mother in law and wanna kill her the killing other people so what happens as at this built up. And they get so bad. And they get so it raged about how they have been intruded reluctantly external lies. They're very narcissistic fixed internalize. Their problems on the rest of us. What do they just. Brett did it just snapped and Brandt. Yeah none of them snapped I mean it everybody wants to think that ever feel that good that makes more sense. Mass shooters build this step up for months and sometimes years. Until they eventually go and watch I mean it's just it sort of goes from one to the next next they're all planned. And so as a result there may be wanted it that sort of set the mark that that that bit yet that at 30 let's look at it go that set him off. You know could it won't be anything it's that big a deal in reality. And and so they launched an for the rookie for a while enforcement is. The economy have to catch them at where they're getting up to that stage about the launch because. Inappropriate troubling behavior. Is something that you know needs to be monitored but let's face or person doesn't have time to do that. And so you really have to rely on the people around them to come forward and say. This guy is gone off the rails shooting guns outside day and night. He starts talking a much more violent dark you know subject since mid you know he's going online contain inappropriate things. Somebody needs to say something is at that point that it becomes critical for law enforcement. They get involved. That's typically the time we also this is we don't know about it. They've brand we've been nice sharing his story this morning about a local church that's going to do was active shooter training. With their congregation this Sunday and we've heard so many people say whether it's with the shooting other shootings. That you have to be vigilant be aware of your surroundings. Be ready to act. Is that a Smart thing to be telling everybody that you know you have to turn into Jason Bourne at any given moment if you from public. Well I don't get to go that far that's a different deal but yes I eat people basically just have to stay aware today. Like it felt like it it is a reality. In statistically. You're safe in school in church at work and the copy shop but these things appear to be happening with more regularity. So yes should use at least an idea if you've got to go into a church into the school into a you know a and I read. Where my city how can I get out here what if something happened sort of replaced catches on fire mean. It kind of what you did that we need to be aware but not obsessed by. Is the key is it's basically a different way of thinking I mean. People in my background the catalytic era but they walk into but it just may become second nature to me but the point being. People generally just need to be more aware and churches I'm unsure are gonna have more drills because schools have them. You know the he'll run hype fight velocity I mean basically you would teach the congregation pretty much the same thing. Finally today George Stephanopoulos sitting down with the man whose face and voice is now associated with the immediate aftermath of the massacre. Texas governor Greg haven't. Governor out of the of course the victims and their families are at the top of all of our minds and yet a chance to speak with them and how the community coping. I had dead after making not public remarks. I went over to the community senator. And Sutherland springs where all the family members of the victims were located. And that they were gathered in a very large room and candidly George. The toughest thing that I had to do as governor. Was to give them some comments at the time. You could feel the weight of the room. As I begin to speak. But we talked about. What they wanted to hear the most and what permeates their lives the most and that is the ability to connect with god at a time like this. And then after that I had the ability of being in that. Community center. To give them hugs to shake their hands and a share stories. And that we immediately left there are then went to a candlelight vigil. Where once again we had an outdoor. Prayer service with candle lights and I got to tell you George there's there's one overriding. Thing that I took away from the people Sutherland springs as well as the surrounding communities who were there who knew everybody. And that very small town and that is this is an area of the state of Texas like so many parts of our state. Where people. Rely upon god more than anything else him believe me they were relying upon god. Last night the only thing they wanted to talk about. Was prayer to god connecting with a god looking to god for healing and for grace. And I could see in their faces. They were feeling it. Neither strong and resilient people. Two understand that they had been through probably the most consequential chalice that they may ever face in their lives it but you could tell that they were a community. That was coming together it was a powerful show faith. So what more do we know about the shooter and why he targeted the church at this time. You know George that there is a lot of public comments. About why this particular church was targeted. I'll watch you know that it is you might imagine law enforcement is very aggressively. Looking into this. I do believe. That you will soon maybe in a day or two learn. That there was. Perhaps a connection with this particular church. There's something that it has not been confirmed it nailed down yet and hence cannot be talked about bit. I think what I wanna convey to you is I don't think this was just days. Random act of violence it was two things one is very deranged individual who understand. Long before he was dishonorably discharged. From the united states military was demonstrating. Some mental illness challenges. But also there I think was a particular reason why this particular location was targeted. Yet there's been some talk that perhaps his in laws intended. The church he had anything on that. Well I'm gonna leave it that list is very important that law enforcement have the ability to make the contacts they need to make in order to follow up and tie all the loose ends of this investigation up some are gonna comment on the upper. He he was able to buy a gun despite being convicted of domestic violence charges how is that possible. Well there seems to be some confusion about that about we'll tell you this and that is we were able to look into that state records. And it's my understanding that he applied for a the legal permit to carry a gun in the state of Texas and was denied that permanent. And that it was after that that he was able to obtain this gun. I now know there is a part of the federal law this says it is a violation of federal law. To knowingly sell a gun to someone that they know have been dishonorably discharged. The gun seller in this case there is no evidence. That they gun seller. Had any awareness. That the individual had been dishonorably discharged but it looks like the federal law. Attempted at least to prohibit the sale of guns to people who have been dishonorably just discharge so you agree he should never mean in my gun correct. Well that's that's precisely it seems to me. What the federal law says if there there's confusion as up one on the law about. A prohibition outselling guns someone that you know was dishonorably discharged. But I don't know there's a gap we're not with regard to. Well enough that information was reported. By. Federal military. Two the chain of command to make sure this was information that would be accessible. To the federal authorities who allowed him to be able to about a guy. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.