930in716 November 6, 2017 a flooding sinkhole, the Texas Shooting and Donna Brazile

Monday, November 6th

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It's 930. In 716. Once again a nation and in this case a perish community. Mourns following a horrific mass shooting. It's very devastating you know aren't they here the people you know. We're hurt that massive thanks Tony design it. We'll go to Sutherland springs Texas for the latest plus. Donna Brazil making waves in her new book that was on the tremendous pressure. Secretary Clinton fan it. To have a quote quote plan B but first water water everywhere across Western New York. Record rainfall causing flooding problems in many areas mostly along those flood prone creeks and streams across the region. National Weather Service meteorologist Kirk helpful. Oh well we got I just think Hereford two inches of the buffalo airport which is a record for the day. Some areas actually got a little bit more than Nat we had some amounts up to three inches. What were the areas were read first seen some major major flooding. I love the worse that it's probably extended kind of time along the should talk more rigid in that area. In extending up into the buffalo area of south towns got pretty hard headed to Wyoming county. Ahmad that whole area is really got thing anywhere from two to three inches of rain not just sent costs a lot of prop. The week it's still pretty cool idea we got looks like we have a big cooldown coming toward the end of the week especially on Friday will be a real chilly day a week. I may struggle to get. Really would tie it in the thirties maybe not even getting into freezing senators albeit a very chilly day going to that we can do. In East Aurora and area particularly hard hit by heavy rainfall. A giant sinkhole presented itself in the parking lot of my TDs cafe in catering. I stood alongside their giant hole with proprietor Mike did Joseph. It's a big hole it's about old. About forty foot across about seventy for the long right now but sixteen what did. It's arts and you were you were apprised of the situation last night but we going in the last night you knew you could there there was an issue here going in that this certainly not to this degree. I spent an ongoing issue we had a sinkhole opened up beckoned marks and villages and trying to banded repair it for awhile and nom but ten days ago they dug it up. To try and get some bigger felon or over culvert and head just tremendously felt last night with coloring. In now. It's open up the sinkhole that's actually started to encroach on the building only a couple of feet away from the foundation building of this. You told me the village is going to be responsible for this you know what are you hearing as far as what they'll need to do or when they can do. It's going to be a major major project it's going to be a big repair I don't know what time when it's going to be because it is a connector. Was called Henry broke its that's a waterway. Do you have to literally stop the water fixes so until. I don't even have an answer for it and knows how to do her some announcements the moment people look at it and they're gonna start to trying to make a plan but in the meantime we're completely shut down. And finally for you you're small business guy running a busy catering businesses this is this is devastated businesses extremely devastating this can hurt us bad. We need for safety last night utilities were cut at a building. We have a lot of food there were moves and are we have no oracle freezers and all of them and cavity feasibility either so. Yet this is gonna hurt us. Now to the news that pains assault that broke Sunday afternoon church on the minds of many of us. A small Texas community reeling from the devastation at a Baptist Church were a man armed with an assault rifle. Killed congregants ranging in age from five to 72. 26 people killed Sunday at the first Baptist Church in Sutherland springs. The deadliest mass shooting in Texas history. Sheriff says the gunman who has been identified to the associated press and other media outlets is Devin Kelly walked down the center aisle shooting. Kelly was found dead inside a vehicle shortly after the attack. 26 years old Kevin Kelly they're in the airport or or years Aaron deter ski looking into the shooters history. And what we know we're not sure the circumstances are that this guard but there was one point. Some trouble with his wife and young Sean. At the domestic violence conviction which in theory should have prevented him being able five BAR if he barrier that he used to shoot up the church. Investigators just about everybody looking into all aspects of the shooter including social media posts have we learned anything. From the always so where there any warning signs that people might have seen before hand. Other may have been one they blogger. Owed him an update. Only live and our dial like may well in Ruger. Authorities and you'd shoot up the character and authority and look at it's the there was going to be. Foreshadowing if there was any sign is light and and and kid are deputy city and undoubtedly being interviewed Alice in order so be it. Is he where there were any kind of potential trouble or any advance warning. It would be company liked it but they're also looking beyond. Find out the trigger point and it's like. What causes somewhat dubious what lack of ours is one appeal that you you need to walk into a trick I've are like oh. And and why is this church was he had congregation doing now. He would not apparently is in law. Well when I go to church every now and again they were not there though on Sunday and it it's an odd target because it's about 45 minutes away from where you live. He undoubtedly Buick and we spoke that the governor of Texas Greg Abbott the morning said that that that at this point. He seemed to have been killed my cell and put the gunshot. And we're talking about such a small town here I'd imagine authorities are busy because a lot of people would have had a running so with this suspect. Around town anywhere just because of the size of it. That the only what 600 or so people in the count but he wasn't from various from DuPont which is a little bit bigger. And about 45 minutes to play another kind of spot near San Antonio and and so it's not clear that he was known around down. The people that were known by the victim though and as on the pastor in the community that want all of the Maine gets circulated. People and Pamela no every single want. And now the politicizing begins today actually began within minutes of the shooting in Texas as political tweets started going out. It has tragedy and immediately upon tragedy somebody is trying to get their political point of view across. Every day especially regarding gun gun legislation. WB and sandy beach sorting through what. It all may mean. The president's I don't know I think the president is exactly right on this issue he said this is a mental health issue it truly is a mental health issue. Simply because if you look at the rules. When you change the rules the only people I obeyed via the rules other people wouldn't of giving you problems in the first place. This man so who did the shooting. Got a dishonorable discharge. And under via under the laws have not been able little purchase from what I've seen on network reports. India and Ghana are area idea firearm at all. But dead because that's how bad guys operate they don't know by the same rules you go liar I go by the way they don't. I'd do things the way we do them because we don't have that issue. But the blame the gun on it here we go again it's this it's the same old thing it's an opportunity for those story anti gun to. To further their campaign. However this one has a little kink in that. While the initial shooting was going on. A lot of people in the vicinity gun or rifle this is Texas and in most people's doing some final form a shooting or hunting or whatever. And shot at the bad guy. And day and actually hit the bad guy later on after a video of the police chase and now whatever you found dead. But they did they still hadn't announced as of airtime today. A weather was flow from La idea a police fire arm or from the good samaritan but the bottom line is. That's not a justice slogans this was a good guy with a gun managed to at least a cut down on the number. Even though 26 people died it may have been worse had the good guy with a gun not been there and not have to act access to a gun. And de ended did what he thought was the right thing to do which I totally agree with absolutely. So we're asking. Is the president right is this a mental health. Issue see the problem is it's a medal though that issue. It's a problem on a lot of different levels one that things happen because it's a mental health issue secondly it's harder to solve. A problem wanted to involves a mental health issues simply because of the lawyers. A level of protection around those receiving treatment or even not receiving treatment. That in most cases would be forthcoming right away you would get the information you get a heads up your idea or stop some of these things. But when you're talking about mental health issues. And and you know it's to a certain degree it's necessary but to a certain degree it's very very difficult. Is to solve these kind of problems when your afraid it would mental health issues like other just some medical things. There's a yeah a band of secrecy or wound around as your treatment you know that if you're you know if you're. Having almost anything done. With a doctor. That is highly confidential New York's they we have we have laws the privacy laws you know all of that even to have. Somebody else in your household get the information about telephone. Regarding some tests you just have or whatever. They have the EU has to be authorized if the thought of form they do not want to give out any health information to anybody for any reason. Unless all of these things are followed and that may be totally necessary this is the problem. Okay because of those different forms. Of vote problems you may have and they can't just open up your medical files of anybody that would like to peek at them. So this is the conundrum. How do you protect the privacy of somebody who may have a legitimate and health risks. From being dispersed. And yet how do you protect the public's right to know when there's a threat among them. This is not an easy question. It will be easy to present look at your being treated for mental health problem. You know is simply that information is is processed and sent anybody that had a compelling interest that needed it now law enforcement specifically as well when I'm thinking about. But boot the VO web around people being treated for mental health. Issue that secrecy part is very very strong and it probably past the day. Because there's different forms you may have may have lost video a relative or friend. Passed away. And so they give you a little something to get you through that the anxiety period does that mean that when you pass that period that. You're you're going back to where your work before you stay that way. The health care professionals and this is a thing hook a machine up to and figure it out. The so there's a lot of a lot of difficulties there. You want privacy you want dignity for the person's or personal persons being treated but you'll also have the public has a right to know a lot of things. Okay their rights and how many calories are that peanut butter in them a sandwich it deserving of the local let Elvis. Bake off. The they have to print all kinds of disclosure statements on everything from a latter. To an automobile everything else that they have to tell you the odds of winning or not winning the lottery all of this information has the Kamal. But when it comes to somebody who might be a clear and present danger to the public. It's very very difficult. To get that information I have it's and so what are we have to do we can't be proactive we have to be reactive. And what is the new knee jerk. Reactive statement arts for guns. If this guy had never gone well how it those worshippers would not have been harmed and that's a that's that's a false narrative. As you say that even for what we know so far with his dishonorable discharge not only that he ever dishonorable discharge. Keep in mind he assaulted his wife and day in and child young child in months old okay. So this guy his or you know he assaulted his wife. And assaulted his his baby who was months old. Got a dishonorable discharge. And from a couple of news reports we've heard it. He was an atheist well you can be a law abiding atheists but he hated religious. People so there's another sign right there. You know nobody knows what you're thinking but when you get out and say things maybe you're threatening somebody or whatever the information flow is the problem. Where do you control it where do you stop. Where do you let it flow freely for the good of the public. Because I think this is a very. Very slippery slope so I wish there was an easy answer but I don't think terrorists. But I'd like your answer to whether the president is right. In labeling has some mental health issue I think he has he really has not those who who are more anti gun. Don't care if you're making sense at all these bestowed on guns there. But keep in mind. Supposedly had even tighter restrictions on guns. The guy did would did the shootings still have his gun but maybe that good samaritan wouldn't. Maybe the good guy who's law abiding whose gun was probably in my closet somewhere. Who went and got it in and help save lives maybe he wouldn't have had a gun so maybe we disarmed the wrong person think about it like that. Now did Donna Brazil. In her new book former DNC chair Donna Brazil's claiming that DNC gave Hillary Clinton and unfair edge over Bernie Sanders. And revealing that she considered replacing Clinton as the democratic nominee. George Stephanopoulos sitting down with Brazil to find out. More let's get some facts on the table first as DNC sure you didn't have the power on your home to replace Hillary ticket. No but as you well know the taught the DNC as well as to conventional rules say that the chairperson shelling consultation with the leadership in congress and others. And so I had to put it on the table George because I was under tremendous pressure. After Secretary Clinton fan it. Two would have a quote unquote plan B I wanna plan B plan it was great for me supported Hillary and I wanted her to win. But we were on the precipice. How serious was this you write you got a call from Vice President Biden at the time did you mention this to the vice president. No I didn't I mean look everybody was called a CD knowing staying holly she joined. And and of course my job at the time George was to reassure people not just the vice president but also reassure the Democratic Party than the members of the party that Hillary was doing fine and that she will resume at campaign in the following week. Do you still think that Biden but who would have won. While you're not. Head of had a lot of the combinations Alec this was something to play out in your mind but it that. At that time I was sitting next to Charlie Baker who is our chief of Clinton's campaign it that's right and Soledad put down and we had a lot of Roma's comeback at the former chair of the DNC. Combing Donald followed Ewing you let me senior what do you do what. Look at the bottom line is she she resume campaigning. Out went on TV to say that the campaign was back on track. It isn't as you can imagine has been quite a reaction to this including this open letter from Hillary for America 2016. Teams signed by about a hundred people they say they were shocked to learn. If you're considering this may go on to say it is particularly troubling and puzzling that you would seemingly behind a false Russian fuel propaganda spread by both the Russians and our opponent. About our candidates health. Well joys at the time my cassette out top with Charlie Baker but as a as a relays today do you mentioned this idea to him. To not have kept my own counsel on the chair departed election. I I decided I wanted to. To be upfront with what someone inside the campaign and thought it was dead sit across from me but let me just address what my have my my former colleagues. I wasn't a staff person I did not work for the Hillary Clinton Campaign I was not only daily strategy calls. I had not to do what they data analytics. I was to share the Democratic National Committee I was concerned about the entire play not just a presidential but the senatorial congressional all of the other from the sound of that it sounds again a pretty dysfunctional relationship. With a high command Hillary's campaign even talk about. And telling them at some point I'm not catching the slave all of George let me tell you something I could not control them the bill purse string of the Democratic Party and I heck did. Figure out what though what was going on within the party that the chair of the party we're about one just a chair I'm I'm also a vice chair I was an officer for eight years. Eight years on the President Obama. I I knew what was going on within the party. I've become chair and I'm trying to write a check for some that I raised the money now like. You've got to get it's time off from work plus a Brooklyn this wasn't a standard joint fund raids an agreement. They had a separate number memorandum. Of understanding. At I needed to break deafening wanted to break get I would have caused a great commotion. So. Yes I'm not pats misled because I got sick and tired people tell me how to spend money when all I was trying to do I wasn't getting the salary. I was basically volunteer my time and what I was trying to do joy to was to increase the level of enthusiasm. And passion for Hillary Clinton and the rest of the ticket all across the country. They also take exception you description of the campaign ran as an anti septic sterile campaign inside the headquarters a lot of people saying that is not the campaigning note. Well you know what they should take a patient Hillary's book. Take a look inside take a look inside of what they did last year and then they should write their own book killer wrote a book which until I read was caught memoir. It was a history book. I love reading how book if they don't want my blog dom but but let me just say it is I have every right as a format chaired a party. Next year I'll celebrate almost fifty years of American politics in democratic plays a hundred in seven years old. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WPA and buffalo law.