930in716 November 30, 2017 Fate of the WNY Children's Psychiatric Center

Thursday, November 30th

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It's 930. In 716. Governor Cuomo gets out the veto pin. This is sending a message unfortunately certain message amongst. I'm dead are children in need deserve something last them about. And the veto could mean the Western New York children's psychiatric senator consolidates into the buffalo psychiatric center. There has done many things have gone out of a portrait yet senate that are on the record factual. That are gonna put these children in great danger. I'm Tim Wenger remote dig into this longstanding rift between local lawmakers children's advocates and Governor Cuomo. The governor's vetoed a measure that would scuffle his plans to relocate their Western New York children's psychiatric senator from west Seneca where it stands. And consolidate the facility under the grounds of the buffalo psychiatric center at elm wood in forest in buffalo. And I think we're expecting this but it it still nonetheless an incredible. Disappointment. The veto not officially announced with a message explaining the governor's rationale but the governor's office posted in a legislative tracking system. And was confirmed in a tweet from New York State senator Patrick Gallo then who had been. Fighting against the closure. This is sending a message unfortunately certain message to amongst. I'm dead are children in need deserve something less from the action even the young. We have. 161000 people last in New York that have stood up. They're concerned about their assistance and signed the petition and said that they. That they want to us this gem of a facility just. Most cracked that still remain in west Seneca. Into ignored by the governor and it's it's in incredibly disappointing. We have a representative government. But they had their representatives in this case the governor. Ignores what they went there wishes. Pet how confident are you. That you can get this overturned. Well I don't know that that I haven't seen the veto message yet of course will look at it in evaluate it. But it but at this point in time on the the only mixed up about him available. On. In the legislative process is to convince my colleagues and ask the legislative leaders to bring this forward in an attempt or right. And that has to be a tall order given that it's such a local issue. Well that's local in this country at this facility hoses that because they need from nineteen risking our company's. But there's no question that the column order can look at the history of the legislature. On my understanding is that the way or he'll go right at the governor's. This decision was in 2006. And so it's not something in his gun on the common basis but I would win multiple host of the legislature passed this looks all the summit. Yeah and the assembly in we have constituents in their district of course but. Legislators. Assembly members and members of the senate also won maple of. Odom does it affect the entire constituency of New York State we have Democrats Republicans people across the state. Get recognized the importance of this facility. To the children in need in western new York and all voted to keep it in place also that we keep in its letter that the only person that consistently. Hairs. Has spoken out in favor of this what was the commissioner of mental health. And now obviously the governor's office outside that. There's nobody there to support the smoke now medal hope at expert Matt Italy and mental health organizations. Not coworkers that they couldn't. Now there's also a lawsuit that's pending in State Supreme Court to stop this right. There has been that this familiar with the lawsuit and juvenile. A couple procedural issues. This court has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in the very grateful that. We have that group of people in the community willing to stand up and try to do something about it or and of course we will now I'm not able to. Convince others override this veto we will also take a look at these blossomed into evaluated this year it makes sense. For me to join as a part of it or not. What can you give our listeners an idea though what will happen to be children in the psychiatric center and know what you're major concerns are. Well from my understanding the unique current children. In the psychic. That the current the children will continue to be served. Until the completion of the new facility that the commissioner. Is indicator will take place somewhere in 2019. But if we go back in time. Research. Researchers dictate that this small. And these kids were removed from the campus. Of the bottle of shaky at psychiatric center out to west Seneca this. Beautiful colonel. Therapeutic setting that in the early and he and it was based on research into this state there's not one shred of evidence. One shred of clinical evidence to refute their research is a manner that. Some of them are missing research which proves. By the Supreme Court when they outlawed capital punishment for those that are under eighteen years old and just last year in New York is the history and your state. The greens each criminal responsibility. Some of its own research. To keep those letters sixteen and seventeen year old. Those that are arrested and convicted separate from adults in a correctional setting warm and this is just terrible. So what will happen and will continue if this move takes place they'll continue to get services. But the services will be less than the past the services. I'm we're making animal services based on science and setting that based on science and research. To asserting that there's less than ideal we'll go from this beautiful and 9000 acres so. Campus. To the campus sort of buckle psychiatric center in the would ever know. I'm they'll go into I believe it's an eight story institutional building where they will occupy several of the floors. And adults will be on other colors. When they get recreation vehicle outside the surrounded by a twelve foot camps. Instead of surrounded by acres of beauty and here in the wild life. And all these things that are so necessary. To their to their success. And I just think it's disgraceful. Gallup and has not been alone in Albany fighting to keep the west Seneca facility operating as is. Well ironically I'm in Albany today and I hope I'll be coming back home. And we are disappointed but what's even more disappointing. It's with the governor vetoes a bill at midnight. And he does not give an explanation. And why he's doing this horrific act that can hurt children. For many many years become. New York State assemblyman and Erie county clerk elect Nikki turn. We've been trying to get an explanation from the opposite medal hope for four years now I'm Mardy were going to do this why they're gonna turn their back on our most vulnerable population. And we still haven't been able to get it. In the final act in this place. At least in the governor's mind it could not get an explanation. Which is you know definitely not acceptable. Can you why help us understand what happens to those people in the psychiatric center right now one it does close. We are going to be in danger. We know they're going to be in danger. The governor. All the senate budget. To remove children and adults in the criminal justice system so. I imagine appear in the criminal justice system you'll have more right. And in the mental health system they will be moved in with the help. There has done many things have gone on a portrait yet sent a are on the record that will that are gonna put these children in great danger with him we don't now we're in the top stories doing what. Trauma many of these young children are perceived sexual trauma. From adults and if you listen to the Harvey Weinstein victims. And other victims they talked about or seen someone could. Replay that trauma in their mind and really hurt that there this is going to be a catastrophic. For. Young patient and not only Western New York for nineteen counties to sort served. Making what's the chance of an override. Or monopoly today I meant obviously it's up to the speaker yesterday on the trying to reach out today. Will retire about. I don't know what goes into that but it. We will try I am the best this week doing a lot to. I'm gonna continue to play the point I don't ever remember this is the ability to have the lowest it's smaller one of the top rated facilities in the country. It's gonna have a major impact I'm not a whole round like New York in almost a third of the state. The governor does not give an explanation of the deal explanation this beetle though. That is unheard of that unacceptable. It's I hate to say it somewhat cowardly. And I'm not going to take. Are you able to give us some sort of time line moving forward as to when we can expect sept possible veto override votes this lawsuits and when the state is aiming to close the facility down. I don't know what they're still many questions that need to be accurate and trust obviously he did last night and not social component at midnight. I when we were asleep then. However on. You don't blow up more explanation probably going into the capital freed up and it's all common actually in twenty minutes they'll be making people call them. And will will consider next option. But remember our secure in the criminal justice system you'll get more are care. In operation from adult. And there's other options that we've been waiting on me I'd been waiting and I oil. For over six months now. From the opposite my mojo. Viewing list Bockwoldt psychiatric center had not received an answer to world war continue to do that they're there could be a possibility that would be separate lawsuit filed. In addition to the one battle but you have to consult. I'm gonna continue this fight I mean when your when you see these children and XP quick Q and what again the trauma that these older statesman. It's unacceptable and that it's just it's really outrageous. That this occurred to them what we deserve an answer 161000. People. Signed a petition we have emailed. And now will contact those people ask who contract the governor's office put too late a deal explanation. Without any kind of explanation of why you're doing that. Our team here I'm I'm curious to an end to me extinct a little bit and now we'll continue to follow it. The Cuomo administration has begun construction at the buffalo facility in hopes of making the move next year freeing up the largely vacant campus in west Seneca. That also once housed the now closed west Seneca developmental center on east and west road. The administration says the move would save up to four million dollars will continue to track this one and were back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.