930in716 November 28, 2017 Pistol Permit Recertification

Tuesday, November 28th

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It's 930. In 716. Attention New York State pistol permit holders there. Our corner worker circulation or read our ears there are a lot of out of that hole luge. Now received letters from the state police in that we're not aware that. In fact it recertified in well I think it's totally unnecessary. Police during anybody a glittery world report and. I'm Tim linger as we go in depth on this one New York State Police reminding people with pistol permits of the upcoming deadline to recertify. Them. Pistol permit holders have to recertify every five years now so that means anybody. Who was issued one before January 15 2013. Must recertify by the end of January 28 team. Those who fail to comply by the deadline will have their permits revoked. Those who choose not to renew on mine can do so by mail. Paper forms are available at all state police stations and recertification. Is free. As part of the recertification process. Licensees must affirm their not prohibited from possessing firearms. Under state and federal law office. I received a letter from the state police experience. Mid September. And what do set was only about 4% of our Niagara county pistol permit holders. Ever resurface. Pride Joseph just drams key is that Niagara county clerk and has been holding meetings on the matter. Busy meetings. So I reached out to our our rock. Poll legislators are coming legislators in the area town supervisors and see if we could start get the word out this. Let individuals know they have to recertify by January 31 2018. Otherwise they're pistol permit. Will be revoked. So that's it if they miss the deadline or decide not to recertify it will automatically be revoked. Automatically. Be revoked that's exactly what the state police is saying to us. And that's what the last is that if you do that recertified. Your pistol permit will be revoked the. Are you being met with any people who just don't want to recertify for one reason or another. I'm you know there have been a few individuals and expressed. Desire to mean but. For the most part you know what I've run into is that there are a lot of lot of pistol permit holders. That had not received letters from the state police and that or not aware that. In fact it recertified. It's amazing. And amount of people that. We're in the process of pull me this. Donna Jo there's this seems like there's a lot of resistance to even our web pull this morning it's 5050 whether. You know they people agree that this should happen or not every five years. But some of our listeners are texting assessing all the information on final at county pistol permit offices this is redundant is that right. That just cracked you know it is on file. You know what the state police or what we've met with them over the course the last couple years and I've been. County clerk. You know their talents that they they just want to get an update they wanna get a fuel or exactly if people have passed away. And nobody's you know notified them that their permit you know I actually date them along with us in this world. But also you know they wanted to do background check themselves. Check sit there have been any mental health issues. You know there's been any suspensions that they're not aware of create a database of some sort in that. Well. What's your people need to know about recertification. Where can they do it how long does it take on things like that. Well you know it's it's pretty painless to do and I'm lying. There's two ways to do what you can do it and lion brand. There's. New York State Police web site that she go to you can only get to our county clerk's office and that met through the post office. Or you can do what did paper trail. You can come down dropped to get that told that the state police. All all that at some of their barracks. But it did do it. Their papers through the post office I recommend that you do that. Certified mail. Sang receipt so that you know you do have a record that you did in fact. Recertified and there's no budget. But like I said it it is somewhat pretty painful. They massage. And again it there's no C. There's no fear at this and to do that. Which kept they have though you have the New York State driver's license or a New York State nine driver ID in order to be able to recertify. OK so that's what people need to know as far as in Niagara county when this next meeting is going to take place. Can you give us a little bit of information on Madden who should show up to these meetings. Well you know anybody can show up that want to get information has you know has. Once again an idea what they need do and how they need to do it but where we're going to be meeting in the Thomas Hartmann Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. You know it ended anybody's welcome to come. Like to thank. Ross and a ball in my poll legislatures. Syracuse. Might chill. Hope so at this meeting up and get the word out well but. You've basically it's to come out we give me information and answer any questions. Or more of my pistol permit step. Ladies with us so that she can answer any questions as well that technically I might not understand. At and basically we're just trying to get the word out now cherish story with his. I problem meeting couple which go in the tunnel Rockport there was I don't know 125 plus individuals sir. We heard that hundreds are turning out to these meetings did that surprise you. Very much so I mean it's you know I was very very. Price how many people are showing up. As these meetings. Probably met with over 500 plus. And climate and I plan on hold in the few more meetings. We got one scheduled here in December and in the tunnel wheat field. And and we got another want to get golden and it's a new paint early January. What we're trying to do is strategically get around the county to get the word out you know I can't can't thank the media enough for help and you know with this cause there's like is that there are a lot of individuals with so now they need to do this. Joseph before we let you go really quick attacks coming into our tax line saying it's the state line to get more money from people who were holding permits. Recertification is free correct some money shouldn't be and a problem here. Yet as a as a right now Brian it cost no money at all to reserve. That is not known what the future will be but right now is caution no money. You know right now we have over 33000. Plus just from a hole is a Niagara county. And we're talk and roughly 28000. Preached 2013. So there are a lot of individuals out there that need to recertified and Niagara county. Not everyone is on board with this one. But Schroeder is with the shooters group scope in talks with WBN's. Tom pocket. Well I think it's totally unnecessary. Police during anybody. A good reason world require an. Oh what are your concerns about this recertification requirement as part of the state backed. That's something that he can't keep up the lane bit of your mind here and activists. That traditionally. Registration. As a deterrent restriction. And there are many people that are well Brad taught that they want the names and addresses of everybody wanting. And eventually on board on the line. This could be a Leo. In that simpler. For government to world. Characteristics are the senator's son opting. That they have seen. Or treatment and management. Well how old this is going to cut down on violence are criminals using guns because. All stupid criminals. Get their guns are illegal and not the kind of people that would register them. Our what does the recertification process consistent. It's and so that you had to stand in a verification. On every handgun that you're nuts. And yes we have the pretty. Can't believe you know make the caliber. It and the political content editors. Unit that a student in the that we portrait views and their. Best to comply. And statements and information. That they already have gone out there on the county in the suburban departments. Now the activism that's going on instill. Going to have to try and or breach embassy effect arm how tough has that fight been to our recent essay about. You know then there's long it is and look normal. Is sorely in our governor. And then as long as the Democrats took control of the ancient. I don't see where the secret there's going to be. Another several etched direction that they're really are on an error. Unreasonable. And many occasions on workable. And trips that the elections coming up next year. There Isa movement there to make picture the worst one is that approach and loose potential permit. And all of our guns. All week or. I conductor shall shall worker or someone who isn't psychiatrist. Or psychologist. And determined. Where there are not immediate danger to themselves and others. He Montgomery case as a good example punched and they L one sitting at a federal judge's desk. With not much chance of being moved out on other words if a person goes to a hospital. And then it would Barbara stake. Error or just because it feels like a new report that person is being involuntarily. Admitted you know the first person chain and aren't terribly. That information to loosen you up a bottle oh coach to a series of bureaucracies. And simply go out on the court. And or the other county out. To permit department. And the person has to surrender all guns. They're wrote. The superb. Now to combat it and an investigation comes to rule. And now there are considered guilty until they can cool themselves in Russia. But even looked they had. The information has already gone in the database of the next federal law background check and production. And it's virtually impossible to get off. So that's what I'm saying that you loose for a constitutional. And civil rights. I'm not faults. A bit from patient. And that's almost blushed with Iran. In the meantime. I'm still here. In the meantime what advice do you help for those who. Will have to go to the recertification process. Well that they don't go to the certification options. There were initial commitment that they have becomes battle. In the ocean beach it and most people can do. I'm not the Internet there's a process that all the street we shall burden through that. Or were all but there are many of them. Are doing a party are. Mainly it and returned Ricci we watched it. Make sure that there's a Mitchell that they have complied with the broad process there is little evidence that actually tricked. Doesn't hard questions and actually work. It's a law that protects all the armed struggle marsh. Because simple. It still remains criminals don't couple break laws. And the bulk. Well any of these. Violence that involves guns involved stools where. Are obtained legally. It's not a done that's a problem that's evil or good range people. And the most people don't laws. Let's turn to our gun expert in law enforcement expert to Miguel Rivera of Rivera investigations. Have frequent contributor to WB EN. They are gonna want certification or re I'm yours. So anymore and that has made there's parity with the correct if you. Previous to this January 1 date or eighteen or to certify. If it's been longer than five years and it's simply aren't going. Typing and are catching up to go to questions. In any backgrounds so our. And then giving me. Typing class of error that they have on their current. On my understanding that it is so that they can generator. Console that way first responders who called out or there's a sort of traffic stop. Then they will all that it went out to their older I'm kind of person hands. Firearms sort of opportunity Kyrie. What did you heard from your fellow. Pistol permit holders to they think this is in infringement on the Second Amendment Rights are. Court current current more in her uncle become. Peaking people registered for something owner. Give up personal information and you know there's always that their chance at all don't think they're water order as they should already. At a permanent trial why would it be asking questions. That the department Whitacre takes something away you'll make a restriction here or charge me something. So who's knowledgeable to the questions there that can't or occur again that there's a lot and certainly nobody would know what court aren't what they're gonna do. In a wider doing it at opened the opened up exploration at the beginning. What's your advice for those who will. Have to recertify. Under this part of your seat back. Marty condensed into them that it's the law that accords call. You know police. Don't have to take gamble on either darn. On New York to launch and later so be it but you have to get it done now don't get it done. I encourage you permit for longer than five years doesn't get his first they are saying that the current commit will be expired. What do you personally think about this. Recertification requirement. A lot of people packed away. A lot of people went account. You know they kind of let the permitting in the wind it extractor it figured that. On board you know what it again it into law that would affect now. You got to abide by the law and the you're dedicated on I didn't mind. You know wasn't that are culpable if they tried to think it is easy because. Are you just go on line and it takes about five minutes. Another meeting scheduled 7 PM Wednesday in heartland town hall were back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.