930in716 November 27, 2017 Cyber Monday and Bills Monday!

Monday, November 27th

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It's 930. In 716. From drunk on Black Friday deals in this story you saw. Is money so you know the the companies that own these doors whether it's it's tough physical store or. Aurora virtual store they really don't care brightest ones people are spending money. To bleary eyed shoppers looking for deep discounts this Cyber Monday. We look more electronic DO right now for example we didn't it would kick it peel out of power beat had found a wild year that. There are replicas deal today on that by. And oh what a difference a week. And no win makes that's a credit to the hard working guys have put in the coaches included. Once he went back to Tyrod Taylor I think it's going to be the situation for the foreseeable future until. You know with the playoff push and one way or the other. I'm Tim Wenger first it's Cyber Monday after offering online deals for days retailer is rolling out even more promotions for Cyber Monday. Hoping to keep people buying stuff. On their Smartphones or computers. Shoppers expected to spend six point six billion dollars on Cyber Monday up more than 16%. From a year ago that's according to Adobe analytics. The research firm of software maker Adobe. And more people will be picking up their phones to shop web traffic from Smartphones and tablets. Expected to top desktop computers for the first time this year. Jim Ryan tallying things up over the weekend for Susan and Brian. Do a lot of these retailers are saying that they had a very good year. Very good Black Friday to open at the same holds true for the whole weekend. And then going ahead until Christmas to get an extra day because of an accident to the calendar and so what they they're hoping that that extra day will. Boost your numbers even par coached these he would say the analysts are telling us that that foot traffic through the doors of the brick and mortar stores. Would doubt about 1%. From last year are essentially flat from Dwight at least sixty. But to reduce piercing cold and and then the big department stores that's not too bad. Cyber Monday Black Friday we still make these distinctions but is there really any difference at this point they've kind of blended together to one big deal weekend. Exactly and money is monies so you know these the companies that own these doors whether it's such a physical store or. Or or virtual store they really don't care bright as long as people are spending money expected at about six point six billion dollars will be spent. Today alone. On Cyber Monday they had for the first time ever. Most of the purchases most of the shopping will be done not on a desktop computer. But on either a tablet or on a Smartphone so that little burden shifted technologies. Making it more convenient for people visit to make your holiday purchases. In a while they're sitting on a train or are ordered it would city the passenger's seat of their car as opposed to sitting at home. It seems early. It's November 27 for Cyber Monday this can't be the end of the deep discounts going into the holiday season right. Oh no absolutely I think there are there will be visible like at ten more. They're very very busy days going up until holidays at the 23 will be very busy December 16. Those are two more red letter days for the media retailers and soak. Sure he's expect discount to beat you know in your newspaper in your hidden in box wherever you get those things is because. They wanna make fusion as much as this is again. Aren't so Black Friday here went off kind of without a hitch didn't seem to be many busy big lines or anything like that the team we see. Some fisticuffs in my elbows may be being thrown around the country last Friday. Yeah there were there was some of that going on throughout the week ended fact indeed it's either related to. If people shoving and pushing over certain deals or not test for example yesterday. Radio that a shopping mall here in Dallas Fort Worth. A police were chasing a theft suspect and that person wasn't fighting over merchandised. But was there reaching up and I had escalator pulled out at dawn which. The police have fired on that person's right he's excited shopping more than there have been a thousand times. But he turned out that person's got what state. And his injuries are real he's in serious condition this war looking at serious charges as well. And now turning the page to Cyber Monday will you be among those clicking and deals on your PC tablet or your phone. You have a plan of action because the truth and I are going to sell out. If not already so. Tracy Forbes is known as the penny pinching my mom. We're already seeing that people are cricket after item about last week and or did not anticipate that so hopeful that. We are seeing quantities already diminishing its early morning there. Something you don't you eat don't mess around get right to it at your car check out. There's certain things that you look for. Just on Cyber Monday that you might not have looked for on Black Friday. Recently it's how you play. It could be we look more like. On the right now for example we didn't know which picket peel our power beat had senator wireless ear bad. There are replicas deal today on that by. So there are you need to have struck a little lower Abbott had to see her plea deal gave up a bit more today. I'm more electronic deals and you have to know what you eat at and bring it back and said it. Don't write this big guy and see what you can bind. And they'll have to check that didn't he get you're park. Is there really a difference anymore Black Friday Cyber Monday you know with so many people doing their shopping online aside from a few Friday door busters. I really it seems like all the deals have been the same all weekend long. Pretty sad that it kinda like I yeah I diplomatic like black week in what I colleagues that really are that and they were getting. Take it through today and Erica deal happy there and I was looking around again this morning are saying yet another deal to be the same again at last week it appeared ill plan. And Chrysler are quite as loud though today I felt. That Black Friday with the super deep discount. Not that hit a kernel that you know the pockets hate it like he gave up one good BL yeah. But this bit the last of them right and we we've got almost all posted just short of a month to go before Christmas. Exactly in court and people understand what it feels like maybe I got this. We tell her half to keep you interested in shopping her for a full week this year. In years past it's been like very so that it had to work it hard to keep shopping and further pointed out. And though they can't put all of their that's out there last week at this week because they're now at bat. We're going to continue if he really big deal over the next several weeks while we Keller to try to keep you spending. So there is good deals still to be had but unlike today air re able to really pinpoint when that won't happen in the future. Absolutely not I'm on the line is going to be that Monday at Eckert laconic out of a replica. Or Chris that the cult green Monday at least creed color entry holiday where. I'm the bad are we shipping and accurate last April river guarantees. After item I'm right at anchor Chris. So I hear why not put Kirby Keller a relic Ichi spending for about a week before Christmas piece of more probably get dropped. Again they're trying to get she'd been your last dollar he had keep your attention and are unmet. Hey we heard about a site called camel camel camel dot com this morning it's an Amazon price check sight to see if you're actually getting the lowest price. Have you heard of that and is it a good one. It did it when I met all of the hype it complete contribute a bar and say hey I have chronic. And I want to know if it rocked the load this right. That doesn't get hurt ULT. Or you can go and seek historical track to see it that really the best price target that drop lower previously. It's a great tool used to delegate it to be. You had to overlook them on the electronics could get that twenty to twenty by percent I'll discount on the electronic. The big name brand that's usually a pretty good deal the crap. All right enough of all that shopping let's focus on the fact the Buffalo Bills again find themselves in the playoff picture. A 33%. Chance if you believe some online calculators. Nonetheless there and it and somewhat in control of their destiny. Well I'd like to defense a lot I mean I thought after street really rough being. Whether you supported by point game the defense really came to play date. Bills broadcast team John Murphy and mark Kelso on WB yen. They neutralize campus city's top weapons including the tight end Travis Kelsey could never catch perceptive didn't hurt him at all. Tyreke kill the dynamic receiver wasn't really got a big factor that they did a great job of throwing a different defense of look at Kansas City Chiefs specially on third downs and but the defense was film. You're really did this start the day overall they they have a great date as we've. It was our own protest. Would have been difficult to predict based on the game that pre game that preceded it. Well I don't know what scares me everything he Bora that's productive I think feel like it or. First downs and about 66 circuit offered to the second apps so obviously that's you know that's. We know this seemed out pretty well they need to play good defense to win games. And what they weren't they were losing their lot straighter roll with what the playing good defense save chance because they don't turn the ball over. It's they don't put themselves with mistakes and they seem to just give it up welcomes that we gave so might get that summer is what I elected in what it was. The American looking at Tyrod did you see anything different out of the bills quarterback after that one week off. And Cynthia principally different you know put but he had some. You hit and decisiveness is no question about that there is some tight windows and and I think they really they could find themselves well that's a little bit is there such and they were limited and it's like it happened. Thank I think this she's made some adjustments but they the running game the first step on the court cut all. I would say probably about point 324 times in what he does that. It is able to get in the open field and then there's going to be the dynamic a way. But they've they've got to find they've got to figure out what wanting packets that they like best that what they XP that's need to continue to work that because when the running game successful. That's where they'll make silent successful and I thought a couple sides you. There are some really nice all these four guys were coming out of the great city and couple guys there they were assuming completions but he threw it to really tight windows which is open if you seem to continue to do a truck and so the only thing he needs to do the only. There's the about the concerns me is. When you start scrambling around back there and there's nothing left me you sense plays with a leg but he eventually. We've just got to throw away in and preserve the neck down as opposed to pick it up a lot of sacks so. If he fixes that part of the game I think that will clear up a lot of issues this the offense as it is backed up what place. John a coach McDermott said Tyrod is the starter this week. Is that a big relief that that question is settled. Well I don't I guess that was worried about it too much once he went back to Tyrod Taylor I think it. Maybe the situation for the foreseeable future until. It opened the playoff push and one way or the other so. I I don't think anybody was too concerned about that it would look at is really a priority for a government. On clearly there's more development needed. And I think until you know if four until there. Officially eliminated from playoff contention that probably could stick with Tara in that instant when. And focusing on nine another player marked for Davey is white had a big play at the end of the game sealing it for the bills. All season long he's kept developing into a fan favorite with the his attitude before and after games kind of how he's played. How what is seen out of true Davis white this season that you like. Well I've been out there and demonstrated great mature for young players continues to wanna grow and learn he's not or not flamboyant guy you guys just they're trying to reach out and help the defense the Foreman at a higher level it. And he's played really well he's learned some things as well and I think that it is being against the in AJ green when he learned some things and and that he makes really really good place and everybody the first it's beat. That the court backed by the summit doesn't play in and EU together we can learn from Latin and has developed beautifully and slump like economic data command deposition falafel all I'm anticipated escalate from yesterday. America with Larry you know and it might have been put. He was not a lot of screens in the yen and at the line of scrimmage Alex Smith threw the ball about 45 yards over his receivers it. The reason that happened is because what we're supposed to be because that their client for him and that was a beautiful play by white and an interception is imminent he had a great break on the ball a little bit outside the income of receiver but he had a great great them all at any one thing you know. Look like you used that return I think he. Because they get them open field but he was certainly making sure that he was in maintain that select your cheeks and opportunity but it's not all parts the end of the but that's so great awareness as well but he's earned everything that effort. Last week head coach Sean McDermott stood before the media with the national spotlight and his failed decision to play Nathan Peter minute starting QB only to be replaced in the second half with Tyrod Taylor. This week McDermott. A much more confident man at that podium. But our run defense is start we'll start their run defense was outstanding felt we played fundamentally good football and that's a credit the hard working guys have put in the coaches included starts up front and and you go on from there and you talk about the third downs in the tackling. And you know it's that they take with him is with the game sealer force. You know that was that was a good defensive effort overall team and it team defense that's so credit to Leslie Frazier is that. The senate seat. The cut you. Guys. We're focused on home what we do on the you know the adversity that these this team's been through. Here they pushed through these guys pushed through the coaches pushed through they they they've bonded together. And you know they invested and that's that's where it starts now focusing on the process and this is not easy in the coming here and now win against Kansas City and a well coached football team give a lot of credit and his staff and in their players is a good football team. And that too cold to go on the road like we have and in face adversity like we have. In the push through like we did. Like our players and coaches that I thought was was phenomenal. Back aren't you. But is thought overall today today. We played good team offense and we ran the ball well at times. A Tyrod used his feet at times and then we had some critical third down conversions. Also drives. So there is here's some good things going on there and in this wasn't just one that was spread across the Athens which is it. Mean for you know it's not about you but it is your mentor and you've got to. What that means you. Personally I have learned a lot from him on and off the field and so any time you can you can be an Andy Reid coached football thing you know that's saying something. You know they go back to. A lot of the things we do dialer from Andy and that's not gonna change and he. He let out through blueprint for me for twelve years of how to do things right way. And that's why he is where he is in terms of the all time. Winslet I think he's top twelve top ten somewhere up there so that that doesn't happen by by mistake or by accident. Root for the Texans on Monday Night Football it would be a bit of help. Back tomorrow that's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.