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Tuesday, November 21st

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Her kids 930. In 716. So the question this Thanksgiving week is and whether to rose stir fry the Turkey. It's Peter men or Taylor. Take a lot of them simply do you trust coach make the decisions of our own. Know that the those discussions. Are well but they agree a chart up between all of them. Coach what one game is not gonna define Nate in our nation's career well that may be an indicator of how things will go. I'm Tim Wenger will find out more perhaps Wednesday morning. Like we did last week and still evaluating right now. I'm a story come from on that and still evaluating him. A lot take one day's time. Buffalo Bills head coach John McDermott quick with that answer is he took questions from the sports media Monday from one game is not gonna. Defined Nathan or Nathan's career. You know young players go through it and and you saw summed it yesterday. And I put that back on myself. I own decision. And still as I said yesterday. You know I don't regret the decision regrets result. And there's other hands also in the result so. It's never about one player. And I'm confident Nathan and his mental toughness and and you know we move forward we learn we grow from it and we get better soon. Because we don't practice you see the beauty what specifically did you see from him that he was able. Roll it up in that you have moments where you felt comfortable enough with soaring. In this popcorn well. Threats fair question drive unite and evaluating that we do all players. Nathan from the time you walked in the door and really before that and you watch how he handles himself intangible. On because that's a big part that's a big part of the quarterback position on intangibles. On the ball position blow on the quarterback position. You watch how he developed skill wise how he studies. How he prepares suffer for the opponent how we became familiar with more and more and it felt schemes and how we. Performed in practice and and in the preceding games and then the short sample of this of the game the other the other week there's so. That was all part of his process as we continue to I would make and so. You know remain confident Nathan. And there are some place yesterday and we want back there's also some plays and look at these ads. I was feeling good. It's hard to see. On the surface you know 101000 foot view cart as C yet. With the result being what it was we take one play at a time in the case it would move the ball. You know sometimes get from got to catch him so. But again that's you know I own decision that's on me so people's. Lucrative. Who's. Well it. Well sometimes you make decisions in in in leadership roles like this that worked out. Sometimes they don't work out and I think the biggest thing is he trying to make every decision with. With the right agenda with the right. Decision making process in mind and that leads you to that decision that you feel is right. And that's what I felt like in this case and I stand by the decision. Obviously didn't work out. And so you go back to learn from from an as a head coach and I expect this all our performance we've grown we move forward we continued to build. It's. You're trying to win. Now and future. And not true or. What. What we're building. You know and building a party go through this is part of the growth process Bucky with. You go through these these pains this this in on it in burns it burns hard you know on and you know he don't want that result that we had yesterday and I've been on the other side to him. And so every decision we make is with. That that does this thought of winning winning now yes but also winning the future and so. That's part of that's part of the nation for this organization. I'm looking at an emotional letter Ers win what we don't say is that. If you come back and tyra. Let's sides mediators trying to win now and her you'd you'd better chance we have enough. Experience that more games more success. Your goal date and then you your blue or or. These particular. That's your teacher valuation I have to see it through my through my through my islands and Canada yet not yet both both quarterbacks have their own. Abilities and on skill set and so. I'm always known that people. How how best to re equip equip our team to win now and also set ourselves up. To build for strong future and and that's that's part of that that process as I. As I said earlier I can tell you said there are some players vote here or good that. Well let me. One bit do can you point out some of those to a system. What makes you people obviously. Latest go back on the the first drive. And we start off with two runs and we came out and threw please play action pass over the middle. And now when he when it comes planes packed and eight cal ranked strive. And is tight coverage through an under tight window and and that's this is this is a league of contested throws contested balls and you've got to be able to do that. He did it and now there was a couple other insistence also just to name one. We got into a rhythm early on the opposite side. And so I was I was I was pleased with that drive up until the point where we had interceptions. You know things went down you know we came back the next track and in the running game got on track there's an extra and that was scored the touchdown so. On there were positives in there and so there is growth is growth for our football team. And I know you on the surface the result wasn't there when you look at. These guys played physical and offering faiths they played hard all three phases and as we grow as we develop as we build. We're developing a standard to how we do things we're developing a culture of how we do things and what it needs to look like. And I get it sometimes and I think it result we want. Sometimes there's a lag effect that talked about that before you build. And grow and develop things and that's not that's painful you know and that's that's where it's been the last couple weeks I don't know that I get it. And I and I shoulder that responsibility. We. Hope. Fair or to say Willa was. We'll see me on first and young evaluate on my own and an indictment with their coaches and and then there's a progression and I always trying to communicate with those. With the leaders of this football team so. Okay that's. Yesterday I was at that. If you can't obviously you know it probably seasons and he did things the Obama team you know it you'll recognize terrorized. Away what they say that you. This decision or really a big decision makers. I ask you questions I'd I'd I'd put a lot of stock in that. You know there that they carry a lot of weight. Obviously at the final say innate in their respective again a phenomenal job with that at this point. They're there they got there on that council for four reasons they're my sounding board on some things so. You know I give them a lot of ownership and its semen and they've done a phenomenal job with at this point. Yeah real quick on Calvin you know the good news is there's no ligament damage. And so you know restore honor valuation on the rest of at this point so and Micah Mike checked out fine should be fun not. What the before you we're. From day one K commentary given us everything we fast forward. They supported us. To the nth degree and and this case no different you know I made a decision. Certainly communicate with friends on it like we do every move in and and then briefed K commentary so they support this from day one on all of our decision. And they do a tremendous job of giving us the resources to it. What do you think it. Does your credibility in the room you know when you. But it Aaron told. You think he's right and people who. We think. Well you know at this point is he's not hope with them I've built the built up enough. Credibility trust. And and then there's also a human element of it that hey I'm trying to do what's right and night every decision and it's gonna work out exactly like I want to and that's. You take responsibility that's that's what you do men. In the hope by doing that it you know overtime you can make more right decisions and you make that are so right and you know but I'm mark from the same time and get better and just like I expect them you know they're not with them. Play one play that's exactly right there and mark from growth in Japan that's also part of growth process that's also part of building. And wrong becoming better. It was a line you've been. It was a calculated risk. You know what this. You there next time you're gonna make it easy fast does it affect your mind anti trust yourself against. Continues. Here. That's a fair question. State decides to stay confident and be decisive in size as the right decision maker. When you waivers from the get yourself in trouble and and in so you gotta stay outs in listening to people listening to opinions of people I trust. Communicating with people and and also when indecision he's been made. Be decides angles and go on the players side of things. They must be talking second guessing right. You know we're reform and social lives when they got right to work. So there was an autopsy or searched a decision we'll get right to work in game. Buffalo Bill Eric Wood with WG ours might show. And the Bulldog. Some guys may have felt strongly. One or the other but there wasn't time Jeter always or. Or stressed that so news from four business shall we had a great practice so overall we all. Optimistic heading into the game. In. Go to donate up front according to battle culture our church on conversations about what's notable most important position our football in the position we've talked about before the probably fixed too much flavor too much credit when officers. I'm sure we talked about but take a lot of them simply. Trust coach make a decision. On. You know that those discussions. Are spoke about paper chart out because all of them into. You know as the players who are. I need this or whatever it. King are you saying that as a rule it sounds like you're saying that as ruled it's very much in keeping with a eat and talk about this it's not my call. Even when like many weeks we hear you right here you do other media later in the week and by the way that's not a problem. You'll let what other reporters and and say kind of the same thing last week and securities say it from the locker room which news. You know we we support the coach and we will do what he's hole do you think there could be a situation where you would not want to do that where you would think. That the coach is wrong the night for example or Rick Dennison today was asked about. The decision and he said I support McDermott. Went on to say but I always happen anything he's ever sent it to me that. Meant that meant his that is answer mental thing because I know that he's always gonna support of these publicly. The Coke so do you think there could be a situation where you would say coach you know what. I know what's your call but I gotta tell yeah I think you're wrong. You know honestly up personnel moves like this. Honestly it probably wouldn't. On a lot miners votes or buy the stuff I might be you know a home. This is probably a bad example let you know lets you eat broccoli and coach McKay. This long trips like we lacked the terrestrial on the plane seemed like little stuff like that I think you all with coach. Yeah well it but it decision that I thought we put a lot of hobbies do. In it naturally. Believe that he has or presenters. For this even in the future. It is interesting to see him first and that's you know I don't have a hundred years well this week. I want to win now. So I have to I have to trust it and I do that its decision to order. For us to win but I also offer personnel decisions are outlook trust that. He understands the whole picture better than I do at times even if in my head it was. Initially something I would do are supported in Abu floor with a. So what what with that said it is the function of the leadership council we heard Tyrod Taylor asked about it. Last night. McDermott was asked about it NC noncommittal. Whether or not he would meet with the leadership council. And maybe you can fill us in here. For anyone to know that include Buick who exactly. That is comprised of but what will what with the function of that. Meeting should have happened be it wouldn't it be the sort of peel off the players about the decision. Yet at this point though leadership council is man made up both. Mainly. The veterans eaters at each position or shall. Ties like. Lorenzo file close them out. Change tour Matthews host quarterly. Are up myself which you know maybe even off I'll work you've got split. That that leadership council as in this it's personal and we what it's done later what this guy out. That person also is generally not the stuff that now move forward if they become one it's open. About yes maybe you should tell people it appears that it that would be something new but at this point it's about internal issues it's a well. Travels. About. Hey coach Hartley that we need extra reps looks looks convert reps to walk the reps as opposed to practice reps this. Stuff like that. Maybe we'll find out how coach McDermott prepares his Turkey before we find out which QB. He'll start Sunday. Back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.