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Thursday, November 2nd

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Her kids 930. In 716. Learning more about the New York terror attack if you don't want a guy on my god. More about the timeline. And the suspect. Almost. Exactly 218. Instructions that I Asus has put out and its social media channels and now intense discussion about how to keep us safe. At the end of the day you can't defend against this in every conceivable location. I'm Tim Wenger we're learning new information about the man who drove a rented truck into a popular bike path the New York City killing eight. Authorities now saying he meticulously planned the attack in the name of basis. Chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has more on how long the suspect had been planning the attack federal agents and evidence technicians and protective booties swarmed the suspect's home in Patterson New Jersey. As his wife losing his three children and others were escorted from the residence by the FBI. Authorities say it is clear cipher disciple off had been meticulously planning his attack even renting a truck for a dry run last week. He appears to have followed. From almost exactly two AT. The instructions that ice is has put out and its social media channels. Federal officials say site Paul made a full confession from his hospital bed even after being read his rights that he was proud of what he had done and even asset and prices flag be hung from his room. And they say he specifically plan is attacked for Halloween. Knowing the streets with the crowd the 29 year old immigrant moved around the US from Tampa to Cincinnati to Cleveland to New Jersey. Working as an over driver and a professional truck driver. Snipe off grew up in Tashkent Uzbekistan and in 2000 dead came to America. As part of what's called the US diversity immigrant visa program. For citizens of countries who have not sent many immigrants to the US president trump revealed site Paul has helped bring many other who's next to the US it was deep. Point of contact the primary point of contact. For this is preliminarily 23 people. The cave men. Or potentially came in with him. And that's not acceptable. US officials tell ABC news that at least two of those 23 connected disciple off. Where suspected of possible terror ties federal agency Sipe off was asked about those two men in 2015. But that no case against him was ever open. Authorities say the suspect in the deadly New York City attack was inspired by our basis the attacker deliberately driving a truck onto a bike path killing. Eight authorities now saying he had been planning that attack for weeks. GO Benitez now. Updates the timeline of the attack inside that horror following that deadly truck attack on mangled school bus brought to a standstill in the middle of the road. You've got a little one I got all my god. Thank god my opening my irony and endurance crater. Right here in regards you don't. Get right here. Firemen and police Russia and working frantically to get to the children inside. Just moments after 29 year old Saif Los tape off crashed into it authorities say say puff had been planning the Rampage for weeks conducting prior reconnaissance of the very spot. Where he would draw on that jogging path. Then on the afternoon of Halloween just after 2 PM renting a large truck at this Home Depot in Passaic, New Jersey. At 2:43 PM license plate readers that record every vehicle on the George Washington Bridge show him exiting the bridge into New York City. Minutes later cameras outside of the Holland Tunnel showed the truck swerving into the bike lane and mowing down pedestrians for nearly twenty blocks almost a full line. We got a patent. The Mets got a situation here. Panicked witnesses saying there's a man waving a gun in the street reportedly yelling and Arabic along off bar police officers on a separate called race of the scenes. They see say off waving what we now know is a paintball gun and pellet gun. One officer shooting say puff in the abdomen the suspect now on the ground detained in the wake of the attack crumpled bicycles some trying to help the injured. The engine from that truck that caused so much destruction still smoking and inside the truck officers finding knives more fake pistols and to note that says ices will endure forever nine people are recovering in the hospital one patient. A double amputee. All four patients with critical injuries are now stable. Authorities identifying the eight victims who did not survive to Americans 32 year old Darren Drake from New Jersey. His father describing him as the perfect sun and and even anger. And I'm not angry you. And Nicholas cleaves the 23 year old software engineer who had just graduated from college. Five friends from Argentina visiting New York to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary of their high school graduation also lost their lives and the mother of two from Belgium for younger son just three months soul in the wake of this attack focus now turning to so called soft targets and there everywhere. Virtually the world as soft target everyplace that probably you and I ago most days. It is soft target in the copy shops restaurants schools except for a. Brad Garrett is a crime and terrorism expert and contributor to WB ENN. You know typically. Those venues are targets usually huge larger crowds. You know like we had yesterday at a bike path. So it goes searching is that it goes on and on and on astute. You know forty or realistically. Create it hit superiors and we've done that number of places but. That at the end of the day you can't distance against this in every conceivable location. And says the real key is how do you get in front of these attacks before they happen and actually driven by law enforcement knowing about them than. This guy is a great example of the at least viewing hate for a number of weeks or months. To those around him in law enforcement did note that. And that's the rookie year. You know heat in San wanted it to hang the ice is flight in his hospital Romans is not remorseful at all about what happened that. What do you suggest to people you know when they're out when they're at and these areas where there are soft targets and if they see something. But. Could they see something mean to tell someone insecurity and or law enforcement. But I EE you know as we move around. To different is where there are crowds of people we just have to be more cock descent where we are. Where of the entrances where the action if I'm going to a concert maybe I shouldn't stand in the middle front of the stage. Should they be be off the side work admitted quicker. If you look at even though it's not considered you know Islamic terrorism and when you take a look basically at. What what happened in Las Vegas. You know should would you have been better off position yourself near you that you access that there were. From that concert but the answer is probably yes so. The idea is to sort of stay away from the mainstream and always have a way to move to your left or right for example. Car ran means there are or different things are different issue I mean. Try the best you can. To stay away from walking like maybe gather sinner betrayal. Maybe keep a better eye as to whether I can go left or right now this becomes can become you know ridiculous I suppose at some point that you currently live your life. Every step that you walk of this talent and trying to make people more aware. That they have to take responsibility of where they are what they're doing now. Riding your bike bike trail in New York City. Should have been perfectly fine and obviously it wasn't. Now looking at some of the immigration. Debate that's spurred up again in the wake of this attack a lot of people looking at who we allow in the country and the vetting process. For people coming into the US. With so much at this radicalization being done on the line. How might that over time just become less and less important the vetting and more emphasis being placed on online recruitment. Well of course I mean that the places you go at this. And the the betting is it is given thing for the obvious but what issues him as an example. These twenty Katie came from the Pakistan through a lottery program that the State Department as popular respect congress in 1990. In appeared to be fine his college educated work as an accountant and in a hotel or motel. And came here had trouble finding jobs in the drug and a truck through it I think some of the saying became unhappy. And what problem. I've come to America to sort of make my way to I hate America and an end of the packet. And so that happened I suspect a number of years after he this year I mean you'd have to have a crystal ball the figure he was gonna do that. After leaving is Pakistan's so yes the key in my view and the key in most professional law enforcement is. Yes we do that Tibet people yes we need to go after extremist web sites that you couldn't shut them down or monarchy or whatever. But we have to do a better job in getting the people in the communities. In the United States to talk to us because clearly this guy left. Is quite a record of behaviors that would have been disturbing to most of us and law enforcement to prove it heard about it. Real quick. Is there anymore vetting once they get here. Well that's supposed to be you know are supposed to BP checks but is that you're talking about just too many people. And so. It's not realistic to think of somebody comes and there's no indicators they get a job get married had kids. And I know what it coming forward saying. Things like this guy was saner videos it was watching. I mean is it. It's not realistic that law enforcement or the State Department or DHS. Can keep up Obama's people living basically have to help. Because you're talking tens of thousands of people at the same way when you got these to figure out who do you actually should you be following. Who should you get authorization for the court to wiretap means you can they do that obviously everyday. President trump has spoken with New York City mayor and the governor as well following the attack on the bike path near the World Trade Center. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders also says the president calls for increasing extreme vetting of immigrants. Are something that frankly the president has been talking about for a long time now. Authorities say the man arrested following Tuesday's attack is from Uzbekistan. The diversity lottery program. Has been an exit than in the early nineties and it a lot for. It in balloting green cards to be issued individual that it actually win the green card lottery. Rosanna priority in immigration attorney in buffalo and regular contributor to WB EN. And it's focusing on the now controversial immigration diversity lottery program. That has resulted in a war of words between president trump and senator Chuck Schumer. The diversity lottery program has been controversial indicate why. I'm in you actually got very restrictive immigration system that required. Any person that wants to green card to be altered either by a family member or employer. Bonus probably rolled out. It seems inherently unfair to just be giving out green car for people that are actually playing the lottery sell it been. Under scrutiny for years and every time we have a new presidential administration. That administration takes a closer look at it try to shut it down. But they've not been successful in doing that. Now once they get here let's say on that diversity lottery visa. Is there any follow up. Well no it's it's the green cards so it's permanent residence status you can live and work in the United States forever. And that's how all green cards are issued now to get at green card they are quite true the pretty intense security measure. There's background Shaq there's medical exam. They the government let it criminality achieved. They're looking for clinical diseases that's what every single green card applicants. Even outside of this program. So there isn't bad either goes on. But again you know with with anything you you edit it a policy like that you're gonna have people that unfortunately don't have good intentions. And something like that is the result but it. You obviously following this very close league given the climate in Washington. And what do you think the chances are of this program being rescinded. Well I think it's going to say I'm green because congress can't seem to get anything done right now. I would trap was initially elected. And everything Republican congress people are allowed into the got back. We've seen over the last eleven months all of the infighting in congress he added healthcare is you know what tax reform. That had the hot topic of the day enter immigration. I would be shocked if anything were to happen legit he. So little movement in that for congress to change a lot is a huge steel and huge production. It was not something that can be easily gotten. But if I had to be a betting person I would bet we're going to either. As it is today in the future. Back tomorrow. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow where they never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.