930in716 November 17, 2017 Dollar General Officers speak out

Thursday, November 16th

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It's 93716. No bwics opens is that Geithner who were two Eagles re living the harrowing events of Tuesday and it's in a suspect running out it towards union road and has size summarize answer obviously anti Semitic determination at that point not to shoot them Cheektowaga police officers detailing what happened is that call came in and their takedown of the suspect and his. If you are putting out more of shots fired they can hear the shots being fired I'm Tim lingered those are the voices of officers. Dominique Schwartz and Anthony for Lipsky palace crazy. The first call throughout Melanie got here for a pleasant Dollar General. Officers started heading that ways dispatchers received more phone calls. Shots fires people down. And then it was determined it was from Dollar General. You mean French now they're complete story in their own words as we're responding there to disparities are putting out more. Of shots fired they can hear the shots being fired. They have a man in camouflage along gun in the parking lot shooting people down screaming. And he was allegedly running with a handgun. You got their yeah I got there polyp on team. He's in my vehicle to my patrol air fifteen started looking for the suspect. Lot of witnesses started coming up to me in pointing me into the direction of where the suspect was. And and it's in a suspect running. Outfit towards union road. And has size that some on his cancer obviously and determined that determination at that point not to shoot them. Give commands them by myself please post up on on the ground here refuse kept repeating the commands as I was chasing after me refused. Instead of running up up the hill I was chasing after him and as I was chase after right no other fellow officers were common to cover. And it was you who. Got whom first and we they would get a bounce of the ground and then take custody it's it's a guy running. Some and it just. For what we knew they shot multiple people fired from multiple rounds possibly in positioning and on. I am. You see on the east you see an officer chasing him with with a long gun. So you know we're we are always train and we train specifically and use of force. Since especially since she's six became chief and assistant chiefs player. You supports it some of the big training issues for us. And we meet force with force. So I knew. To Schwartz had a proper force if necessary but he didn't have a long until he runs by IC's hands are basically free. So it fit planet and that really concerned that he's gonna shoot anybody else. But that all the traffic stop nary a lock was your head and he worries again carjacked somebody's gonna car there's a big truck there Yangon a truck and and then you force the drivers are ram people. As we've seen all of the country. He you know try to jump on a police cars and go after other officers soul. You make a determination how to and split second how to stop it. And I thought that the best time that way was to tech well air. Log on street India by car or another police car bombing. I want a problem because of my like approach cracked open like myself well there's something sold. It was the option. I had my thinking was to disoriented and if you do in England summer. So what you credit that way you be disoriented and what happened just split seconds to take him cause you know you know what. This job might entail but every day you wake up X you don't wanna go to work thinking that you might have to tell someone to the back here had. When you put the situation like that. Especially with player that was reported to us. And with look at what's been happening around the country. You're definitely think in that you're gonna get the gun fight. This last thing anybody wants to use kills. I mean you know and it's things happen all over the country and it's a let nobody wakes up as a that I kind of worked ankles you know it did that's not. It's just doesn't happen it's an unfortunate part of his job and you're thinking is when we get the first call the Dollar General Don here at your or plasma. And don't care that we being setup. And these are takeover is it kids playing on and happening given us false alarms. Some are trying to do is go that way in a really doing something honestly and then when you get this confirm call and fun for older and so you Euro. That they have people down multiple shots fired his vision or hearing issue. You know there was more than one driver and alters Moore launch real witnesses tell us it was more than one shooter. He victim and suspect both headline read shirts. So it was kind of crazy you know. Everybody wants help and they did to citizens. To please can't operate without assistance those guys and girls are the true heroes. Really it took a lot of courage yeah that's. Dots yet to to do what they did and its incredible earliest most people. All of when she was because I went back down just. Perfect in triage and see if there any other shooters and all these guys had it they're really not much just. Just like us swearing in. And kick him in resisting. I mean they'll watch news and we we need to train people to wean itself from apartments we see. We do the training. Like that she said yesterday on the active shooters felt that we do. And you pray it doesn't happen. But when adults doing. Well you know and you're training kicks in and look what we're pretty lucky because our Tom Ward in our supervisor. Even past how important supervises as had the wherewithal to force play to send our trainers to. Every trainer comes up no matter where it is to get to most recent current stop and bring it back to loss basic without question. And I was just talking wanna dispatchers today and even so I use the active shooter stuff it just kick then use that was. No you don't remember every single ticket but you pick out what you need and help them to get through and and get us in that are basically. I mean mode when I responded it's kinda like. When I look back of like in slow motion off. Anxiously. You think of all the training they receive how Mike Hanna coming in approaches. Knowing I might do if I engage. The suspect. First thing. Check your chance is Netflix capable of killing me yank it we'll shoot me with a split anything that has just gotten a chance. You know keep progressing with the training you know it's got a gun in his hands are starts reaching and that is called Papa or something I have to engage and you know he's so physical force from what was reported to me so. Yeah of course training is issue. And and I believe it's hard to pummel the country is not enough training for officers its its budgetary. It's small apartments they can't send people everywhere they don't have traders. And we trained specifically it was a big goal. Of this administration to to get our use of force numbers down. And realistic and and train and train officers we Tran article 35 every year we train like dom except signs look for. And to use the proper law enforcement people are still citizens. Every everybody's human being raw human beings. So we're not judge excuse surgery our job is to make people safe to people in custody get an affront and a judge and let the system. Of course Merom. I got there and I saw him running I saw a policy shores behind I have total confidence in him that he would he knew what to do because I see it shot. So heated issue and yet. I get told congress there was no reason to. If you had a reason to and he didn't need to be at that point and we are gonna have to chase and attack like. Do you know 34 or five times a week you think I hope it shows people looking at a professional. Police department well trained. Police department here it treats people with respect and we try to. Everything we tried to give her a fair shot. People make mistakes you know. At this point we didn't really don't think we are thinking terrorism. And I just thought we are just think and maybe was like robbery takeover or something. And that's more along lines we think console. Or you say it to training kicked in and we have every confidence and. Know that an immense harm our main job is to prepare it preserve and protect like not take it and to know that you had an active shooter situation and you know you know someone did suffer minor injury but you know. I don't always gonna live and be okay it's. You know that's all we take this show me. You know edit the other stuff that the accidents and LAL it's the future routine warm but take his job to be hero and that's we wanted to save the day. Yeah. Absolutely and I extremely proud of the patient guys imitation lieutenant. Into chaos. And the first. Half an hour. It was just it was total K and I can imagine like something like Las Vegas or something or do it. You know fifty hundreds of people injured screaming and we were overwhelmed for the first five minutes because we're getting reports. From witnesses that there's more troops as more people in part to more people down. There's and we got to get there confer in the ambulances go honestly fire trucks ultimately police. The first 510 minutes was was kind of crazy and at one person there. So it but it is at 220 victory questions are it was a very very rewarding to knowledge nobody really got hurt or killed. Which is amazing and none of the officers were injured and and the suspect. A minor injury. And no we took parties you know we were our players are working to judge judge injury. We do we have to begin on him because these companies do when. Was it actually become my shift I was walking into the building almost get ready to go home and so that's the call came back today ran back up the Mike Herron. Call now. Active shooters kind of pause or play. Now we don't we can't hit and we got a shot to get wegmans. Yeah we had we did. That your. Field throwing lanes on a midnight shift it was a shootout inside. Arm. And years and years and years ago it to guide to church that shot all the officers. I from start for when he got there too when he was taken because it probably. And and it. It's overtake. It makes it makes us feel about her bubbly happen. But you edit the police are those two guys from girls the. No doubt seen. Any price if his wife so. Station Friday thanking them actually do a lot of people in its commercial industrial area and went to any business is locked on the row. And went to any business insertion. I mean think guy taking over the mall or wegmans at Wal-Mart or there is a huge amount of people. At least we don't know why he picked or why it happened. It just did and luckily I mean it's like it turn out really or. If you believe him. Warrior god is. Community wasn't anybody's day. Yeah it's it's pretty. It I'm an ally to allow wind down. And I didn't really get a big adrenaline until yesterday. Yesterday morning like image like bush. Beimel to easily younger than me so I was shocked surprised at this tennis I feel better path back to there's a lot late late. Officer Schwarz that on the way there. You're thinking OK got along and all they have is my site. I think and I'm thinking. I was pretty calls we were you behind her vapor right there shows like. I don't know if I could take this guy on with just what I am but I knew he had an air fifteen. A single case or covered. But I don't wanna get a shoot out I know the area. And we're accountable for our round go also. And god forbid that we hit somebody an innocent person that's not involved you know you have to live with and you get lit even if he should somebody is justified. You gotta live. Debts that you think and then as you start to be here in the yelling and screaming honoree and she people like now you're OK what do I have to do and what's the amount of force I'm gonna use. On a minute car. I want him to Kyra because I'm looking at him coming and he does remaining in his hands so I'll think deadly force is justified it. He's not a threat to anybody because he's asleep and I fishermen back. You know we we don't do it. So. Decision was made that it just go into. That's 930 feet and 716. We're back tomorrow would never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.