930in716 November 15, 2017 Active shooter in Cheektowaga

Wednesday, November 15th

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It's 93716. A terrifying active shooter incident in Cheektowaga there was a shooting at the Dollar General and union wrote French right here Cheektowaga. Shortly before 3 o'clock. We're not exactly sure what led to that however we believe that there was some kind of altercation. Of one individual was shot outside of the store as a male. Right now an adult male. Who suffered what appears to be not life threatening injuries I'm Tim Laker that was Cheektowaga assistant police chief James Speyer talking with me on this scene just an hour after the shots rang out. In dozens of police cars sped down union road to the dollar general store it just south of French road. Fear in the year dozens of rounds fired inside that store. That it is a miracle that I'm not at this podium. Reading off the names of the dead and now word of perhaps some local hero at a nearby business who helped intervened idea. BI template is either run. I'd fight and it's obvious that this stole. We're. Headed in the mine where he was analyzing what was going the problem he may be a critical decision. I decided wooed the duo and then of course she acted. Later Cheektowaga PD chief David Zach at the podium in a briefing live on WB yen at approximately 2:47. PM this afternoon. CPD received a man with a gun call. At the dollar general store. In Cheektowaga we don't know who the suspect is 29 year old Travis green of Cheektowaga. One victim undergoing treatment in the hospital. Chiefs act began to unravel the details beginning with the initial confusion about the call two Dollar General. This created some initial confusion. With our dispatchers. Is there are six. Dollar General locations within our tone. We were able to ascertain. That the particular general dollar store in question was the union road location. However this created additional confusion is the union road location. Is actually located at the airport plaza at the intersection of union wrote in Genesee street. The actual address where this incident occurred. Although on union wrote it's official address is 25 Darden bill parkway west which is near French wrote. Complete opposite. Directions. In town at there are the most are the smallest outpost. Despite the confusion. She PD officers did arrive on scene within four minutes of the call being received. The first officers on scene in collar total chaos as can be expected. Witnesses over the officers to a male wearing camouflage. Fleeing the scene on fort. The subject was repeatedly ordered to stop and he refused. After a brief foot pursuit the subject was tackled to the ground by officers. No shots were exchange between the subject and see PD officers. The subject in question. Was wearing body. Where he was not in up in possession of weapon when subdue. The subject was injured. We are not sure as to whether the injury suffered occurred prior to arrest. War during the arrest is a rip injuries do not appear life threatening. One innocent civilian was injured during. What appears to be an unprovoked attack. Those injuries also do not appear to be life threatening. And this was an attack were up possibly dozens of rounds were fighter. At this time to AR fifteen rifles have been recovered. We believe additional firearms may be within. A vehicle that was used by the suspects. At this time we have a suspect name how ever his identity has not been verified. He is being uncooperative at this time. The injured civilian. Has been identified. However we will not be releasing. That name until we received the appropriate word from gambling. That dictum. I am sure there are many questions as to the motive of the shooter. In at this time we have no way of knowing what that motive ones. We are very confident that the shooter was acting alone and no other suspects are being sought at this time. ATF this year ups. Office were called in as a precautionary measure to ensure the possible suspect vehicle had no explosives contained therein. Both agencies have completed their work. No explosives were present in that vehicle what happens how is it that more war hurt or even killed. And do we have a local hero at a neighboring business to think in the end. This guy timeline along I do agenda. It's local having his body armor I'm. We were simply looking for numbers and end it. Like that the Dollar General. You know eight in the political body. Miguel Rivera of Rivera investigations. Law enforcement expert and a regular contributor to WB yen and it could have been brought a lot more. He'll listen to our police chief Stephen Zack from yesterday dozens of rounds fired inside that store. That it is a miracle that I'm not at this podium. Reading off the names of the dead that have been going through your mind to. Are actually you talk about you do what you blog that it will play out police agency in Western New York if those guys. You know that they're training cadres at the top notch they're claiming an active shooter again you know top notch. So you know kudos to those guys for. For their quick response and the way they handled it. I think the big thing here is Guyton and I got a phone call last night was what actually interrupted this guys from doing what. And the agenda. No we begin that agenda forward and and I think there. It's gonna come out and a little while here well. I know we get an unsung hero. And our business owner directly across the street from the incident saw the incident. Let the business got into his vehicle and senate this guy eight. I tried to leave I'm going to stop them. And my understanding is he would have removed vehicle. Those guys draw is quite old takes off running the store owner actually gave chase. And that's how we police were actually able that we and then because. As they come up to seeing this guy running from the scene with disaster. But it's amazing to hear do you put amazed when you hear stories like that of how people react in these circumstances. Well you know bit it again we spoke a while back in and we spoke on people's response to. No workplace contact computers and and things of that nature and again. If the FBI template is either run or hide. A fight and it's obvious that this store. We're. Headed in that mine where you were analyzing what was going on the front of him he may be a critical decision. Decided wooed the duo and then of course she acted. Wage which put a stop to what the guy's agenda was. At the end it did you cadet who collect. This could have been a lot a lot worse he national knows. And they got have you heard any of the eyewitnesses that confident to power in Bolivia yesterday we've been playing this morning. You know I heard the one gentleman yesterday I'm I'm content and gave. Go. And you'll know where he was able to see. I think it relatives were inside the store. Right come out. And he was right in the parking lot. And I mean it really very con. Talking about this story but even said at one point he if police hadn't shown up. He was gonna strike the guy with his car that's the mindset that people need to have right. Yep are absolutely absolutely you've got to understand the agenda on the exact shooters and it and they don't carry it live or die afterwards. First somebody who attended one of downed in a blaze of glory you know they want their name to be known for some horrific act. And in income goes into the witness says. First thing there you know we're watching this guy so they could report it and kudos to they've got stretchy stuff but none of that timeline of violent. Yeah and it amazingly here we were just talking earlier in the week about active shooter training. In the places you would least expect it I think a Dollar General would qualify as one of these places where you least expect it. Oh absolutely absolutely you know it like we spoke before I've done the actual training bit. As hospitals led the schools that they know about part of mind now doesn't that the church's constantly then and you know these are places that we look at you don't expect goes something like that that been your mind. Is geared toward one thing yet the Dollar General shopping. You're not thinking about somebody going off on an at and didn't and not an end you know doing my guess you really don't. Miguel Rivera is with us live this morning from Rivera investigations are retired buffalo police officer now firearms instructor. But we're talking about the Cheektowaga shooting yesterday Miguel that's a suspect ten to eight ar fifteens he had body armor. He was using two to threes were told. What does that CDO. Again it showed that it into agenda were being put forward he had body armor two. Dot any anger and loan. Make this out then you look there was security and seen or or. You know if somebody would showed up what would say anger and understand would be beyond the rifle Ed. The caliber I'm not talking about the make the right because they don't call but the caliber itself. A devastating well. And again hit two rifles not just one until. Oh so they showed a lot of intent. And the body armor tool. How could he give assembled this type of arsenal. Et Al it's and you look at then you know it may be Hewitt in the security field at one point or are baby blotted the the body armor on time and on line site here or something of that nature I don't know how we got it. A bit but the fact that he wore it as he's committing this crime. Shoulder again I think that was gathered in certain direction and not he he didn't want to get out or all of our. It's that you know you want to continue. What are police doing now and they know who we as they just haven't released it but. What do you think their course of action is here. I think no. Like essentially a lot. They. No top notch police agency Western New York real probably gonna. Convince the delegate guy he effort throughout his time and what was his trigger. You know what let's let this guy off. Cut kinda look at his background you know what that betrayed movie have and you know well what I always wanted to telling us. I'm sure this surge as residents. To see what they're cute presenting. Precursors kid who who know why he picked Dollar General all of what Dollar General just a place that. That triggered it. And he looked close enough where he can do is grab whatever he had an end and Angola has an agenda. Combining everything you've just laid out seeing the response yesterday from police and from the people who were nearby. Should people in buffalo today be feeling good be feeling safe at this kind of response happened today and and no loss of life. Was the results of this action. No luck absolutely and again if you can drill anything home. We need to go home that this is the attitude you need to have you know you that you don't walk general partner well which I don't. You know don't be oblivious of this is gonna happen again has been anywhere never did that attitude that are not gonna happen here we don't have to worry about it. And you have to understand that we think you can bill you're either gonna run. You're gonna hide. Or you're gonna fight and an epic god that this that this gentleman this store owner I decided that you know what. Not gonna happen here it's not gonna happen now and I have to do something and yet gotten it. It's amazing now that you mention the trigger. We heard from one of the eyewitnesses. That the suspect had gone into the story and asked for a job application and was told. You can't apply in person you have to apply online. And appeared upset with something like that be a traitor. Little I mean again you you you don't know good guys background you don't exactly know all of you know what what he's feeling. What type of metal issues he may even have. And then the goal in two. That door. You know again one key application in and then get rejected. And in any manner. That in itself club given the trigger and just they're just gonna at a mosque. Will be following this one closely that's for sure we're back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.