930in716 November 14, 2017 Town Board meeting 'off the rails' in West Seneca

Tuesday, November 14th

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It's 930. In 716. Usually quiet town of west Seneca Monday night. Anything bucks. We're the town was just one of the chances angry west Seneca residents jammed the town hall meeting room. And continually challenged an inner opted the town board. As they went ahead and pass to 2018 budget that included an eight point 6% tax hike. Now that rate is less than the original 12% proposed. But then didn't make much of a difference in the demeanor. I'm Tim Wenger I was there for them meeting that was expected to be lively and in that regard certainly did not disappoint. It was downright uncomfortable at times I think with town supervisor Sheila amiga and motioning at one point in saying we're done here. In exasperation. In dealing with a raucous crowd. Yeah I'm glad I didn't. Okay. Birdie and and now. Yeah. It was in a public hearing she stated time and time again. There were six hours of that on previous states but the inner options continued. When the public had the air forum at the end of the meeting as they normally do. They weren't all that shy my name assuming Annie how much I've got. And suit stood before the board toward the end of the boisterous meeting and went surgically through each town official president. And challenged them on what their most recent pay increase was she started with John Colo who heads up code enforcement. Mr. golf argue unions. OK did you get a races here. Yeah how much like that. I can look it up and you know that. Misspelled figure union. You're not union and how much does your race. I you I mean look it up to thank and it's all here and there aren't soaring. All right well we're gonna look it up just let me get down the line. Are you union. Mr. English. Or anything yet. Knowing asked did you get a raise the share okay how much as a and what we're gonna welcome mark thank. You get 7000 dollars to be the dog catcher. In addition here in 90000 dollar salary. Plus the race gas. And it's and how many dogs do catch here. Amp. You're you're docking shall have a certain other Visio. What you get paid for. You get sticky. I don't know I think Scotland. I abused the sound you hear ridiculous. We say you need but all things up. Okay get there and Emma you exceed. She. Looked into one of the race cheap amateur did you get this year. It all. Too quick and resentment apple lap 127 makes 140. Yeah. Yeah this other saving money. By giving them well and Margaret Ray. Can't know there are you kidding. You can expect us to Reese back to you. When you tell us you have to race starts ax. And your give herself exhort their race. And that acts of yeah parents. And all you all you get it. Out. Of the deputy superintendent. 6000 dollars if you're second in the end he gets a celery in the 6000 dollars. Just in case something happens to you we pay him six now. Okay and he hit two paychecks now you know he gets and how did you. He gives them an addition to 6000 it's an axis and Jesper being used acting. OK green light in all I employer would do it because you know when precepts and out to lunch I've covered her bones popping. They don't get that. Well. Person now since my daughter yes. And I firmly believe that when we get out there we have to answer for all the rat. Things that week and other people and all you are gonna have to answer for the way you may all these people suffer and Xiamen. Now after the meeting human league and swiftly left the room went behind a locked door never to be seen again. The two other board members remained in the meeting room. At their identified positions and spoke with reporters about the budget. And noting that the tax valuation in west Seneca is different from most other towns what you. Don't understand obviously. Is there a lot of those towns are full mailing so we're not worth 40% of our world. Eugene hard voted with the end in approval of the controversial spending plan so when our rate goes up 12%. And say Amber's goes up 1% it's 1% of the whole value of property. Ours is 12%. 40% of the so the money's. Might be very close you this. Week that you can't really compare. Those were a little different than Amber's circle mayor John I want is a little bit you. I believe she can live musical we're so when they get a 2% it's a real 2% of a hundred dollars. When we get it it's 40% it's. 12% or 8% in this case I'm. 40000 hours of talk. So it's it's hard to compare them. Yeah. I never expected this and I certainly don't expect it to be an extra reporting in. You know people don't realize that when you start doing human resources this was never handed in town this eyes would water employees. We're putting in finance director we put in a brand new accounting package and financial it's. That Lyle was number one to watch. Require purchase orders for purchases are now we can control what happens in the timeless in which I think is wrong. Is it. The highway department goes out and buys the transmission for vehicle transmissions already installed. By the time in the town where it's been audited and K. They should be going to the finance office first Burke story. And that's one of the changes we're making we're reporting in tighter controls. So it expenditures non mandatory and you know mandatory spenders can be monitoring controls whenever you need counselor here. It's. I don't hear now saying I'm not her and I don't candidate it's and his commitment to the city went. There's an. Now. I don't really wanna be critical over at this point me. She where she she does in answer questions. I know she answered questions before us are television so. It's. Well for them for the cancer went to answer questions that's a personal thing with her and it's not me. There is Christmas. No I don't think so. Read my. We're we're. I know what there I think there. And hopefully. Yeah. They believe they received each of the appointed officials received a two and a half percent. Pay increase they have a contract with the town where there contract follows. The the weather their way or the white collar contract generally because of the way collar mostly. While these highways were kind of follows the blue collar contract and the police chief follows the end. Police country. The you know. I can't answer for them. Very critical about previous. I am when they had it may have left a legacy that this very difficult to do what. What could you have done during your time here. There was nothing you can do about the employee contracts because they weren't up until the middle of almost the middle of my second term. So my position is we need concessions. I don't always get what I want you know I mean I make statements and executive session were discussing. Contracts and I am I would like to see the end of them snapping. Does that give you know flexibility whatsoever. And saving money but the very least if you could lead positions vacant. We're here to that would help but we can't even do that so. We also need we need serious concessions on health care for our employees and they're great employees don't get me wrong in there working. They're working with us and trying to come to an agreement. You know through the media and we mediator. Not just down the board room table was councilman William handily he voted the budget down. And he did so with little grandeur. And circumstance. You knew him it's harder to play heroes but I'd say. For you personally disappointed as he has me right now. I'm not because I know how hard supervisor medium works on north. Maybe the public doesn't see that which he's here early in the morning keep your late at night. She is the first full time supervisors count him in a long time doesn't have a side job that you worked on. She does spend all of her hours here pretty Thomas who works hard for detectors west Seneca. I felt it was a little unfair that she takes all he really don't shouldn't he at least takes questions. Please provide for. I work I think I think here for 76 questions again about six hours of growing she is answered every question if people control completely. Thank mr. Karr councilman. We observe. I mean she's yeah. Sometimes you anesthetic. It sure seems to be answered our questions as an option budget officer was home. Should she say something she should we should also saw for myself included hope we're not going to change the minds when they come up to the speaker reported and they've already had in my makeup and no matter what we say. Is not going to change your mind I'm not seeing the wrong. I'm dissing you cannot change your mind it's already it's the thirty graded wherever we say. We'll just prolong and keep their conversation going when I can treat people's minds when it come to the podium. I just have one source for her and I appreciate these. Personally so again I know you believe. Like to kill accounts of going through this and I won't name the town we're neighboring towns are going through it. Actors do so tone justice south of us have gone through two years of double digit there's a towel to the north the most they've gone through it there's all the counties have not. Doctor mandates with a sore repaired once they start getting into this disorder or they're going to have to pay your purse that we poverty they do so. Is it unfair. Feel accounts may be because we're proactive we whenever Stewart before and we've taken curable all the issues that we Kim. And the other towns are now just starting to do that they'll receive a tax increase is coming up they're just not there yet. For the record WB and invited supervisor begin to be aghast on a new morning with Susan and Brian Tuesday she declined. The tax increase adopted his for 2018 and voters will again have their say when a new budget is proposed for the twenty. Nineteen fiscal year. And we're back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.