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Monday, November 13th

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It's 930. In 716. Active shooter training on the podcast to run. High. Fight while congregants returned to a Texas church were a mass shooting occurred just over a week ago. And I thought it was very important after the events. Last week and I know that sometimes people think you know you don't need any. Security plan in a church. Or you don't need him. Two. One local church takes pause to train parishioners. On active shooter this all happens very quick. The sandy hook took six minutes and Clinton's task. Las Vegas took ten minutes. First Texas and congregants departed crying and hugging one another after the first worship service since last week's mass shooting. At the first Baptist church of Sutherland springs Texas. The service Sunday expected to draw about 500 people. Attracted an overflow crowd to a tent set up and a baseball field in the small south Texas town that became the seam of the worst mass shooting. In Texas history inside the Sutherland spring's first Baptist Church 26 chairs sit empty to honor the men women and children who died here just one week ago. Mourners including even the mother in law 26 year old gunman Devin Kelly joining survivors packing this temporary church as the first wife of the shooter is speaking out. He just had a lot of pain in her hatred inside of him. Shelly pled guilty to assaulting his first wife. But after discharge make him the air force admits they did not relate the killers court martial conviction to law enforcement which shouldn't prevent him from purchasing firearms. That mistake changing this community forever to varied over the weekend. The earth that the town cemetery preparing. For even more caskets and while mourners and parishioners gathered in Texas at true Bethel Baptist Church in buffalo. And active shooter training took place during services Sunday. The church led by the reverend Darius region president of the buffalo common council the training opened. With a video. Run. High. First and foremost. If you can get out and do. Always trying to escape or evacuate. Even when others insist on stay. Encourage others to leave with. But don't let them slow you down with the decision. Remember what's important you. Not your stuff. Leave your belongings behind. And try to find a way to get out. Trying to get yourself out of harm's way needs to be your number one priority. Once you're out of the line of fire tried to prevent others from walking into the dangers though. And called 911. Then reverend Christian introduced the buffalo police department is they led the congregation through an active training presentation and a follow up Q&A session. That's missing nine tickets are pathetic following and commander the swat team. Been on the spy teams since 1990 now. If his parents Dolan. Tells you why are capable operate. Run hard fight. Do you useful. That is standard used by Department of Homeland Security. Of both the FBI. That was made in 2000 well. So hasn't caught up to the statistics. Today which include. Most recent hand near San Antonio Texas. Where it's your came from church. And killed 26 individual. Ages ranging from high of 72. And mention also Las Vegas that you all know. Where individuals are in my hotel. Hotel room killing 56 and a bit. Author mentioned. Previous events such as sandy hook elementary. The shooter came into. School. At 9:34. In the morning. Sure and tune into school the principal. And this account. He moved to two classrooms were killed twenty individuals. And to teach. Those individuals. Ages ranges from 78. Years ago. This all happens very quick. The sandy hook took six minutes for him to complete his task. Las Vegas took ten minutes. In that San Antonio Texas that took under ten minutes. So when those things happen. Absolutely nine elevenths call. Who's gonna show up where the swat team are specializing in the call from home he woke up in the middle of the night or supply halts. But when nine elevenths call the first ones to show up and going to be patrol. Because we are already out. So. What we're doing as a department we're training our virtual how to handle active shooter situation. Been a lot of training with the academy folks as well as training and individuals were are required are. Very important train and in this and don't go where the department sees the need for us to make those things happen. When patrol comes. Of course is going to be chaos. And I want to fill in some of the things that are missing because the audio wasn't. On the field. Run hard fight. That's the standard that's been taught and who. First thing we connect the shooter and active shooter right. Forget about your belongings. Run and then there are situations where individuals and be scared stiff when he can't move. Unfortunately you still have to run an active shooter looks more target rich environment. So look for easy for. Those individuals that are staying there are scared to move. That's easy prey. Have to run. Hi. What's important is as I said earlier. She does look for target rich buy it he looks pretty easy prey. Joseph what those were stiff scared where they are. If you high have a better chance of surviving it keeps me. The last point in the videos with fights. Understand. If you encounter an actress you're. You hang in if you are unable to run and running so high you have to fight. You have to fight like your life depends on it because it does. Absolutely and I wanna mention that. You also have to have a plan. If Syria answer comes in this door you know how to get out there. Here comes in this league Mario that. Absolutely them are out Japan's make the plans are ours escaped. What to do during an active shooter suggest everyone. Go to the Internet. You can who'll run higher part available to law. Absolutely. Check it out. The congregation setting gauged and glued to what the law enforcers were presenting. Monday on WB and kudos from a firearms training expert and former BP. I think it's long overdue rule I'd Edgar trainer myself I've done not active shooter training that is I've been a hospital loved ultimate dining out. Let's and a year ago. Miguel Rivera from Rivera investigations. In a regular contributor to WP ENN. This training are wonderful because we included deal. Local fire department these these local police department. In the and an assurance department as well. It would just what was involved in training a hospital. But it's it's that you have to go over the plan that's in place already. What I did was we actually ran an actual Hydro. And then you do hot wash afterward going over if the plan worked. What part of the plan did not work what needs to be sweet and they know what. Different agencies in and out adorned. Us throughout the country I mean if you think about it. We spend millions and millions of dollars. US flight I'm on fire drills. You know YouTube smoke detectors you have you know fired goers who have been George Bush or place throughout building. None of that money not about money as you were workplace violence or active shooter training and and it's used product and a greater chance. Of having an active shooter workplace violence in your place of business and you would've fired. It do you find that in some of these places where you might not expect this sort of training know whether the hospital whether it be a church on a Sunday. If people are receptive of the information they're getting and. Well they are I mean it especially after an incident we're we're just occurred I mean for the most part you'll hear people say well you know what will never happen here or. They could never happen here because we're small column or you know where the city good neighbors accused it won't happen here at it somewhere else first. And so it really dug. An edge so it does happen and their own backyard. And then suffering the money changes you know we're going to that panic mode. You know it it'll last for a little while and and again it'll it will just start to die down again so. Miguel do people feel empowered. After active shooter training. Well you know and Pollard in more important. You know be the FBI came out with 8 yum I am late to be used. An airline restating an edit the run and hide fight video that that's the main goal that you're gonna hear a lot of these ratings like I'd like. But it encompasses a lot more immediate acute pocket about churches you're talking about hospital would talk about school. That's knowing that your your everyday person. In the building that's which should do if an alert comes out. Or if you advisor there's an active shooter but what steps are taken before. Odds are trying to minimize. The damage from these things and and that's kind of what your brain start to your work. It is it's sad that it's come to this that. We have to do this in a church. Well you know always it's it's it's bad period that that inspectors have to be done that people have the mindset that you know that they're gonna go on new things like this but. Understand they're at their rationale is maximum damage to be EP most guys beat up the bull and in the shortest amount of time. And it would like to columns soft targets and again and you go to church you go to church to worship in you're not. You're not going to church to do you don't have to look over your older. I think when you go to a special about whether being indoor outdoor concert whether via an amusement park weather beat you know obstacle. Her school. These are all places where we need to understand that they are target rich. They are soft target and and we need to be prepared. Is it unfair to expect I mean think of that the people who are in New York church you're in a B average churches that unfair to expect. A congregation. To reacts in the right way in this type of scenario. Well it I wouldn't say I'm sure there's going to be the panic Brian. I mean think about it you're you're. I'm reminded that going one direction and all of a sudden you're gonna brick wall. I and and you may react to whatever acting and happening in in our view. But it it's not it's not that you're you're trying to get the whole congregation to do something you have to get certain key people. That certainty area to be aware. To repeal the surroundings and be able to react almost immediately. Who and then in the you put it this way you're chick that you're treating acute sheepdog. The card receipt from the war. An and that and that's about way to put it. You know you you're gonna have a few key people in a few key areas that are able to reacted to minimize what's happening. So that way. You know good that the person that. That adds that the agenda. It's just brought it almost immediately. Miguel is this training. Already happening in schools. Opt for the most part there's I I've I've done a few who are down enough port built. And you know like it's headed growing. But but like I said it it's. It is something that in the back remember saying we think it's not gonna happen here can never happen here we're different kind of city or. You know our primary not that I would really don't have to worry about that. That's not the issue evacuated. You know we're really don't know what what what what you people are thinking what what triggered it. Why they're doing what they're doing it could happen just about anywhere and and they need to be this need QB just as important as the fire drill. Our bond girl you know like we used to do at school and any need to be diplomatic effort quickly. We're back tomorrow. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.