930in716 November 1, 2017 NYC Terror Attack

Wednesday, November 1st

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It's 930. In 716. Terror again. In New York City. He pointed a gun at me. And so after its. Now a massive investigation. Whiff. Suspect in hand he found his idea right away generally that's that doesn't occur here we get right back to his car anyway which led them to a halt trade away. They're seeded they're advancing a lot quicker in this investigation and they have and others and now was it. Such as people want a clean cut. Answered this there is no answer to a. I'm Tim Wenger the suspect accused of killing eight people and injuring others along New York's Hudson River in Tuesday's vehicle attacked. Is from Uzbekistan. Then has been living legally in the US since 2010. Officials believe 29 year old says for those type of first lived in Ohio but they say it recently he was living in New Jersey where he allegedly rented The Home Depot truck. That plowed into people along the Hudson River bike path. We begin there with GO Benitez. Terror in downtown Manhattan real hard PM a white truck plowing into pedestrians killing at least eight. Eyewitnesses saying. The driver turned with purpose and mode will popular bike paths used by millions hitting more pedestrians and cyclists slamming into cars and crumbling bikes. At least fifteen more injured as he barreled through roughly three quarters of a mile his truck stopping after colliding with the school bus just blocks from the World Trade Center memorial the driver of limping after getting out of the truck. Its front end completely smashed he's holding what turned out to be to fake guns. Sources telling ABC news he shouted all our bar and officer then shot him in the abdomen. Tonight he is now in custody police say he's a 29 year old of the Middle Eastern descent this tearful mother saying the attacker appointed one of his guns at her daughter. It's just that I saw them again. But the guns. She pointed a gun at me. Bloggers get he's already. Did you go get my job. Hundreds of police immediately swarmed the scene shutting down parts of lower Manhattan. A nearby school going into lockdown chaos and confusion in the streets at first reports that it was a road regents the then authorities calling it an act of terror. The NYPD already on high alert for truck attack. Acts as we so often do we look for some answers and insight at times like the news I think as you is you canvas or watch the different experts come report on this. Everyone's in agreement there is no no real way to stop this. Steve McMartin heads up the Homeland Security program at the die college he's a regular contributor to WB TN there are some areas or places that you couldn't. Defend better. But you're never going to be able stop to start with misty one of the scary things about this type of attack to me is that unlike it. Other attacks we've seen in the past an explosive device something like that you know we always say see something say something. It's something like this can be decided on on a whim. Agri com. And it comes back to world when you know he filtered down this is that the the most difficult type of terrorism. The most difficult kind of attack to stop because it's. One individual who decides cities random point in time that he's gonna take some sort of action. Ari this suspect is alive which is rare and some of these terror cases. What can we learn it and it's it's absolutely rare and nom. Just soul and lucky that it happened com. He should be a treasure trove of information dependent on how long in politics and decide to cooperate with the authorities. I think the biggest question. And in a terrorism people wanna know is whether or not this attack was was actually directed by nicest. I don't think that they'll find that that's the case but that's certainly one of them the first things are gonna wanna find no. Now a lot of people I think would agree with that the did he might not have had direct communication with anybody over sees so over with ice is somewhere else in the world. But is there are more information can be learned maybe more people around the United States who think like candy he might have been in contact with. You have the next thing I wanna know is if he had any immediate help. So anybody in the area or even maybe in his neighborhood in Florida or Ohio where he he had passed. Addresses. Com and then they'll they'll go all word from the air and yes determine if you any contacts. Because certainly even if he only provides them is a contact with more there. Evidence that they might be more dangerous than that that will elevate their importance in the in you know intelligence and investigative world. Com and get get people on on them. You know after Allison done here and they do all the interviews chances are somebody knew something right. We say every time. And it's unfortunately very clear in hindsight when you look back. But yes somebody probably saw something. That led up to this calm and and maybe with this the the fortunate circumstance of the blue. Subject still be alive we might find that out now you we heard a neighbor say. Just after the attacks saying that you know looking back. You know media and I could've seen this happening it does it hurt you to hear something like that in hindsight. Well it it does but I've become I've become my immune to a because it's happened my whole career when you go back after crime has been committed. And you're doing you know some post investigative work generally summaries of where I should have known that pressure seeing Naira I knew something was wrong. And in this case. Wow hopefully. We can build backwards and maybe look at some clues. To provide more specific information of people should be looking for rather than just telling them all if you see something say something. Maybe will be able to build on this and see if you see something like this say something Steve McMartin director of Madonna Homeland Security program joins us live in studio Steve we were just talking about these pollard's. You can't put them everywhere are. Are they more referred the public's peace of mind than they are for actual security. Well Lola as it they perform specific security purpose. The question is calm and in what avenues are what places do you wanna perform that service. Mike has for certain are are easy to protect. But along. Like Catholic one that was attacked yesterday in New York very difficult to protect the entire length of we have Mike has here that are well protected and it becomes a question of how many can you protect how many how many of these things can you put in place. Interestingly enough after the one of the first London attacks Boller went up on the bridges. Where there was an idea that they may be annoyed a good target for terrorists. Yet the terrorists struck then Adam Andy. Moscow believe wherever Bob Boller is on the sidewalk of the corners so you can't protect every place. Now we also know that he's from Uzbekistan that's not one of the countries that's on the travel analysts. Vick well getting denied it yet and that's correct. But I think people put too much Tom. Emphasis and the countries have him pick though for the travel being. Tom we've discussed this before some of those countries are there because Iran the state department's. Terrorism list. Some are there for specific reasons there are countries that are not there for specific reasons usually you know political considerations. So I think a little true much emphasis are too much importance is placed on what comp countries are their what countries are not. We are joined live in studio by Steve McMartin director of Madonna college's Homeland Security program talking about yesterday's deadly attack. In New York City Steve though we mentioned off the year. At the assimilation factored this attacker had lived in the United States for a number of years. At some point you would think he would start to kind of adopts part of the culture here. It appeared to maybe not be the case so what should people be looking out for. Well after an attack like this this is always. A fascinating. Carrier for for me to think about. Offered to offered discussion with the students. I remember when I was in school when I was in you know grade school little school. Assimilation was was a good thing you were taught that when people immigrated to the United States they assimilate and everyone was happy we had a wonderful society. And and if you think back about it we did. But these days assimilation has has sort of taken this politically incorrect home. And to the extent that. The insinuation is we shouldn't be hoping for we shouldn't be asking other cultures to to assimilate. But it was the lack of assimilation. The ability to stay. I'm isolated I I believe that allowed. People in many of the terrorist attack we've and the last few years. To become radicalized is that work and people need to know there's a difference between respecting somebody's culture. And being vigilant for something that's not right may be a little off. Right I agree when I talk but assimilation personally. Com it's not a requirement that everybody calm start dressing like in talking alike and eating like. I appreciate I have my own com. Cultural role aspects of another culture that I am that I appreciate in the ocean the ocean state. People should feel free did not dress up in kilts further Scottish weddings. More read a particular food or whatever. But if you grow up as a child in the United States and you do whatever it is your culture did with young children but you also play baseball and you do whatever it is your culture did warn when they were children but to also go to the mall and you and you have pizza. It creates. A feeling that makes it more difficult to become radicalized. Thoughts on whether this was pre planned or not. You know it was interesting ice I saw one expert on and on TV yesterday in a long. We. Reasoned discussion as to how this had to have been planned L. And I happen to switch channels and got right in the middle of another expert giving along reasoned discussion how this could not possibly have been planned and had to be spur of the moment. Ice I. Have to assume that it was playing to some extent. He drove his own colonel people we rented the truck went back to that particular bike path was that he several miles for him to get there. So I think clearly there was a there was some LaMont planning involved and referred all those reasons why you know there's so much in question right now about the planning so another plus for them being able to question this guy in the future where exactly and the they have the ability to if they found his idea right away generally that's that doesn't occur. Here we get right back was curry away which led them to a halt trade away. They're seeing they're they're advancing a lot quicker in this investigation and they have and others. How surprised were you with the New York City officials went ahead with their Halloween parade. Well personally I was astounded. I'm I am have a supposed to on the show before that we can't let terrorists win and we can't let them. Let them dictate our lives. Com but to have had this happen we have apparently some sort of Intel either in the truck or from things he said. Means that indicated something else might occur and to allow that 3-D line was surprising to me but but I will say in the same light. Clearly the New York PD understands or capabilities. Com. And calm and I'm certain work confident that they can allow it to go on with safety I've. Personnel were surprised Steve do you believe the timing has anything to do with the Las Vegas to attend the just happened. I don't think so if this person it truly acted individually which I think they did. I I think you can play in an event you complained to do something. And have the Dalian tying in flocks in and just kind of spur of the moment decide you know what all the things I plan and we are due today. I believe that sin for a dear shooter was a case like debt. So so. I don't think the timing just because of the of the Los basis and I don't think and any connection. Western New York congressman Chris Collins quick to react and to point out what law enforcers seem to agree upon. These types of attacks are next to impossible to prevent. A soft target is you know shopping senator it in this case people walking around her riding bicycles. I believe there's no way to you know protect soft target in this case from a lone wolf it's. You know set on May Hammond and death and destruction. It it just isn't and that they're the I think law enforcement would pick it up at the frustrating piece you know you can. Do all kinds of things that airport and you know football stadiums to check who's coming in and so forth but. You know people just out of hours on to a concert this case just riding bikes on the street. And someone is. Targeting them they're just you know there's just no way to stop that. You responders were there quickly and certainly our thoughts and prayers are those that were killed and injured but. You know that there. We have to be diligent and keep looking around and know our surroundings and our exit but these people are in the wrong place wrong time. The suspect a Christmas from Uzbekistan. But he's been here for seven years and still was able to become radicalized in this country that's got to be concerned. Plug it into this is the social media issue you know from what I've heard from. Preaching and otherwise there is an aggressive social media. Recruitment. And they're targeting certain types of people certain background. And you know certain mental states and you know pace they could be an American citizens as well someone from the Middle East and we do need obviously notes coming into the country but. There's there's a lot of mental. Illnesses and mental issues. That can sometimes be at the root cause of some of these. Situations where somebody was of the mindset that they could be radicalized could be convinced that our way of like here. In the united basis is something that it's that bad it needs to be. You know something like he's got a tragedies there tried to disrupt our life and make us afraid to go out. She ever think it's a really fine line do you ever think we'll find that happy medium you know between it a soft target and being able to go out and enjoy yourself for online you know having freedom. Online verses being monitored 24/7 for suspicious activity. Well in and you brought up a great point there can do that is it at what point. Do we do we give up some kind of freedoms in the name of a gimme clearly. What will we go through it airports now has become second. Nature to us we just expect an Olympic proper shoes and search her bag and it like. Which you know it's somewhat intrusive and certainly delays but it has certainly. Resulted in us stealing paper and being safer flying on airplanes in the same is true a lot of building eco. But when it comes to it people in the soft target that is an automobile. Driving down the road. It it it's frankly impossible to stop that action if there lone wolf free and there were a couple of people. That are death and destruction. Again being diligent and vigilance of your surroundings and reporting suspicious activity. Is where we're at but. If it's. There it's just know. That you people wanna clean cut answered this series knowing surge or. The latest on demand at WPN. Dot com Pak tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow where they never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.